Canara Bank provides a variety of products related to savings schemes introduced by the government as well as the bank itself. Public Provident Fund (PPF) is one of the savings cum deposits scheme introduced by the Government of India in the year 1968 with an intention to provide retirement benefits to all the citizens of the country. PPF is a government-backed scheme provided by Canara Bank. A Canara Bank PPF account is of the popular choice of investment schemes even after decades of its introduction owing to the benefits it provides.

What is PPF?

The Public Provident Fund or PPF is a low-risk long term investment scheme which also provides tax-saving benefits under the Section 80C of the IT Act. PPF is a Government of India backed investment option and hence carries low levels of risk which ensures guaranteed returns on maturity along with tax deduction of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs annually. At present, a PPF account can be opened with various public sector banks in India including Canara Bank as well as with select leading private sector banks and India Post offices.

Canara Bank PPF Account – Key Features

The Canara PPF account offers multiple benefits to the depositors. Some of them are listed below:

Income Tax Rebate – The interest earned on the PPF account is tax-free and the contributions made towards this account are eligible for tax rebate under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Nomination Facility – Canara Bank offers nomination facility on PPF account which means a depositor can nominate one or more person to receive the amount on their behalf in case of any unforeseen incident.

Loan Facility – Loans can also be availed against the amount in their PPF account subject to certain conditions,

Wealth Tax – One of the key benefits of Canara PPF account is the balance amount held in the Canara Bank PPF account is free from any wealth tax.

How to Open PPF Account in Canara Bank?

Canara Bank PPF Account allows all Indian citizens to open a Public Provident Fund account. You can open it online by filling in Form A with your particulars. The Canara Bank PPF account opening online process is quick and hassle-free. The following are the key steps to the online PPF account opening procedure:

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  • Firstly, visit the Canara Bank Online PPF Account Opening portal
  • Click on the ‘Account Opening’ option and you will be taken to the Canara PPF registration page
  • In this page, you need to provide and submit details such as name, date of birth, branch name mobile number, occupation and other relevant details
  • Enter the captcha code and submit the form
  • You can also print the form by clicking on the ‘print report’ option

How to Open Canara Bank PPF Account Offline?

Interested individuals can also open a Canara Bank PPF Account through the offline method by visiting any nearest branch of Canara Bank. The PPF Account opening form can at Canara Bank be obtained online or at any branch of the bank. This form (Form A) is very simple to fill and depositors have to provide some basic information which includes the following.

  • Name
  • Address
  • PAN number
  • Initial contribution
  • Account opening branch
  • Nominee Details
  • Details of the minor (in case the account is being opened for a minor)
  • Passport size photograph

You will then have to fill and submit the application form with all the mandatory information at the branch. The deposit fund can also be submitted to the bank official while applying for an account through the offline process. The payment can be made through cheque or pay-in slips.

Canara Bank PPF Account – Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for opening a Canara PPF Account are as follows :

  • Resident individuals with age 18 years or above are allowed to open a Canara PPF Account
  • PPF accounts can also be opened in the name of minor by parents/guardians
  • Only one PPF account is allowed per person; joint PPF accounts are not permissible
  • NRIs cannot a PPF account in Canara Bank

Partial Withdrawal/Loan in Canara Bank

  • Canara Bank PPF depositors can make a partial withdrawal and avail a loan against PPF subject to some terms and conditions:
  • Loan against Canara Bank PPF account can only be availed after the completion of 3rd year and before completion of the 6th year from the date of account opening.
  • The maximum PPF loan that can be availed between the 3rd and 6th year is 25% of the PPF account balance recorded at the end of the 2nd year from the date of account opening.
  • An interest rate of 2% over the Canara Bank PPF account interest rate is applicable on loan against Canara Bank PPF account.
  • Partial withdrawal of PPF deposit is allowed after the completion of five financial years after account opening

How to Check your PPF Account Balance?

  • A Canara Bank PPF account holder can check the balance through both online and offline methods:
  • To check PPF balance online, your PPF account should be linked to your Canara Bank savings/current account and internet/mobile banking must be active
  • You can use your online banking credentials to log into your banking account in order to check the current balance of your Canara Bank PPF account
  • However, you can also check your PPF account balance offline by updating your Canara Bank PPF passbook regularly

Canara Bank PPF Account – FAQs

Ques. How much return is provided on Canara Bank PPF after the completion of 15 years?

Ans. The maturity amount depends on the principal amount invested and the interest earned on it.

Ques. What is the penalty for reviving the inactive PPF accounts?

Ans. Depositors can revive their PPF account by paying a penalty of Rs. 50 for each year that the account was inactive along with the minimum contribution of Rs. 500 as well for all such years in Form B.

Ques. Can a person open a PPF account with Canara Bank by visiting any of the branches of the bank?

Ans. Yes, Canara bank is a nationalized bank and therefore all the branches of the bank are eligible to open a PPF account.

Ques. How is the interest rate calculated on Canara Bank PPF account?

Ans. The Canara Bank PPF interest rate is reviewed every quarter and is compounded annually for this scheme.

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