According to the Government of India, the Aadhaar card is the most significant form of identification for Indians. It contains several crucial facts, such as fingerprints, iris data, and other information. However, Aadhaar is now required for many everyday operations such as establishing a bank account, filing an income tax return, applying for a PAN, getting a new cell phone number, passports, and so on. Aadhaar cards may be obtained via Enrolment Centers, banks, and post offices. If you have previously applied for one and need to check the progress, you may do it online at UIDAI’s official website,

How to Check Aadhar Card Status?

Aadhaar card status online check with Enrollment No.

The applicant may check the status of his Aadhaar card online by visiting the UIDAI official website’s online portal. There is no price or price to check your Aadhar card status on UIDAI’s official website. To check the status of your Aadhaar card application online, follow the procedures outlined below:

Step 1: Navigate to the UIDAI’s official Aadhaar card website (

Step 2: To check the status of your Aadhaar, you will now require your EID (Enrolment ID).

Step 3: Enter your EID, which is a 14-digit enrollment number and a 14-digit date and time of your enrollment, which is located on the top of your enrollment/update acknowledgment paper (which is optional).

Step 4: Verify your entry by entering the ‘Captcha Code’.

Step 5: Select ‘Check Status.’

Step 6: Select the Download Aadhaar option to obtain an e-Aadhaar.

Step 7: Select the Acquire Aadhaar on Mobile option if you wish to get your Aadhaar on mobile.

Step 8: The status will be emailed to your registered mobile phone number.

Aadhar Status Without Enrolment Number

If you have forgotten your enrolment number or misplaced your acknowledgement slip, you can locate it and then check Aadhaar card status with the enrollment number. Here’s how to verify the status of your Aadhar card without an enrollment number:

Step 1: To obtain your enrollment number, click on

Step 2: Now, input your name, email address, cell phone number, and security code to have an OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Enter the obtained OTP and choose the ‘Verify OTP’ option.

Step 4: After verification, your Enrolment number/Aadhaar card will be given to your registered mobile phone number and email address.

Step 5: The applicant may verify the status of the Aadhaar using this enrollment number.

Aadhar Card Status by Name

When you apply for Aadhaar, you will be given an acknowledgment slip including your Enrolment ID. This enrollment ID may be used to monitor the progress of the Aadhaar card generation. When you apply to change information on your Aadhaar card, you will be given an updated request number upon successful submission of your application. The URN can be used to track the progress of the Aadhaar card update.

Aadhar Card Status by SMS

  • Follow the steps below to check the status of your Aadhar Card through Mobile Number:
  • Send the following SMS to 51969: “UID STATUS 14 digit enrollment number>”.
  • If the Aadhaar is created, the applicant receives an SMS with the Aadhaar number.
  • If not, an SMS with the current status of the Aadhaar is provided to the applicant.

Aadhar Card Status by Post

Once your Aadhaar has been produced and delivered by UIDAI, it will be mailed to the applicant’s residence address within 60 to 90 days. You may check the delivery status of your Aadhar card through India Post by following the procedures below:

  • Go to the official website of India Post.
  • Enter your consignment information, which you may obtain on the Aadhaar website.
  • The screen will reveal information about your Aadhaar consignment.

Aadhaar Card Address Update Status by URN (Update Request Number)

When an applicant completes the online address update process, he or she is given a 14-digit number known as the Update Request Number (URN). This number is issued to the applicant through SMS to his or her registered mobile phone number and may be used to follow the status of his or her address update request.

Follow the steps below to find out the status of your Aadhaar Card update:

Step 1: Navigate to the UIDAI website at

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number and Unique Registration Number (URN) (Update Request Number)

Step 3: Verify your entry by entering the ‘Captcha Code’.

Step 4: Finally, click the ‘Check Status’ button.

Step 5: You will now receive an update on the progress of your Aadhaar card.

Aadhar Card Status – FAQs

Q1. How do I make an Aadhar card search by name and father name?

At the moment, it is not feasible to check or search for an Aadhaar card by name and father’s name. However, an applicant can obtain the Aadhaar number by providing his name, registered cellphone number, or email address.

Q2. How will I find out whether my Address Validation Letter has been delivered?

You will receive an AWB number through SMS (*being implemented) from India Post and can use it to monitor your Aadhaar Validation Letter. You may also check the status of the letter’s delivery by visiting India Post’s official website.

Q3. How can I check the status of my Aadhaar card reprint?

You may check your Aadhar Card Reprint Status by going to UIDAI’s official website at

Q4. How can I check the status of my Aadhar card without a cellphone number?

By visiting the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre, you may check the progress of your Aadhaar card application without providing your cell phone number.

Q5. Can I check the status of my Aadhar card by entering my name and date of birth?

Previously, it was possible to check Aadhar Card status by name and date of birth, but according to new guidelines, Aadhar number search may now be done by entering your 14-digit Enrollment ID, date, and time supplied on the acknowledgment slip at the time of enrolment.