What is a Yes Bank FD?

Yes Bank is a leading bank in India which offers a range of financial and banking products to its customers. Among its attractive buffet of offerings, customers can choose a fixed deposit scheme to invest in.

Fixed deposits are one of the safest schemes to grow an individual’s wealth. These options are devoid of market risks, unlike many other forms of investment. Therefore, they are the perfect option for investors with low-risk appetites.

Regardless of their security, individuals must gauge profitability before investing in fixed deposits. In this regard, Yes Bank FD calculator can be an indispensable tool. Such a calculator displays the total interest earnings as well as the maturity amount from a particular FD investment with the bank.

It is essentially a computation tool, which calculates FD profitability by considering investments, terms, interest rates and more.

Benefits of Using a Yes Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator?

At first glance, one can feel that such a tool is only useful for calculating ROI for FDs. However, such a calculator’s benefits are manifold. Its advantages include –

  • The calculator comes with a simple interface, ensuring greater convenience for users.
  • This calculator is fast and performs complex computations in a matter of seconds.
  • Using such a tool ensures accuracy in all calculations. Therefore, an investor can eliminate any risk arising from miscalculations or human error.
  • Lastly, investors can determine the exact principal and term required to achieve the desired returns. Therefore, apart from calculating profitability, these tools also help individuals meet expected earnings.

Nevertheless, to use Yes Bank fixed deposit calculator effectively, one should learn about the FD rates on offer.

Yes Bank Maturity Terms and Interest Rates

Before starting calculations, ensure to consult the table provided below. It pairs the terms along with its rates for Yes Bank FD customers.

Investment tenure Normal FD rates FD rates for senior citizen
7-45 days 5% 5.5%
46-179 days 6% 6.5%
180-364 days 6.75% 7.25%
1 year-10 years 7% 7.5%
Special rates
18 months and 8 days-18 months and 18 days 7.25% 7.75%
2 years-3 years 7.25% 7.75%

An investor needs to check which rate of interest he/she is eligible for, based on FD tenure. Next, they need to enter the rate on the Yes Bank FD rates calculator to know their profitability.

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Formula for Calculation of FD Maturity Amount

To determine the FD maturity amount, individuals need to follow a specific mathematical formula. This formula is –

A = P (1+r/n) ^ n x t

In this equation, the various parameters are –

  • A = Maturity amount
  • P = Principal investment
  • r = Interest rate expressed in decimal points
  • t = investment term
  • n = Number of times interest is computed each year

One can refer to the example below to get a better idea of how this equation works.

Example of Yes Bank FD Calculation

34-year old Ritu decided to invest Rs.50,000 for 4 years at yearly compounding interest. Consulting the table above, one can determine that Ritu is eligible for 7% interest per annum on her FD. Therefore, here are the parameters for Ritu’s FD maturity amount calculation.

P = Rs.50,000

r = 0.07

t = 4 years

n = 1


A = 50000 (1+0.07/1) ^ 1 x 4

A = Rs.65,540

From this maturity amount, Ritu can also calculate her interest earned by simply subtracting A from P. Thus, interest earnings for Ritu is Rs.15,540.

One can clearly perceive that such a calculation is extremely tricky when performed manually. Utilising a Yes Bank FD calculator 2020 can simplify matters significantly.

Factors Influencing FD Rate Calculations

One can understand which parameters affect FD calculation by studying the required field in fixed deposit calculators. One can increase or decrease these factors to achieve the desired return on their investments. The four major parameters include –

  • Invested sum – High-valued investments tend to draw greater returns when compared to smaller sums. Thus, an investor failing to meet their expected returns in the Yes Bank FD rates calculator can increase the principal sum and check again.
  • Interest rate and term – These two factors are interconnected for fixed deposits. Banks generally offer a fixed rate for a particular tenure range for fixed deposits. Therefore, as an investor, you need to determine the perfect maturity term carefully, based on the interest associated with it. Generally, higher tenure leads to increased profitability.
  • Compounding interest frequency –If interest is compounded half-yearly, it will likely lead to slightly higher gains than yearly compounding interest options. Therefore, investors should opt for frequent computation of interest for the best results. Even though the increase is marginal as compared to the other factors, one should still consider this option.

The age of the investor can also play a vital role in his profitability because senior citizens are eligible for increased interest earnings. One can keep using a Yes Bank FD calculator 2020 until he/she is satisfied with the outcome. They can keep adjusting the parameters to reach the desired profits.

Yes Bank FD Calculator – FAQs

  • Can I withdraw my FD prematurely during financial emergencies?

Yes. A premature withdrawal facility is available to FD investors. Nevertheless, keep in mind that withdrawing the sum before maturity may lead to additional charges.

  • What is the maximum loan against FD that I can avail?

Loan against fixed deposit is a secured form of credit available to FD investors. The maximum LTV for such a loan can go up to 90%. However, this differs from one lender to another.

  • Can I improve returns from my investment without increasing the principal sum?

Yes. One can do the same by increasing the maturity term for his/her FD investment. Longer tenure will lead to better interest earnings.

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