DHFL Mutual Fund is a part of the PGIM Mutual Fund and offers a variety of schemes to the investors under equity, debt, and hybrid category. PGIM Mutual Fund (formerly known as Pramerica Mutual Fund) manages these schemes of DHFL Mutual Fund. Investors thinking to invest in these Mutual Funds SIPs can check their returns beforehand with the help of a SIP calculator for DHFL. 

What is the DHFL SIP calculator and How it Works?

A SIP is an investment method in the preferred mutual fund scheme at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc). SIP investments offer great benefits over the long term. But before you invest your money in one, it is essential to know how a SIP gives you returns in order to make the most of it. DHFL  SIP calculator is an online tool that helps with this.

The DHFL calculator for SIP helps to calculate the expected return and wealth accumulated for your periodic SIP investment at the end of the tenure of your monthly/quarterly SIP. It also shows how even small investments made over a longer period of time would yield high returns in the future.

How to Use the DHFL Mutual Fund SIP Calculator?

To get an expected return from your DHFL SIP investment, Just follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Enter the monthly investment amount you want to invest in or make use of the slider provided to select the amount

Step 2: In this step, enter the value return rate or adjust the slider

Step 3: Choose the investment period.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Invest now’ button.

 It will show the invested amount, estimated returns and the total value. It’s that easy!

 Formula for DHFL SIP Calculator

 A = P*((1+i)^n)-1)/i)*(1+i)


  • A is the Amount you will receive
  • p is the SIP amount you invest
  • I is the compounded rate of return, which is the annual rate of return %/12
  • n represents the number of months

Benefits of Using DHFL SIP Calculator

  • A SIP calculator helps you to get an estimate of how much returns you can expect, which is imperative to taking calculated risks. All you have to do is enter the details to get the results of your total invested amount.
  • It also provides you with much faster results than manually calculating the same.
  • One of the major benefits of using a SIP calculator is the fact that you can know your investment plans beforehand and evaluate different outcomes.

DHFL SIP Calculator – FAQs

Ques. How does SIP Investment work in mutual funds?

Ans. SIP works just like recurring deposits (RDs) in banks. The basic difference is that in SIPs, a sum that you choose gets invested in a mutual fund scheme of your preference on a specified date each month, and not in a bank deposit like RDs.

Ques. How much money is required to start a sip investment?

Ans. One can start investing in a mutual fund scheme via SIP even with Rs.500 or Rs. 100 for some of the schemes.

Ques. What is the SIP amount?

Ans. SIP amount is the instalment amount that an investor has to pay towards his/her Systematic Investment Plan on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Ques. Can SIP Amount be increased?

Ans. Yes, while opting for a new SIP, one can select a periodic top-up of the investment amount.