Yes, we know you’re amused that you have been allotted a folio number, received your units and garnered an email from AMC, when you haven’t paid for the order.

You need not worry about the above.

Here’s What Happened

1. You came to the website and created a few orders, but did not pay for it.

2. Now, although you did not pay for the orders, the order creation was successful.

3. Your order was recorded in the payment gateway and you received a folio number as well as units.

4. Fear not. These are provisional or temporary units and they will be rejected within 7 working days.

Did You Receive an Email From the AMC?

Have you received an email from the AMC confirming your transaction?

Do not worry.

It’s because the transaction was registered on the payment gateway. It will be nullified within 7 working days.

How Long Does It Take for a Folio Number to Be Generated?

It takes 3 working days for a folio number to be generated and units to be allocated.

Happy Investing!