1. Mutual fund expense ratios will come down by 0.15%.
  2. This was one of the recommendations by the Uday Kotak panel to the SEBI.
  3. The Uday Kotak panel presented recommendations to SEBI.
  4. The panel presented a total of 80 recommendations.
  5. 40 of these recommendations were accepted without any modifications.
  6. 15 recommendations were accepted with modifications.
  7. 18 recommendations were rejected.
  8. Among others, one major recommendation that got accepted was that of splitting the role of CMD (Chairman and Managing Director). Now on, the same person cannot hold these two roles. This is going to affect the top 500 companies (by market capitalization) Indian businesses as most of them are family run. Famous names to be affected are Mukesh Ambani, Aziz Premji, Kishore Biyani, Gautam Adani, and more.
  9. The maximum investment from angel investors in startups has also been raised from the existing Rs 5 crore to Rs 10 crore.
  10. The maximum number of members in a board has been reduced from 10 to 8 now.

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