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What's new on Groww?


In the latest updates on Groww, the following features have been added:

1. 24*7 Support

You don’t need to wait for a call-back or contact only during market hours. You can use the app whenever you want and reach Groww support whenever you want.

2. Launch of Groww Mutual Fund

We have launched Groww Mutual Fund, which offers a customer-focused and transparent approach to mutual fund investments. You can now check the mutual fund schemes offered on and invest.

3. Pay fast using Groww UPI

Now, to purchase stocks and mutual funds, you can pay directly through the Groww UPI option. This means you don’t have to be redirected to another platform to complete the payment.

4. Pay bills through the Groww app

You can now scan and pay for other bills directly through the Groww app.

5. Fetch external holdings through one OTP

Track your other mutual fund investments on Groww. Simply enter a single OTP to fetch your other investments.

6. Introduction of basket orders

You can now use the basket order feature to place multiple orders on FnO at the same time. This means you can execute your option strategies with ease.

7. Introduction of OCO — One Cancels Other

You can place orders with a target and a stop loss. If either of these is met, the other gets cancelled automatically.

8. Order Slicing

For large F&O orders, we slice them automatically so that they can get placed and executed faster on the exchange.

9. Addition of global indices

You can now track global indices directly through the Groww app.

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