Harsha Upadhyaya, CIO-Equity of Kotak AMC comments about his view of the markets in the present day. He says:

  1. He believes last year’s mutual funds performed stupendously; investors should not expect similar returns in the coming financial year.
  2. He says the banking sector affected by the NPA problem will drag the overall mutual fund returns down.
  3. He says he observes a good amount of economic activity in sectors like aviation passenger traffic, two-wheeler space, four-wheeler space, commercial vehicles space, and cement sales.
  4. Says his financial sector holdings are stable and that he is keeping a close on eye on them.
  5. He believes the construction theme is a good theme to invest right now subject to the pace of execution.
  6. He expects the IT sector to remain steady though the same cannot be said of midcap IT stocks.
  7. He also states that care must be taken when investing in the housing finance sector.

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