PAN Card Application Form

Form 49A is an application for the issuance of a Permanent Account Number to Indian residents. Anyone who is a resident of India who intends to apply for a PAN card must fill out form 49A, which is the application form. The application form can be downloaded online either from the NSDL e-Governance official website or the UTIITSL website.

Form 49A – Structure

Form 49A is cleanly divided into parts to make filing the form easy for the client. On the upper corners of the form, there are specific spots for the applicant to add their picture. The form is divided into 16 sections, each with its own subsection that must be completed.

Form 49A New Composition

A full description of all the components included in Form 49A is provided below.

  • Assessing officer code- The applicant must include the Area code, Accounts office type, Range code, and Accounts office number in the AO code section.
  • Name- This is the section of the form where the individual specifies their marital status, first name, last name, and surname.
  • Abbreviation of the name- In this area of the form, the applicant must shorten their name as it will appear on their PAN card.
  • Other names- In this section, the applicant must state whether they have ever been known by a name other than the one listed. If they have another name, the applicant must supply information such as their old name’s first, last, and surname.
  • Gender- The section of the application form in which the candidate must state their sexual orientation.
  • Date of birth– Individual applicants must provide their date of birth, while organizations must provide their date of partnership/incorporation/Agreement or Trust deed.
  • Father’s name- In this section of the form, the applicant must include their father’s first, last, and surname. This only applies to single applicants, even married women.
  • Address-  In this section of the form, the applicant must indicate their home address and business address. The applicant must be cautious while entering the address and provide accurate information.
  • Address of communication- The applicant must select a communication address, either office or household.
  • Telephone number and email id- The applicant must include their country code, state code, and phone number/mobile number.
  • Status of applicant- In this section, the applicant must specify whether they are a person, a HUF member, a company, a partnership business, etc.
  • Registration number- The registration number denotes the registration number for a corporation, a firm, an LLP, and so on.
  • Aadhaar number- If the individual has an Aadhaar card, the Aadhaar number should be stated.
  • Source of income– The applicant should state where they get their money.
  • Representative Assessee- The petitioner must supply the representative assessee’s name and address.
  • Documents submitted- The applicant must include all of the papers they have sent with the form in this section of the form.

How to Fill the PAN Card 49A

There are certain guidelines to follow when completing Form 49A. The following are a few things to keep in mind when filling out the form.

  • Language and general rules- The applicant can only complete Form 49A in English. There is no option to complete the form in a language other than English. It is also necessary to fill out the form in block letters, preferably in black ink. Each box should be filled in with a single character, with an empty box following each character.
  • Pictures- In the area provided on the upper corners of the form, the applicant must attach two current color photographs. It is critical to remember that the images should not be stapled or clipped to the form because they will be displayed on the PAN card. The clarity of this photo will determine the clarity of the photo on the PAN card.
  • Signature on the photograph- A signature or a left-hand thumb imprint should be supplied across the photo, which is adhered to the form’s left top corner. The applicant must guarantee that his or her signature or thumbprint appears on both the photos and the form. The signature or thumb imprint for the photograph on the right top corner of the form should be included inside the box given rather than on the photograph, as the photograph on the right top corner of the form will be displayed on the PAN card.
  • Correct details- It is critical to take your time filling out the form and ensuring that you have filled in all of the required information. Filling out the form incorrectly may cause issues during processing and, in extreme cases, rejection of the application.
  • Overwriting- When submitting the form, avoid overwriting.
  • Contact information- There are various details to be mindful of while filling out the contact information in the form. When specifying the address, it is critical to offer comprehensive facts, including the town, city, and pin code. It is also necessary to include the STD code for the specified phone number.

Form 49A Download

  • Used to apply for new PAN
  • Correct information previously submitted

You can directly download the form on TIN NSDL


PAN form 49A – FAQs

Q1. What exactly is Form 49A?

A Form 49A is an application form for the issuance of a Permanent Account Number.

Q2. What documents may applicants for Form 49A use as proof of identity?

The following papers can be used as proof of identity:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Arm’s license
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Any picture identity card issued by a government body Pensioner card featuring the applicant’s photograph Bank certificate

If the applicant is a minor, any of the above-mentioned parental documents will be acceptable.

Q3. Can I apply for a PAN using the old Form 49A?

You cannot do so. You must apply for a PAN using the new Form 49A that the Central Board of Direct Taxes has made available.

Q4. What are the primary Form 49A requirements?

The following are the key Form 49A requirements:

  • Two passport-size pictures with a light backdrop are required.
  • In case it has to be confirmed by an authorized officer or Notary Public under an official stamp or seal, the photo on the left side should contain a signature or thumb impression across the image.
  • A signature or thumb impression should be placed under the image on the right side.

Q5. What if an applicant submits a Form 49A that is incomplete?

Any Form 49A that is incomplete will be rejected. There are service centers, such as the IT Pan Service Centre, that can help an applicant fill out Form 49A.