PNB Mutual Fund offers multiple SIP schemes to choose from. Mutual funds have gained rapid popularity as a great investment vehicle and the public at large is attracted towards MF investment. Furthermore, smart tools like PNB Mutual Fund SIP calculator can be used to get an estimate of the returns which also helps in achieving financial goals or investment needs of an investor. With PNB SIP Funds, one can invest a small sum of money at a stipulated interval and also plan financial goals like retirement, marriage, getting a house/car, etc.

What is a SIP and How it works?

Systematic Investment Plan commonly referred to as SIP is an investment method in which one can invest small amounts of money consistently in a mutual fund/scheme instead of lump sums. It helps to build a large corpus over a period of time in the most convenient and flexible manner. SIP also allows purchasing additional units of a scheme at the prevailing NAV by investing a fixed amount every month. Further, it inculcates the habit of disciplined investing for long-term wealth creation. SIP calculator of PNB can help investors calculate the estimated returns and to set their financial goals like retirement planning, marriage, getting a new house/car, higher education, etc.

How to Use the PNB SIP Calculator?

One can easily check the estimated required to achieve their financial Goal through with these simple steps:

Step 1: Enter the monthly investment amount you want to invest or just move the slider provided to select the amount

Step 2: In this step, enter the return rate or adjust the slider

Step 3: Choose the investment period.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Invest now’ button.

It will show the invested amount, estimated returns and the total value instantly!

PNB Mutual Fund Calculator Formula

= P*((1+i)^n)-1)/i)*(1+i)


is the Amount you will receive

is the SIP investment amount

is the compounded rate of return, which is the annual rate of return %/12

is the number of months

Benefits of Using PNB SIP Calculator

  • It helps an investor strategically and efficiently plan his investment
  • One of the biggest advantages of using a SIP calculator is that it simplifies complex calculations and provides the exact estimate that investors can expect from their investment.
  • The PNB SIP Calculator is easy to use as it only requires investors to enter the investment amount and the tenure for which they are looking to invest
  • Not to mention, it is free of cost and does not require you to enter your personal details.