EPFO has an online EPF passbook service. It’s similar to a bank passbook in that it keeps track of a person’s EPF account expenses. It enables users to conveniently view, import, and print the account statement. The software can also be used to use this online EPFO member passbook. However, one must first unlock the UAN passbook before installing the EPFO passbook.

EPF passbook is a database that lists all donations made to EPF and EPS accounts from both the employee and the boss. The passbook lists all of the contributions made by month in detail. Any interest that has been invested in the beneficiary’s account is still held in the passbook.

Details in the EPF Passbook

  • The Name of the Company or the employer
  • The establishment ID
  • Name of the EPFO office and the type
  • The Employer and Employee share contribution
  • The Monthly deposit and withdrawal of the employer and employee respectively
  • The monthly contribution towards an employee’s pension account
  • The date and the time of printing the passbook, which is mentioned at the end of the statement
  • UAN: Universal Account Number is a unique identification meant for EPFO transactions and EPF passbook login
  • Date of Birth and the date of joining of the employee
  • The opening balance and total balance of the account, along with the interest earned over it
  • Any EPFO member has the right to pay more to the EPF fund than the fixed share. The extra donation is called VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund) and is reported separately in the EPF passbook
  • For the financial year, the total contribution and interest amount. The closing balance will be applied to the starting balance of the next year

Benefits of the EPFO e-Passbook:

  • The EPFO e-passbook can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, through the EPFO portal. It saves time and provides consistency in accessing EPF data.
  • The use of a UAN is required to access the e-passbook. EPF documents may be used to prepare for retirement and verify payment information at the employer’s end.
  • If there is a mistake, the e-passbook will be used to validate the information and correct it as soon as possible.
  • If there is a mistake, the e-passbook will be used to validate the information and correct it as soon as possible.
  • And if they change occupations, EPF members will update their e-passbook from the portal. It serves as a permanent record of the EPF contributions.

EPF Passbook Download

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, or EPFO, offers an online EPF passbook service. It’s similar to a bank passbook in that it keeps track of a person’s EPF account expenses. By looking at the EPF passbook balance and downloading or printing it, EPFO members can conveniently review their EPF interest rate credit.

Procedure for Download of the EPF Passbook

Step 1 – Visit the EPFO web portal

Step 2 –The website shows an option that says, ‘e-Passbook’ on the right side of the screen. Click on the ‘passbook option.

Step 3 – After the option e-Passbook has been clicked on, it is directed to a new webpage. On the new page, the UAN number, password, and captcha code of verification have to be entered.

Step 4 – The page will then display a member ID. If there are multiple EPF accounts for an individual, then they can see all of their member IDs being displayed. Select the appropriate member ID for which the EPF passbook has to be downloaded.

Step 5 – Once clicked on the member ID, the EPF statement will appear on top of the screen. It will contain all the details along with the monthly contribution that has been done through the EPF and EPS accounts.

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EPF Passbook Download – FAQs

  1. Who is eligible to download the EPF passbook?

Only registered EPFO members can avail of service to view and download their EPF passbook.

  1. When is the EPF passbook generated online?

The EPF passbook is generated within six hours after the UAN registration on the EPFO website.

  1. What is the file format of the downloadable EPF passbook? 

The EPF passbook is available in PDF format for download. It is not a password-protected folder, so you do not need a password to access it. Keep in mind that your EPFO passbook login password is purely private and can only be used to access the EPFO portal.

  1. Can the passbook be accessed without the UAN?

The UAN is mandatory to log in to the EPFO account. So it is required to register with the UAN number on the EPFO website. 

  1. What to do when you forgot the password?

If you forget your password, go to the EPF unified member site, pick the reset password option, and create a new EPFO account password. Since you’ve enabled your latest password, you’ll be able to log in with it again. You can access and update your EPF passbook from the EPFO web portal by following the basic steps outlined above.

  1. What is the member ID?

EPFO issues a member ID (identification number) or PF account number to authorize the employer to send EPF and EPS contributions on behalf of the employee. The member’s ID and PF number should be similar.

  1. How do I track an inoperative EPF account?

These inquiries and questions are handled by EPFO’s Inoperative Account Help Desk. To use it, go to the membership portal’s home page and click on the link. You can either start as a first-time user or display the status of the program using the current user username until you’ve reached the helpdesk webpage.

  1. Who cannot avail of the EPF passbook?

The EPF passbook facility isn’t available for all entities, that include, exempted establishments members, settled members, and inoperative members.

9. When will the update that has been done online be reflected in the passbook?

The passbook update details and changes that have been made on the portal will reflect in the passbook after 6 hours.

  1. Do EPF passbook entries get validated by the EPFO?

All the entries get reconciled in EPFO field offices and then are updated on the EPF passbook.

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