If you are thinking about continuing investing in small and mid-cap funds in 2021, then this place can have the answer. Yes, we know investors are flocking in to buy small and mid-cap funds in India, and if you are doubting or trying to know what the future holds for the money you have invested or want to invest. Yes, both of these categorized funds do have huge returns, but they also come with the prices of risks. So, let us take it a step at a time with small and mid-caps individually.

Should you Invest in Small Cap Fund in the Year 2021?

Let me break the ice here. Small-cap funds can give returns, huge returns, as sure as a 100%. To find out, are small-cap funds for you, let’s check some points:

  • Small-cap funds are just right for you if you have held an aggressive profile with an investment horizon that goes for ten years and more.
  • What is your risk appetite? When you have the stomach for higher risks, you can definitely consider investing in small-cap funds. Having said that, you will always have a small portion contributed to small-cap funds from your portfolio?
  • Risks do arise in small caps and investments as a whole, but avoiding them as a whole is not the right solution. If you lose the part of investing in small funds, you might miss out on the magic of the returns.
  • Irrespective of what the future holds, no one can really predict how a fund would perform in the market. But if your criteria match the features of the fund, it is the right choice to make. With small-cap funds, make sure you have a prolonged approach to investing in order to experience the benefits.

Should you Invest in Mid Cap Fund in the Year 2021?

A mid-cap company is a company that has the ability to turn into a large-cap company in the long run. So, putting it out on the table, the returns from these funds can be immensely high. So, let us see if this is the right fund for you.

Invest in direct mutual funds

  • Enjoy 0% commission
  • SIP starting at ₹500
  • If you are an investor who can wait up to 4 to 6 years, there is a very high chance you will be highly rewarded, as estimated.
  • Given that, mid-cap stocks have a large recovery, seeing that mid-caps have definitely run-up in recent times.
  • Saying from the market research, mid-cap funds are known to have higher profits in the longer time frames, in sectors like Information Technology, consumers, chemicals, agrochemicals, and pharma. These companies have the ability to achieve strong earnings growth while also rerating to become the next generation of large-cap stocks.
  • Midcaps have a good portfolio expansion potential, and when you have the appetite for a reasonable risk-return of the longer time frame, it can be a good choice for you.

How Have Small-Cap and Mid Cap Funds Gained Popularity in the Recent Years?

Small-Cap Funds –  In 2018 and 2019, only a few small-cap stocks rallied, and the market did quite see an upswing in the stocks of small-cap companies from 2020. When we talk about the future in the next couple of years, govt policies and infrastructure make sure that economic growth is wide and should be assisting small-cap companies to post good profit growth. Adding to that, the incremental investments of the investors and rising prices of stocks, it is positive that you too can give this a shot in 2021.

Mid Cap Funds – As investment and digitization spread, there have grown a number of different and unique financial goals. Here, the mid ca fund does majorly invest in mid-cap companies. Mid-cap firms have a modest market capitalization, which means they have a good possibility of producing reasonable capital returns. 

Midcap businesses are emerging companies, which means they must be cautious about their company and development prospects, and they are thus risky. This has the majority of investors aiming to build wealth over the long term with steady returns as a prominent factor of mid-cap funds. And without a doubt, mid-cap stocks have generated more growth in 2021 as the economy kicks back from the global pandemic.


The year 2021 would turn out to be the year for small and mid-caps, say, analysts, who predict that these two BSE indexes will reach new highs after a roughly two-year hiatus. Though they warn against the occasional market drop, they feel the overall trend is positive. This being said, you can be confident in the investments in small and mid-caps from this overview of how it would work out.


Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing. Please read the Risk Disclosure documents carefully before investing in Equity Shares, Derivatives, Mutual fund, and/or other instruments traded on the Stock Exchanges. As investments are subject to market risks and price fluctuation risk, there is no assurance or guarantee that the investment objectives shall be achieved. NBT do not guarantee any assured returns on any investments. Past performance of securities/instruments is not indicative of their future performance.