Having numerous PAN cards can result in a large fine and imprisonment. Individuals and corporate organizations who held more than one PAN card in their name were forced to cancel/surrender their additional PAN cards when the government made it necessary to connect Aadhaar with PAN cards. As a result of the government’s decision, those who hold more than one PAN card in their name are seeking ways to get rid of duplicate PAN and extra cards. So the procedure that a person must take if he or she wants to revoke the duplicate/additional PAN cards in their name.

PAN Card Cancellation Form

When attempting to cancel extra PAN cards in their name, an individual must first get the PAN card cancellation form. The form is the same one that an individual fills out when applying for a new PAN card or requesting a correction to an existing one. This form may be accessed both online and offline. Following that, the user must select the ‘Apply for PAN Online’ option. When this is done, the applicant is routed to a new page where the requested information must be entered and submitted.

Ways for PAN Card Cancellation

Online Mode: The assessee may apply for an NSDL PAN cancellation online, by following the steps
Method 1:  Step 1: He has to log in to the registered site.

Step 2: He must next read the instructions provided on the screen to finish the form. After that, he must enter the necessary information. The information given must be genuine and truthful.

Method 2: Step 1: He must go into the IT Department’s registered site and complete the ‘PAN Change Request application form.

Step 2: He must attentively fill out the form with accurate information. On the top of the application form, the assessee must enter the data of the PAN that is currently in use.

Step 3: Carefully input the data of the extra PANs issued to the assessee in item no.11.

Step 4: The assessee must ensure that the PAN Card to be cancelled is submitted together with the PAN Change Request application form.


Offline Mode: The assessee may also request for PAN Card cancellation by going to one of the approved PAN Centers and following the processes outlined below:
Method 1:  The assessee must complete Form 49A, which may be obtained from any NSDL TIN facilitation facility. The form is completed to make changes to one’s PAN Card. After properly completing the form, the taxpayer must submit it to any NSDL Tin facilitation center and request a modification to his PAN card data.
Method 2: The assessee may also seek changes or alterations to his PAN card by sending a letter to the immediate assessing officer in charge of the region. The letter should provide accurate information about the assessee. The information given must be accurate. The candidate must submit the following information:

Name of the assessee: In the letter, the applicant must mention his exact name. The name supplied should be the same as it appears on the applicant’s other legal papers.

Assessee’s address: The applicant should include his proper address in the letter. The given address must be the applicant’s legal residence address.

The following information is available regarding the Pan card that must be canceled or surrendered: The applicant must provide specific information about the extra PAN cards he or she possesses as well as the ones he or she intends to relinquish.

The following information regarding the PAN card must be kept: The applicant must also provide specific information about the PAN card that he or she intends to keep with him or her.

How to Check PAN Card Cancellation Status?

After completing the form and submitting it for PAN cancellation, the following step is to determine the status of the request. In this section, we will look at how an applicant may monitor the progress of their request. This may be accomplished by following the procedures outlined below:

Step 1: Visit for further information.

Step 2: Select ‘Know Your PAN/TAN/AO’ from the Quick Links menu.

Step 3: Fill in the requested information, such as your name, date of birth, gender, and phone number, and then click the ‘Submit button.

Step 4: When you do this, an OTP is delivered to the cellphone number you give.

Step 5: Enter the OTP and click the ‘Validate’ button.

Step 6: The status of the PAN card in the applicant’s name is displayed on the following screen.

It should be noted that if the applicant seeking to discover the status of his or her PAN has several cards in his or her name, they may be required to give extra information.

Reasons for Cancellation of the PAN

Multiple PAN Numbers Issued: Due to human mistakes, the IT department gives numerous PAN numbers to a single taxpayer. The assessee may wind up applying for a PAN number numerous times, resulting in the IT Department allocating various PAN numbers to the same individual.

Errors in the Printed PAN Card: Many times, the PAN Card issued to an individual has incorrect information. For example, the assessee’s name may be misspelt, or the date of birth may be inaccurate. In this scenario, the individual must revoke his or her PAN card and apply for a new one.

Online PAN Card Cancellation – FAQs

Q1. How to deactivate a PAN card?

If you want to cancel or surrender your PAN (which you are presently using), you must go to your local Income Tax Assessing Officer with a request letter or you can also follow the procedure of cancellation online.

Q2. What is an ‘Assessing Officer Code,’ and where can I get one?

An assessing officer is in charge of assessing an assessee during the filing of tax returns. For this reason, the Income Tax Department assigns Assessing Officer Codes to the assessee’s region of the jurisdiction to track the range of the assessee’s specific IT return. When applying for or canceling a PAN Card, the Assessing Officer Code is required. To obtain an individual’s area-specific Assessing Officer Code, go to the IT Department’s official portal and look for the code under the ‘Services’ page.

Q3. What is the payment procedure for cancelling a PAN Card?

If an assessee wishes to cancel their PAN to apply for a new one, they must complete a request form and submit it together with a demand draught or check for Rs.96 (Rs.85 for the application + 12.36% Service Tax) made payable to ‘NSDL-PAN’. Demand draughts should be made payable in Mumbai, and cheques (drawn on any bank) can be dropped off at any HDFC branch in India.

Q4. Is it possible to cancel a PAN Card application and reapply for a new one?

No, a PAN application cannot be cancelled and a new one applied for. Only if an assessee has been accidentally assigned an additional PAN may they apply to surrender/modify it.

Q5. What happens if the Income Tax Department accidentally issues two PAN Cards to the same person?

If an assessee was mistakenly assigned more than one PAN card by the IT department of India, they can file a request to revoke the duplicate card. The extra card would be cancelled following the Assessing Officer’s successful verification of the application.