The stock market timings are the same for the two major stock exchanges in India. 

In India, we have two major stock exchanges.

First, the Bombay stock exchange (BSE) with the index Sensex.

Second, National stock exchange (NSE) with the index Nifty.

Indian Stock Market Timings

There are many parts to this. It can actually be divided into 4 parts.

But for most retail investors, you do not need to know more than this:

Stock market trading hours

Start time End time
9:15 AM 3:30 PM

Trading hours: detailed breakdown

If you want to know in greater detail how the trading session is divided, read on.

The trading time in Indian stock markets is divided into 4 sessions:

A. Pre-open trading session

The duration of the pre-opening session is from 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM. This is further divided into three sub-sessions:

1. Order Entry Session: From 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM

The task undertaken in this sub-session are:

  • + Placing an order to buy and sell stocks.
  • + Modify or cancel orders.

2. Order Matching Session: From 9:08 AM to 9:12 AM

The task undertaken in this sub-session is:

  • + Used for order matching and for calculating the opening price of stocks for the normal session. During this time, you cannot modify, cancel, buy, or sell stocks.

3. Buffer Session: From 9:12 AM to 9:15 AM

The task undertaken in this sub-session is:

  • + This sub-session is used as a buffer for any abnormalities in the previous two sub-sessions.

The pre-open trading session is provided to stabilize the heavy volatility due to some major events or announcement that came overnight before the market opened.

Special events, like merger and acquisition announcements by a company, de-listing of stocks, debt-restructurings, credit-rating downgrades, etc., can have an impact on investors.

The pre-open session is conducted in the Indian stock market to discover the right price of the stocks.

However, most investors do not use the pre-opening session. The only use the normal session for trading in stocks.

2. Normal trading session

Also known as the continuous session, this is the session where actual trading by investors takes place.

The duration of a normal session is from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM. You can buy or sell as many stocks you want in this session.

3. Closing price calculation session

The time from 3:30 PM to 3:40 PM is used for calculation of the closing price of stocks.

The closing price of a stock is the weighted average of the prices between 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM in the normal trading session.

For example, for the indexes like Sensex and Nifty, it’s closing price is the weighted average of its constituent stocks for the last 30 minutes of the normal trading session i.e. from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

4. Post-Close Trading Session

The duration of the post-closing session is from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM.

In this session, you can place orders to buy and sell stocks at the closing price. If buyers or sellers are available during that time then your trade will be confirmed at the closing price.

Additional Information on Indian stock market timings

Here are a few additional points about the Indian stock market timings that you should know:

  1. There is no break (lunch break or tea break) during the timings of the Indian stock market.
  2. The Indian stock market opens a special trading session during Diwali festival of 2018 and called as Mahurat Trading Session’. The Mahurat trading time was declared a few days before the Diwali. The session timing during the Muhurat trading was like this:
  • + Pre-open Trading Session: 6:15 PM to 6:30 PM
  • + Normal/Continuous Trading Session: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • + Closing Price Calculation Session: 7:30 PM to 7:40 PM
  • + Post-closing Trading Session: 7:30 PM to 7:50 PM

When does the stock market close?

  1. The stock market closes at 3:30 PM for retail investors.
  2. The Indian stock market is closed on weekends i.e. on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. It is also closed on the national holidays. You can view the entire list of stock market holidays by clicking here. 

Extension of trading hours

The Indian stock market is currently opening at 9:15 AM and closes at 3:30 PM.

However, there was a proposal that the trade hours be extended till 7.30 PM or even 11:55 PM. This was to align the domestic stock market better with the global markets. 

A few brokerages and investors in India mentioned that brokerages in India are already keeping their offices open till 11:55 PM for commodity trading.

Hence, the extension of trading hours for another segment in the market i.e. stocks would allow them to right-size their operations for all segments. 

However, the extension of trading hours in stock exchanges might not become a reality anytime soon as the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), stock exchanges, and brokers are yet to reach on consensus on how it would be implemented.

Also, the timings proposed by two main exchanges i.e. BSE and NSE are not the same. One wants the trading for longer hours and the other wants for at least 2 – 3 hours less. This might create too much arbitrage.

Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: the views expressed here are of the author and do not reflect those of Groww. 


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