Small cap funds are such that invest in small cap companies which are in 250-500 largest companies in India. These companies have lower market capitalization as compared to large and mid cap funds, but they might have good potential to rise in future and hence come under the category of mid cap funds. Investing in them is a bit risky since we might not know completely about their future, but if their fundamentals are very strong then there are chances of good returns.

L&T emerging Business Fund is one of the best small-cap funds. This is backed up by the returns made by it, its 1 Year return is 62.94% per annum and its 3-year returns is 28.23% per annum which is quite above the industry benchmarks.

Min SIP 500
Fund categorySmall-cap
Risk Level High


Holding Analysis of L&T Emerging Business Fund-Regular Growth

Industrial Manufacturing19.3
Financial Services16.6
Consumer Goods9

Should you invest in L&T emerging Business Fund ?

This fund invests majorly in manufacturing and financial services. Other sectors like Automobile and construction are also relevant which help boost performance of this fund.

Invest in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Now

Hence if one wants to try to earn through emerging industries in India one can go for L&T Emerging Business fund- Regular Growth.

How do you invest in L&T emerging Business Fund- Regular Growth?

L&T emerging Business Fund Direct fund is not offered by many platforms. However you need not worry , this fund is available on Groww platform. Simply, log in tot your account, choose the fund – L&T Emerging Bluechip Fund- make payment and start SIP!

Happy investing!