A decade ago, the government devised a strategy to provide Indian people with a distinct identity. According to statistics provided on its website, UIDAI, the agency authorized to carry out this duty, has created Aadhaar cards for more than 123 crore Indian people.

The government urged individuals to link their Aadhaar cards to a variety of services and instruments in order to accelerate and enhance the service delivery system, which was challenged in the Supreme Court for violating people’s privacy. In response to these requests, the UIDAI has developed a disguised Aadhaar.

What is Masked Aadhaar?

The masked Aadhaar function enables users to conceal their 12-digit unique identification in the downloaded Aadhaar or e-Aadhaar. Only the last four numbers are visible, while the rest are crossed out. The disguised Aadhaar card will also display demographic information, a picture, and the QR code. Users can use this version for e-KYC in areas where disclosing Aadhaar numbers is not required. This version of Aadhaar is just as legitimate as any other official identification document. Individuals with a valid Aadhaar number can download disguised Aadhaar from the UIDAI website. It should be noted that this service is only available if the individual’s cell phone number is registered in the UIDAI database.

How to Download Masked Aadhaar Card from UIDAI Website

Masked Aadhaar is only available through e-Aadhaar, a password-protected electronic form of Aadhaar. The Aadhaar Act considers e-Aadhaar to be equally legitimate as the physical copy of Aadhaar.

The following are the methods to download masked Aadhaar:

1: Navigate to the official website of UIDAI.

2: Click ‘Download Aadhaar‘ under ‘My Aadhaar.’

3: Under the ‘I Have’ section, choose Aadhaar, VID, or Enrolment ID.

4: Fill in the blank columns with all of the necessary information. Choose ‘Request OTP’ and then click ‘I Agree.’ (Note – If the TOTP functionality is selected for verification, the TOTP must be typed in the area given to validate the request. The TOTP is shown on the mAadhaar app.)

Step 5: A one-time password will be issued to the registered cellphone number of the Aadhaar cardholder. The user will be able to download masked Aadhaar after entering this OTP by clicking on the ‘Download Aadhaar’ option after entering this OTP.

You can request a masked Aadhaar with the following details of the Aadhaar card.

  • Download Masked Aadhar with your Aadhaar Number

If you already have an Aadhaar card, input the 12-digit Aadhaar number, complete name, and pin code into the portal.

  • Download Masked Aadhaar with Enrollment Number

To download the card, enter your 28-digit enrollment number, complete name, and pin code.

  • Download Masked Aadhaar with Virtual ID

To download the disguised Aadhaar, enter the 16-digit Virtual ID on the webpage.

Masked Aadhaar Validity

Masked Aadhaar, like normal Aadhaar, is legitimate evidence of identification. Individuals may use it while travelling by plane or rail, as well as for hotel reservations, among other things. This version of Aadhaar is valid for the duration of the individual’s life. It cannot, however, be used to get government benefits like subsidies or other social programs.

The Password of Masked Aadhar

The downloaded Aadhaar card copy is password secured. To access the disguised Aadhaar copy, input the password, which may then be printed and shared as needed.

  • The 8-digit disguised Aadhaar password looks like this:
  • The First Four Letters of the Name and Year of the Birth:
  • If the name is Rajesh Sharma and the year of birth is 1989, the password is RAJE1989.
  • In case the name is Kavitha Singh and the year of birth is 1979, the password is KAVI1979.
  • If the name is J. Rahul and the year of birth is 1991, the password is J.RAH1991.
  • If the name is Jay and the year of birth is 1974, the password is JAY1974

Masked Aadhar – FAQs

Q1. What is Masked Aadhaar meaning?

The masked Aadhaar option allows you to hide the first eight digits of your Aadhaar number while revealing the remaining four. Your photo, QR code, demographic information, and other characteristics will be there when you download this version of your Aadhaar.

Q2. What is the distinction between Masked Aadhaar and normal Aadhaar?

A masked Aadhaar Card is the same as a normal Aadhaar card. The only difference between the two variations is that your Aadhaar number is partially hidden, with the first eight digits substituted with characters such as XXXX-XXXX and just the final four digits visible.

Q3. Is a Masked Aadhaar card acceptable for opening a bank account?

If you wish to voluntarily submit your Aadhaar card to create a bank account, you can utilize the UIDAI portal’s Masked Aadhaar feature. You may use the Masked Aadhaar as identification and document evidence while opening a bank account or getting a new mobile connection if you download it.

Q4. What are the advantages of Masked Aadhar?

A masked Aadhaar option allows you to hide the first eight digits of your Aadhaar number while leaving the other four digits exposed. Your photo, QR code, demographic information, and other characteristics will still be available when you download this version of your Aadhaar.

Q5. How can I obtain my complete Aadhar card information?

Choose the EID/UID you wish to obtain, then input your name and phone number (as registered during Aadhaar enrolment). Your EID/Aadhaar number will be given to your email/mobile phone.