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How can I confirm if my SIP instalment was deducted successfully?

To confirm if the SIP was deducted from your bank account, please check your bank passbook details to confirm the transaction. Normally it takes until the end of day on autopay date to realise the amount received.
Due to the same-day NAV change implemented in February 2021, the installment amount is deducted on T-day by BSE, and fund realization at BSE end is T+ 2/3 business days and the expected completion date for these orders is T+ 5/6 business days from BSE end.

Hence, the order completion date is pushed for all BSE mandates (Biller and One-time mandates).

Biller: Expected fund realization: T+3; Expected NAV date: T+ 5/6 

One-time mandate: Expected fund realization: T+2; Expected NAV date: T+4/5

Autopay: Expected fund realization: T; Expected NAV date: T

T is the transaction/due date for your SIP installment.

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