You know the sort and filter option in nearly every e-commerce website? Shopping online without that feature is nearly impossible!

That exact feature is now available on the Groww app.

Use sort and filter to find the best mutual funds to suit your needs!

Here’s how you can use this brand new feature!

How to use the sort and filter option on the Groww app

1. Tap on More

To open a list of all the top mutual funds, click on ‘More’ in the right top corner of your screen.

groww filter and sort more

2. Sort & Filter

At the bottom of the screen, you can see two buttons – Sort and Filter

groww filter and sort sort filter

3. Tap on ‘Sort’

The sort option is used to select the order in which the mutual funds will be displayed. On the Groww app, you can sort mutual funds based on their popularity, their ratings, and their returns.

sort and filter sort

4. Tap on ‘Filter’

The filter option is to display mutual funds based on their characteristics. You can choose to see funds based on their risk level, the category to which they belong, the AMC or mutual fund company, their rating, and their availability to invest.

sort and filter filterUse this nifty new feature to find the best mutual funds from various categories!