New features & updates

It’s been almost 3 months since the last product update. A lot has happened since then. Below are the key highlights of the same

Here are the biggest highlights

We moved to zero annual charges in November to bring down the friction to stock investing and we got a very encouraging response from our investors. Advanced Charts for advanced users is now available on desktop and mobile.


P&L report can now be downloaded to understand how you are doing with your investments over any specific period. Download here (Web only, coming soon on the app).

A much better mutual fund redemption flow with more transparency on exit load. In addition, redemption by units along with the amount.

  • Launched Digital Gold on the app after initially launching it on the website.
  • IPO on the mobile app. You can now apply for any IPO via the app too. You will find the new IPO experience delightful.
  • F&O has been the most requested product on Groww. And it is coming soon. We are already testing it internally for the last few weeks. Till then, do check out the information we have put so far. Option Chain.
  • As I had promised last time, we added phone support. Now you can call us from within the app or just call us on 91088 00604 to talk to our support staff.
  • Digilocker and eSign now make your onboarding seamless. I also wrote sometime back how these two things have made it so easy for investors to open accounts – DigiLocker and eSign: A Boon for Indian Fintech.

I am also taking this update as an opportunity to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

1. Why are some features available only on the website and not on mobile apps?

Putting new features on the website takes a lot less time and effort than the app. This is why you see new features on the website first and then a little while later, on the app.

2. When are we launching feature XYZ?

It is very difficult for us to give timelines for any feature because there are just so many variables involved.

My team is working super hard. It couldn’t have been faster.

3. Why don’t you advise what mutual fund or stock to buy?

We don’t give advice because everybody has different needs and timeframes. Stocks or MFs that are good for someone can be bad for others.

We will always continue to make it easier for you to make smart decisions. Because nobody understands you better than yourself.

That’s all for now. I will come back soon with a lot more tools and features to make investing simpler and smarter.

PS: Do check out my investing tips on Twitter if you are just getting started with investing.