Travel is Fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry and Narrow Mindedness  – Mark Twain

Well, travelling today is not just getting from point A to point B. It is much more than that, and we know it. Vacations have become mandatory, and geography just isn’t a barrier anymore. You leave behind office stress and a lot of other commitments on a journey. We have come to terms that travel is more than just seeing new places, but also time has taken all to ourselves. So, while you are travelling, what is a considerable thing you would need? Travel Insurance, of course.

What is Travel Insurance?

You are probably wondering what travel insurance covers? How would it benefit you? Well, let us get that to the forefront. So, travel insurance is the type of insurance that covers costs and losses that are associated with travelling. It is a form of protection for the ones who are travelling domestically and internationally. 

How to Get Travel Insurance?

Many companies out there sell tickets and travel packages, and also give their customers the option of purchasing travel insurance. It is also known as traveller’s insurance. There are also travel policies that cover damage to personal property, rented equipment, like rental cars, or even the cost of paying a ransom. 

A traveller’s insurance usually covers 24/7 emergency services, such as replacement of lost passports, cash wire assistance, rebooking cancelled flights, and more. Some policies even duplicate existing coverage from the providers or offer protection for costs that are refundable by other means.

Different insurance packages have a different set of benefits to offer to the buyer. Here are some general perks you could find in travel insurance.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

A Compassionate Visit

If the insurer ever faces an emergency or is hospitalized for more than five days and needs assistance, special assistance is rendered to the insurer. An immediate family member of the insurer can fly or go to the insurer in these cases. All the expenses of this immediate family member are covered by the insurance.


This covers the insured’s expenditures paid during hospitalization for the emergency medical treatment necessary due to any disease developed or accident experienced while on a vacation abroad.

A Medical Evacuation

The term Medical Evacuation refers to the cost of an ambulance or other emergency transportation and evacuation services that are properly incurred as a result of an accident sustained or sickness developed while travelling abroad.

Security in the Case of Loss of Checked-In Baggage

In this case, the company pays the Insured the sum specified in the Policy’s Schedule for the value of the Checked-In Baggage lost while in the possession of the Common Carrier during the trip covered. The coverage begins when the Checked-In Baggage is entrusted to the Common Carrier, and a receipt is obtained.

Resumption of the Journey

If you need to return home due to a death in the family or a severe illness that necessitates a hospital stay and the person is a close family member, and your airfare will be paid.

Your Travel Companion’s Cover

If your travelling partner is unable to continue their vacation due to an accident or illness, travel insurance will cover any unexpected lodging or travel expenditures.

When you Cancel

Cancellation cover comes in handy when it concerns your pre-paid costs, whether it is for accommodation, transport, and car hire that wouldn’t probably be able to recover. In these cases, this feature will cover these prepaid expenses.

A Permanent Disability

If you lose your sight or any of your limbs while on vacation, you will get a disability reimbursement for at least 12 months after you return home.

When there is a Credit Card Fraud

If your credit cards are lost or stolen during your vacation, you will be compensated for the expenses of replacing them as well as any fraudulent usage.

Stolen Cash, Travelers Cheque, or Travel Documents

If your passport, travel papers, or traveller’s checks are lost or stolen during your trip, you will be compensated for the expenses of replacing them. And you’re insured if your money is taken.

A Disrupted Journey

If your flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, you will be compensated for your food and any unanticipated hotel costs.

For Pets

If you are delayed coming home from your vacation and have a dog or cat that needs to be cared for, your travel insurance will pay the additional kennel or cattery expenses. In addition, if your pet is harmed while you are gone, your vet expenses will be covered. Isn’t it amazing?


These are some of the many features of travel insurance today. You also have to remember that these insurances vary from company to company and country to country, so on a really big trip, do not skip the terms and conditions. But one thing is for sure, it is, without a doubt, a benefit to you.