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Why am I unable to withdraw the amount in 'Balance Available'?

• Any amount added to Groww is ‘Available to Invest’ immediately. However, this amount will be ‘Available to Withdraw’ only after 1 working day.
 • As per SEBI regulations, only 80% of the delivery sell amount is made available to invest after 30 minutes of the sell transaction, while the remaining 20% will be added to your Groww balance and made available to invest by the end of the day. You will be able to withdraw the whole sell amount after 10 AM on T+1 day i.e on the next settlement day. 

 For e.g., If you sell a stock from your holdings on Friday, an 80% amount will be added to the Groww balance after 30 minutes, which can be used to invest. The remaining 20% amount will be added on Friday night, which will be available to invest. You can withdraw the 100% delivery sell amount after 10 AM on Monday.
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