For flipping a coin, you need one. And for not having it, there exist only two reasons – 1) You spent so much money in past and present that you can’t even spare a single coin for a toss or 2) You had been spending so wisely that all the fortune that you’ve got now is made up of paper. Either way, saving habit is really important.

Giving reasons to save is like giving reasons to breathe (only if you are not ridiculously rich with a secure source of income or a cyborg with those cool functional parts :D).Usually, we all spend our money and time so recklessly today, that we often regret later. We don’t realize that by doing so we are increasing the gap between our lifestyle of present and future. After reading these lines some of you are going to “Google” how to save money or something like that (hey! it’s not oblivious). But you should know that these plannings, these efforts including the results,all of them are for you. So, the work to accomplish them should be done by you too, for you. No one is going to make plans for you, no one is going to cut off your pocket money or is going to “limit” your card limits. Only you can do it (not all of them though, they aren’t that necessary).

Start with the most basic step- relax. Think about what you want to achieve, not the short-term goals but the vision of you for your life. And to achieve that, to travel through those hurdles on that dusty path, you need resources. No one can live a life of comfort  without any financial status, not even a vagabond. Then the next step is to list out all the distractions of your life. Your spendings on not-so-valuable crap, list them too. They will include everything from money on food, fuel for your vehicle, your weekend party plans to your spendings on friends, family and and on yourself too. While listing them a thought will start bugging you indicating that these spendings are not worthless and that they are on important people of your life which will hardly make a difference to your future. Yes, but no. That’s not true. Yes they are important people but you have to be wise about spending. Having dinner at expensive restaurants or those every weekend party stuffs make you spend 60% of your savings which, when saved, are sufficient for you to pay your bills timely without any prior notice.

Spending too much money on friends is worthless, specially if it creates a hole in your pocket. After all, no memory is fun to remember if it costs you your dreams too along with those heavy bills to pay. Gifting your loved ones is a nice gesture to show them your love until and unless it doesn’t make you to borrow money from someone and leave you under debt for months. And for you, well, that is hard to make you understand that you should control your shopping desires considering the fact that it’s hard to say no to oneself. But we should remember, little consciousness, we can switch from a local brand to an exclusive showroom. However, with carelessness, it’s the total opposite. After creating that now-really-a-long list of yours, you will finally get struck with the realization that they really are a waste of money and you need to cut them out.

Learn to say no. Learn to control your desires. Learn to feel disappointed for not getting that expensive leather jacket which could have made you spend more money on it than required. Take charge of the events in your life. Work harder to be more reasonable. Work for yourself, for a better you.

It is said that we should cherish the present as much as we can. But no fun is great enough to cost us our future. No measure of fun is sufficient to destroy our hopes of growth, our desires to buy more, our dreams to achieve more than the present us. So, think and act, not just to save money but to save the chances of what you are yet to become. After all, our desires and dreams are what we call our building blocks. 🙂