Public Provident Fund (PPF) is one of the time-tested and most reliable investment avenues for a large section of Indian citizens. While you may be familiar with making PPF payments offline, there are numerous options available for public provident fund online payment as well. It is not that complex and you can readily maintain your investment without any hassles whatsoever. 

The PPF investment scheme gets complete support from the Government of India and there are no risks linked to the investment as well. The PPF rate of interest is 8% per annum currently. Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of 1961, the contributions made for the scheme and interest generated from the same will be fully tax exempted. The scheme may be availed at post offices and Indian banks alike. 

PPF Payment Methods 

Before learning more about making your PPF payment online, you should learn more about the various methods of payment. These include the following: 

Via cheque/cash at the post office/bank

The conventional method of paying for PPF deposits is through cheque or cash. You will have to visit your post office or bank for making these payments through any of these means. You should fill up Form B with all necessary details before submission. If you are paying through cheque, you should make the cheque in the name of the PPF account holder if the payment is being made at any bank. In the case of post offices, cheques should be in the name of the Postmaster as well. Yet, the name of the account holder, PPF number, and name of the post office should be there on the cheque too. The date of the deposit will show on the PPF account and note the date of presenting the cheque. You will also have to get your passbook updated likewise. 

Via mobile banking

This is a great way of PPF account online payment. The online provision is there for people using the bank’s mobile phone application. Individuals may use this application for making PPF payments. Yet, individuals can only make the payment if the PPF account has been linked to the savings account in question. Hence, it is imperative that individuals link their accounts prior to processing their payments. 


National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is another way to make PPF payments. PPF payments may be transferred from a bank account to another bank account. Individuals should make use of NEFT in these scenarios. This transfer enables money transfer to the PPF account from the savings bank account. You should check with your banking institution to see whether the NEFT facility is provided. You will also have to know your IFSC code and PPF account number alike. Both banks should have NEFT provisions and the transfer facility is there only for intrabank and interbank.

 Via ECS system

The process where a fixed sum of money is transferred from a bank account to another one periodically is called ECS (Electronic Clearing System) Mandate. This is available for the PPF account and you will have to go to your bank for activation of the facility in question. Once activated, the money will be automatically deducted from the bank account before being deposited into the PPF account as well. ECS functions for both intrabank and interbank transactions. 

Via Standing Instructions

The process where individuals advise banks on the fund transfer to the PPF account from the bank is called standing instructions. Through these instructions, people can easily transfer funds to the PPF account from the bank account. Standing instructions may be given every month for a duration hovering between 1-12 months.

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Some important points worth considering

  • No individual can transfer the PPF account. A nominee will not be empowered to continue the PPF account in the name of the account holder or subscriber who has unfortunately passed away. 
  • Upon submission of necessary documents, people can readily change their names on the PPF account post-marriage if required. 
  • Transferring a PPF account is only possible from one account office to another account office. 
  • You can only have one PPF account in your own name. Additional accounts may be opened on behalf of minors. 
  • There are several documents needed for opening PPF accounts. These include the copy of the PAN Card, proof of ID and residence, nomination form, and passport size photograph along with the PPF account opening form. 
  • A minimum sum of Rs. 100 should be deposited for opening your PPF account. 
  • NRIs (non-resident Indians) are not empowered to open PPF accounts. 
  • PPF accounts may only be opened at banking or post office branches in the name of minors. Their guardians may open the same offline only and not online. 
  • The 15-year tenure for PPF investment can be increased by another duration of five years. 
  • Aadhar details are not compulsorily needed for opening PPF accounts. 
  • The nomination may be changed through an application. 

Missing PPF payments 

Some people often miss out on PPF payments annually. Some of the reasons include insufficient balance in the original savings bank account from which the amount will be transferred to the PPF account. You will have to pay the penalty applicable for the bounced payment via ECS. In the case of offline payments as well, if you are depositing a cheque, insufficient account balance and mismatch of signature are two major causes behind missing the PPF payment. The bank issuing the cheque will have liability for charging the fine via cheque bounce charges in such scenarios as well.

In case you miss the minimum annual deposit requirement in PPF which is Rs. 500, it will lead to the account getting deactivated. In such scenarios, you can easily get the account reactivated via payment of a penalty which is Rs. 50 and also Rs. 500 for every year of missing the minimum payment amount for your PPF account. 

How to Pay PPF Online – FAQs

  • How can you make PPF payment online? 

You can make an online payment via NEFT or even through mobile banking. 

  • What happens if you miss your PPF payment? 

Missing the minimum annual deposit payment of Rs. 500 will lead to the account getting deactivated. Bounced payments will lead to penalties payable by you. 

  • Can I increase the PPF tenure after 15 years? 

Yes, you can increase the tenure of your PPF by another 5 years after the completion of the initial duration of 15 years. 

  • Can I transfer the PPF account to someone else? 

No individual can transfer his/her PPF account. The nominee will not have the power to continue the account in the name of a deceased PPF account holder/subscriber. 

  • How many PPF accounts can I have in my name? 

You can have only one PPF account in your own name. 

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