The Income Tax Department of India issues the PAN card to the citizens, non-resident Indians, companies and civilian bodies who have to pay taxes to the Indian Government.
It is deemed to be one of the most essential documents when it comes to completing tax-related obligations.

The growing importance of the PAN card makes it mandatory for Indian residents to understand its utility, process of application, and the method of PAN card correction.

Though individuals are mostly aware of the process of applying for a PAN card, many do not know the process to correct PAN card details or the process of PAN card surrender.  If you are someone who wants to know the process of changing PAN card details and surrendering it, this article has got you covered. Read on to know the process in detail.

Importance Of Changing And Surrendering PAN Card Details

It is crucial to ensure that basic details are the same in all crucial documents such as PAN, Aadhaar and other identity proofs.

To ensure uniformity and to update the name in PAN card as per Aadhaar, individuals should consider updating their PAN card details. Besides rectifying mistakes, PAN card name change after marriage may also be a reason to change details of the card.

Additionally, an individual may want to surrender their PAN card because of duplicity or settlement abroad.

But being aware of the need to change or surrender is not going to prove enough in practice. It is vital to learn about the procedure for either requirement.

Pointers below will offer you a brief idea about the necessary steps of rectifying mistakes on PAN card and ways of surrendering it when required.

Steps To Change Or Surrender Your PAN Card

Any PAN cardholder can get their PAN card details changed following both online and offline process.

1. Online Method

Follow the steps mentioned below to change PAN card details or to surrender a duplicate PAN card

Step 1 – Go to the NSDL online services website.

Step 2 – Browse through the website and select ‘Application Type’ option. Select the tab that reads as ‘Changes or Corrections’ in existing PAN data or reprint of PAN card (without any changes in existing PAN details.)

Step 3 – Fill up essential details and make sure the information you provide are accurate and up to date. After filing the form, click on ‘Submit.’

Once the form is submitted, and a request for change has been registered, a unique token number will be sent to the applicant via their email address (the one they have mentioned on the PAN card correction form). Keep the token number for future references.

Step 4 – After the number has been generated, click ‘Continue with PAN Application Form.’ The applicant would be directed to a new page.

Step 5 – On the new webpage, select ‘Submit Scanned Images Through e-Sign.’ You will be able to mention your existing PAN details at the bottom-left of the webpage.

Step 6 – Fill up the essential personal and contact details in the PAN card correction form.

Step 7 – At the page of duplicate PAN card NSDL, mention that you want to surrender and then click ‘Next’ option.

Step 8 – Select the proof of identity, date of birth, residence details, and submit. Make sure these details are the ones that you want to update or the ones mentioned with the existing record of your current PAN card.

Step 9 – Scan and upload photographs, signatures, and other essential documents that are required to complete the procedure.

Step 10 – Sign and self-attest the acknowledgment receipt.

In case the PAN card surrendered was issued to a company or partnership firm, an authorized signatory must sign the PAN card form.

Step 11 – Before submitting the PAN card correction form, check and verify all the details you have entered. Once you have gone through details, proceed to pay.

Step 12 – PAN cardholders, whose communication address is in India, need to pay Rs. 100 as a one-time fee.

Pan cardholders whose residential address is in abroad, need to pay Rs. 1020 as a fee.

You can pay through any of these options –

  • Demand draft.
  • Credit card.
  • Debit card.
  • Internet banking.

Step 13 – After making the necessary payment, make sure to download the acknowledgment slip for future reference or as proof of the payment made.

Step 14 – Affix two photographs with a printed copy of the acknowledgment. Send them to the NSDL e-Gov. Label the envelope in which you are sending a copy of acknowledgement with ‘Application for PAN Cancellation.’ Also, mention the acknowledgment number on it.

Step 15 – Enclose a demand draft with the acknowledgment (if required) along with the necessary documents like proof of identity, residency, age, and proof of existing PAN.

Send them to NSDL e-Gov at ‘Income Tax PAN Services Unit for processing.

2. Offline Method

Follow these steps to surrender/change card details or to surrender duplicate PAN card –

Step 1 – Fill up ‘Request for a New PAN Card Or/and PAN card correction form.’

You can download a specific PAN card form from the official website.

Step 2 – Submit the PAN card form at your nearest collection center of NSDL. Ensure you are attaching copies of all the essential documents as required.

Step 3 – On submission, you will be given an acknowledgment slip. The said slip must be sent to the NSDL office within 15 days of filing the PAN card correction request.

Step 4 – Address a letter to the Assessing Officer, giving details about the duplicate PAN card in question. Also, put forward a request to cancel the same.

The Assessing Officer may ask you to present an affidavit stating that you do not possess any other PAN card besides your current one.

Mention details about your duplicate pan card NSDL would want to know and put forward your request for cancellation of PAN card as well.

Post the letter to a tax office near you and save the acknowledgment number for future use.

The process of altering card details or surrendering it online is quick and hassle-free although the same can be completed alternatively offline. The latter method, however, will require you to visit the NSDL center and follow up with the requirements physically.

Why Surrendering  A PAN Card Is Important?

Section 139A of Income Tax Act, 1961, states that an individual can hold just one PAN card. An individual is liable to pay the penalty if they have more than one PAN that has been acquired either intentionally or unintentionally.

The Income Tax Act, Section 272B states that  Rs. 10,000 penalty can be levied upon an individual who possesses more than one PAN.

Foreign nationals, who would not be paying taxes to the Government of India on account of leaving the country, may opt to cancel their PAN card by applying through the NSDL platform for PAN card update online India.

Indian Citizens may opt to surrender the duplicate PAN card, PAN card of a deceased, a company, or a partnership firm in the event of dissolution either online or offline.

They can further avail details about the process of PAN Card application for surrender from a reliable forum of PAN card update online India.

The above-mentioned steps provide a thorough guide on how one can change their PAN card’s details of surrender a duplicate PAN if incorrectly issued. These hassle-free steps will ensure that you complete it quickly.