Saving for vacations is not a much cherished idea among many people in India. Rather, saving for ‘the future’ is something that goes in the back of the minds of the people earning a substantial amount.

To be true, we are all longing a getaway from our routine lives. Vacation is an escape call from the monotony of life. It gives us some memories to recall when we are about to face our doomsday. And yet, we seem trapped in the circle of earning and consuming to sustain our needs (and saving for the future, of course).

So, for all those who really want to convince their minds to take a break, but still need a logical explanation to do so, here are a few reasons:

Stress buster

A fact you need to accept; we’re all under some sort of stress every day. Whether it is a presentation at work, or a deadline, we all seem to be working for a goal that our boss set for us. If you’re your own boss, you might as well be even more stressed about the unsteady figures of your company. Vacations are, in my opinion, the best sort of stress buster. They give you a chance to be carefree and to enjoy some moments out of your busy lives.

After your return, you are better at your job

A vacation definitely increases your productivity levels. We feel refreshed and energized in a lot of ways. A break from the monotony gives you the willpower to get back at work, with a newer perspective.

You get to spend time with the people you love

All of us become so lost in our daily jobs that we rarely pay attention to ourselves or our families anymore. It becomes a duty to earn for them and that’s how we get caught up with the cycle of earning and spending.

A chance to learn and explore

A vacation is always a new experience and there is great scope of learning. The things that we can’t learn sitting at our office desks or lying on the couch can be learnt on a vacation. You learn how to organise things better, you get to know yourself and your loved ones better and you also realise that it’s always good to take a break.

So, you are finally able to convince your mind and start planning a vacation. But how are you going to save money for it? The utmost priority of planning a trip is to have enough funds. Without money, a trip could quickly transform into a disaster and might make you even more stressed than you already were.

A vacation is always a surprise you’ll enjoy. However, saving for vacations requires a proper plan so that you do not return broke from your holiday destination.

Here are a few tips on how by making small changes into your everyday savings, you can save enough for a memorable exploration that awaits you at your next excursion:

Research on the best offers available

Go online and search for the best airline offers and train tickets available to your destination. You could use sites like or to make your work a lot easier. If, by chance, you do not find any offers which seem appealing to your pocket, do not fret! Wait for a couple of weeks or months and keep an eye on the offers. Watch out for air tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as they are comparably cheaper. Do not grow impatient while saving.

Create a separate travel funds account/liquid fund

This must be your priority while saving for a vacation. A separate account for travel savings will ensure that you do not spend these savings on any goal other than a vacation. Otherwise, if you try saving for vacation using your main savings account, you might end up losing sight of your getaway goals and tip that money into something else. You could also try the alternate way by setting up a liquid fund. This is likely to be a less time-consuming and cheaper alternative.

Use automatic transfer

This is an absolute necessity after you set up a separate travel funds account. With most of the banks offering the lifesaving facility of automatic transfers or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), use it for your travel account. Why? Because it becomes a lot more difficult to actually save money with the goal of a vacation in mind. As you do not have a clear vision of exactly how much money you will need for the trip, you might be in a dilemma and ultimately run low on funds. To avoid any such cases and be sure that you are saving, use automatic transfers and SIP.

Create a budget

To save, you definitely need a budget. Cut down on as many resources as possible for a couple of months. Try not to exceed your planned budget. Cut down on your phone bills, use public transport for a change at times, and do not spend money on restaurants. These simple everyday changes will help you save a considerable amount.

Plan an all-inclusive trip if you’re running low on funds

An all-inclusive trip will make things a lot more sorted and organised. It is easier to keep track of money spent in such cases. So, not only are you saving for a vacation, you might also end up saving a little amount at the vacation. However, at times, an all-inclusive trip might get boring if you really want to explore the place. In such a case, I would suggest that you research on the pros and cons of the offer and only then decide what suits you.

To borrow words from Saint Augustine, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. All of us need to keep exploring and finding out ways to lead a happier life. So, with this travel spirit in your heart, plan for another runway, while saving smartly for the same.

Keep exploring and keep saving!