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Why Groww?

No Fees or Charges

We do not charge you for our service. Neither do we charge any transaction fees. AMCs pay us a small commission out of the expense ratio.

Unbiased Analysis

No bias, only facts. Groww’s proprietary algorithms break down your ideas into relevant insights – and ensure that composed ideas meet your objectives.


A basket of mutual funds ensures that you are diversified enough across fund managers and asset classes. At the same time it also helps you avoid over-diversification.

Anytime anywhere

Whether you are investing for long term or short term, Groww keeps your investments and watchlists at your finger tips. Invest, withdraw or track anytime.

Happy Customers

abhinav testimonial

I started investing because of Groww. All this while I was losing money in my bank account…

Abhinav, VP Engineering Tixdo

Puneet Gupta

When it comes to financial investments, being able to trust the platform is a big deal. Groww is transparent and data based. It’s a lot easier to trust Groww.

Puneet, Senior Product Manager at Ittiam


Loved Groww…I always needed something of this kind, which could help me manage my money easily. Very useful.

Richa Singh, Consultant at SAP Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start investing?

Investors need to complete an account opening form before they start investing. This account opening process is one-time and completely paperless. An average user on Groww completes it in less than 3 mins. There are three major things that are part of account opening process – KYC, Bank details and document proofs.

Is there any fees or charge involved?

Groww does not charge any fees to its customers. How do we make money? We get a small commission from mutual funds companies.

How do I purchase a mutual fund?

You can purchase a portfolio or mutual funds through your net banking account. For security purposes, we allow transactions only through the bank that you provide during your account opening process.How do I purchase a mutual fund

What happens after I invest?

Groww tracks your investments and sends you notifications if anything needs your attention. You can also track your investments anytime on your dashboard.