A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric identifier that maintains a person’s financial history. It can also be used as identification. As a result, having accurate information in the paper is critical. In a PAN card, a photo and signature are required. It is necessary for verification when applying for a loan, credit card, investment, or another financial service. As a result, it is critical that you get your card’s photo and signature updated so that you do not have any problems in the future.

PAN Card Photo Change

Follow these procedures to update the photo on your PAN card:

  • Visit the NSDL’s Official Website.
  • Select ‘Request for New PAN Card Or/And Changes Or Corrections in PAN Data’ as the Application Type.
  • Select ‘Individual’ as the Category.
  • Enter your surname, mobile number, PAN number, email address, and birth date.
  • Enter the Captcha code provided and press the ‘Submit’ button.
  • For your application, a temporary token number will be assigned.
  • Choose the method via which you wish to send your papers.
  • Following that, select the checkbox in the column on the left under the section ‘Photo Mismatch.’ Only by checking the box can your photo be altered or updated.
  • Remember to include information from your existing PAN card as well as confirmation of PAN allocation.
  • You will then be asked to produce documentation, including a photograph. Submit the application form after you have all of the necessary documents and information.
  • You will next be asked to make an Rs.101 payment. This can be accomplished by net banking, credit card, debit card, or demand draught.
  • If you utilize net banking, you will be charged a payment gateway surcharge of Rs.4 + service tax.
  • After you pay, your application will be forwarded for approval, and you will receive an email with an acknowledgment number.

PAN Card Signature Change Online:

Changing your signature on your PAN card online is relatively straightforward and follows almost the same process as changing your PAN card’s photograph.

You may change your signature on your PAN card online by following these steps:

  • Use the form under ‘Request for New PAN Card Or/And Changes Or Corrections in PAN Data.’
  • This form may be found on the NSDL website.
  • Mention your current PAN number precisely.
  • Fill out all of the fields denoted by an asterisk (*).
  • Check the box next to the section ‘Signature Mismatch’ on the left-hand side margin.
  • You will be required to produce your current PAN card, which bears the wrong signature.
  • If you want to send the application and documents digitally, choose ‘Yes.’
  • You will be asked to upload the necessary proofs and your signature, either from your computer or through DigiLocker.
  • Submit your application and make the necessary payment.
  • Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and demand draught. If you utilize online banking, keep in mind that you will be charged an extra cost of Rs.4 + service tax (for payment gateway facility).
  • You will get an email with an acknowledgment number after your payment has been verified. This number can be used to track the status of the Pan application.

How to Change Photo in PAN Card Offline:

To change your PAN card photo offline, you must do the following:

  • Fill out the online application form by following all of the steps outlined in the section under ‘Changing Your Photo on Your PAN Card Online.’
  • Under ‘For Paperless PAN Application,’ choose ‘No.’
  • Fill out the application form and send it in.
  • Pay Rs.107 with net banking, credit card, debit card, or demand draught.
  • The acknowledgment will subsequently be sent to you through email.
  • Print the acknowledgment form and include two current images with it.
  • Make sure the pic is 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm in size and has a white backdrop.
  •  It is not acceptable to staple or clip the photo to the form.  The photograph should be put into the available slot.
  • Signing across the image is not permitted.
  • Send the printed acknowledgment form, together with any necessary document proofs, to:
  • PAN Services Unit for Income Tax.

How to Change Signature in PAN Card Offline:

To update the signature on your PAN card offline, you must first complete the online application form and follow the procedures outlined in the online application procedure. After completing the application form, you must:

  • Under the ‘For Paperless PAN Application’ column, choose ‘No.’
  • Fill out the application form and send it in.
  • Make your payment.
  • Print the acknowledgment form you will be sent via email.
  • Make sure your signature or left thumbprint fits neatly inside the space given. It should not be across it or on the image you supply.
  • Send this acknowledgment form, along with copies of the necessary documents and proof of PAN, to the following address:
  • Income Tax PAN Services Unit.

How to Change Photo and Signature in PAN Card – FAQs

Q1. What are the documents needed to change the photo and signature on a PAN Card?

When changing the photo and signature on a PAN card, an applicant must produce any of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • PIO card issued by Government of India
  • OCI card issued by Government of India
  • Aadhaar
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Ration Card
  • Photo

Q2. How to edit my PAN card?

You can easily edit your PAN Card details through the NSDL website.

Q3. What is e-Sign mode?

e-Sign is a web-based electronic signature service that allows Aadhaar holders to digitally sign documents. After biometric/One Time Password authentication, an Aadhaar bearer may now sign a document, eliminating the need for a paper-based application form or papers.

Q4. How to sign my digital PAN card?

Select the “Apply for New PAN Card” option (Form 49A). Then select “digital mode” to obtain a quick ePAN. Applicants do not need to send a physical copy while applying digitally, and the application form will be signed using Aadhaar-based eSignature or digital signature.

Q5. What is the difference between a PAN Card and an e-PAN Card?

e-PAN is a digitally signed PAN card issued by the Income-tax department in electronic or digital format. The PAN is a ten-digit alphanumeric number assigned by the IT Department.