Yes’s Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme is an effective investment scheme which provides great returns and comes with tax benefits. A minimum of Rs. 500 to a maximum Rs. 1,50,000 can be invested in one financial year. One can calculate the returns on their PPF account by using a Yes Bank PPF account calculator.

How PPF Investment Works?

A public provident fund (PPF) account is a method of investment that offers income tax deduction u/s 80C for the invested amount (subject to a limit of Rs 1.5 lakh a year). The depositor is exempt from tax and there is no tax on the amount received on maturity of the account either. Owing to the benefits offered, many open PPF accounts with their bank/post office to build a sizeable corpus.

PPF accounts come with a mandatory lock-in period of 15 years. Upon maturity, the investor has the option of taking either of the following steps:

1) Withdraw the proceeds and close the account.

2) Extend the account for a period of five years.

Yes Bank PPF Maturity Calculation Formula

The Yes PPF maturity value calculation is given below:

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

The variables used in the formula represents the following–

  • F – Maturity of PPF
  • P – Annual instalments
  • I – Rate of interest
  • N – Total number of years

How to Use the PPF Calculator for Canara Bank?

With the help of online Yes Bank account PPF calculator, one can easily calculate their maturity value with the help of simple steps:

  • Provide the yearly investment amount or move the slider to adjust the amount
  • Enter the time period of the PPF investment.
  • Once the above details are entered, the calculator will automatically calculate the total investment amount, total interest and maturity value at the end of the investment period

Benefits of Using Yes PPF Calculator

  • The maturity value calculated with the PPF Calculator of Yes Bank can be of great help to depositors. Some of the major benefits of using this calculator are:
  • The calculation of the interest you will be earning on the amount of principal in hand can help make an informed decision.
  • The calculator makes sure you choose the right investment amount for your PPF account.
  • Helps an investor to make a wise decision on how long should the investment be held to fulfil their investment objective

Yes Bank PPF Calculator – FAQS

Ques. How much return is provided on PPF after 15 years?

Ans. The maturity amount received by the depositors in their PPF account after 15 years depends on the principal amount invested and the interest earned on it.

Ques. Can I avail loan facility against my PPF account?

Ans. Yes. PPF account provides loan facility from the 3rd financial year up to the 6th. The maximum loan amount that can be availed is capped at 25% of the available funds.

Ques. Can I close the PPF account before maturity?

Ans. Yes. But only once it has completed 5 financial years that too on the following grounds:

  • Higher education of your children.
  • Serious illness of your spouse, children, or yourself.