Lemon Tree Hotels IPO is launched today, 26th March 2018.  Should you invest in this IPO. Is this a good IPO for long-term investment or for listing gains?

To decide if this Lemon Tree Hotels IPO is a good option, you need to conduct due research. Look at the company’s future prospects before deciding to go ahead with subscriptions in this IPO.

If you do have the required knowledge, research carefully and decide! Read the information below to make a decision.


Lemon Tree Hotels IPO Details

Issue Open Dates 26th March – 28th March, 2018
Issue Size Equity Shares of Rs 10
Issue Price Rs 54 – Rs 56
Market Lot 265 Shares
Listing at BSE, NSE

Lemon Tree Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in India in the mid-price category.

The issue opens on 26th March and closes on 28th March. The Lead Manager for Lemon Tree are Kotak Mahindra Capital Company, CLSA India, J. P. Morgan, and YES Securities. The registrar is Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd.

The IPO consists of an offer to sell 18,54,79,400 equity shares.

Lemon Tree Hotels is a New Delhi based company. It has a total of 4700 rooms on offer. These rooms are spread across 45 hotels in 28 cities.

Lemon Tree Hotels aims to attract the Indian middle-class customers. Most of Lemon Tree’s guests are domestic guests.

With the rising disposable income of the Indian population, Lemon Tree Hotel seems to be targetting the right segment for growth in hotels.

Nearly all of Lemon Tree’s hotels are strategically located. Usually, they are close to major business hubs – attracting both the Indian middle class as well as the business traveler.

That said, the Lemon Tree chain is threatened by the rapid entry of competitors into this space.

Should You Subscribe to Lemon Tree Hotels IPO?

 Hem Securities: Hem Securities advises investors to avoid subscribing to the Lemon Tree IPO as the company does not have a long track record of generating profits.

ICICI Securities: ICICI Securities recommends avoid  due to the high capex oriented nature of expansion, low RoCE, higher competition in the mid-scale segment.

Boost to Mutual Funds

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Happy investing!

Disclaimer: the views expressed here are those of the author. Mutual funds are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.