Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme was introduced through the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act which was passed in the year 1952. The scheme aims to build up a retirement corpus for salaried employees working in the private sector. Under the EPF Scheme, employees and employers contribute 12% of the basic monthly salary (including Dearness Allowance) towards the EPF Account. This EPF Account then earns guaranteed interest at a rate specified by the Government and creates a corpus for the employee’s retirement. The EPF scheme runs till the employee attains 55 years of age and can be availed after retirement beyond this age. Form 13 is the application form which is required when you want to transfer your EPF account from one employer to another.

Transfer of EPF Account

The EPF account can be transferred from one employer to another. When you become an EPF member, you are allotted a Universal Account Number (UAN) which is a unique member identification number through which your EPF Account can be identified. Every employee has one EPF Account and one UAN number identifying that account. When you change jobs, you can simply transfer your EPF Account from your existing employer to the new employer. Thus, in case of job change, a new EPF Account is not opened; the old one is simply transferred.

EPF Form 13

EPF form 13 is a PF transfer form which is available with the EPF and can be availed online or offline. You just have to fill up the PF transfer Form 13 and submit it to transfer the EPF Account. The process is simple and easy.

Details in EPF Form 13

You can find the PF transfer form online using the link:

Alternatively, EPF Form 13 is also available with your employer and you can avail the form from the employer itself. The form contains different fields which you and your new employer should fill and submit. These details include the following –

Details which you should provide

  • Your name (as contained in the EPF database)
  • Your father’s name. If you are a married woman, you should provide your husband’s name
  • Name and address of the previous employer
  • EPF Account number with the previous employer
  • Details of who maintains the EPF Account in the previous establishment. It can be a regional PF commissioner or a PF trust. The name of the applicable entity should be mentioned
  • The FPF Account number with the previous employer if you were allotted one
  • Date of leaving the employment of the previous employer
  • Date of joining the employment of the new employer
  • Date on which the form is being filled and submitted
  • Signature or left-hand thumb impression of the EPF Account holder

Details to be provided by the new employer

  • Name and address of the establishment
  • The EPF Code and the account number allotted to the new employee
  • FPF Account number allotted to the new employee, if a separate number is provided
  • Details of the EPF Account of the new employee. If it is an un-exempted establishment, the address of the regional or sub-regional office should be mentioned. If, however, the establishment is an exempted establishment, the name of the exempted PF trust or the name of the private PF not covered under the Act should be mentioned
  • Address of the regional or sub-regional office should be mentioned where the separate FPF Account number allotted to the employee (if any)is kept
  • Details of the payee
  • Date at which the form is being filled and submitted
  • Signature of the authorized official of the new employer with the company seal

The EPF office would also fill up the amount of EPF balance which is being transferred from one employer to another.

Once the details in the PF transfer form are filled, the form should be submitted and the EPF balance would be easily transferred from one employer to another.

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Process of Transferring EPF online

The EPFO has simplified the process of transferring your EPF balance. You can, now, transfer your existing EPF account balance online through the member portal of EPF. The process of transferring your EPF balance online is as follows –

  • Visit and log into your EPF account. To log in, you would have to provide your UAN number and your password
  • After logging into your account, choose the tab ‘Online Services’ and then click on ‘One member – One EPF Account (Transfer Request)’
  • A new page would open which would show the current EPF account details, the name of the current employer and the available EPF balance
  • Check the current details and then select the EPF account which you would like to transfer
  • The PF transfer form 13 should be attested either by the new employer or the previous employer before you can submit it. Choose the employer through which you would like Form 13 to be attested and then enter in your UAN number or your member ID
  • Click on ‘get OTP’ and an OTP would be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to verify your details and submit it
  • Fill up EPF Form 13 online and then download it in a PDF format. Print the form for submission
  • Ask your employer to approve your EPF transfer request digitally. The employer can do so by accessing the employer’s interface on the EPF unified portal
  • Once the transfer request has been approved by the previous employer, you can submit the printed Form 13 with the new or previous employer (as you have selected for attestation). This submission should be done within 10 days of raising an online EPF request

Though the EPF Account balance is available for complete withdrawal if you are unemployed for a continuous period of 60 days, you should stay invested in the scheme. EPF is an EEE scheme which gives you tax benefits on investments, returns earned and also on redemption. So, keep accumulating funds in this account through regular contributions. Transfer your account to another employer when you change jobs and you can continue investing in the EPF scheme till you retire.

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