In this article, we will compare the platforms Groww and Investica and analyse which is the more investmnet medium.

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1. Regular vs Direct Funds


Groww offers investments through direct plans.

This enables an investor to save on the commission that is paid to brokers/agents, such as Investica.

While this difference is minimal in the range of 0.5%-1.5%, it has the potential to create a difference over long-term.

Groww doesn’t charge its clients with any subscription charges and/or membership charges to use the platform.

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Investica doesn’t offer investment in direct plans,

2.Things you can do


Groww is a new age investment platform that provides its users with an end-to-end solution for investing in mutual funds.

Groww offers investment in direct mutual funds for zero commission which offers higher returns compared to regular funds.

The end-to-end solution of growing covers everything, right from complying with Know Your Customer (KYC norm) to select funds, investing, monitoring, rebalancing, and redemption.

In addition, an investor can track his/her portfolio on a regular basis and can also seek expert advice when in need.

Groww also offers you an option to create your own portfolio.


Investica is an online platform that provides an instant and paperless way of investing in mutual funds.

Choice Broking, that has a track record of over 25 years backs the platform

3.Investment Process

The investment process includes an end-to-end process of investing (such as getting KYC compliant, sign-up process, etc.)


Groww provides a digitized process of investing, whereby, an investor is not required to run around with a multitude of physical forms.

With a streamlined digital process, the company ensures that everything is done within a click of a button and can be easily executed with the new ‘one sign-in process’ by Google.

You can start your investment activity after opening a personalized account.


The process includes complying with the regulatory requirement such as, KYC.

In addition, it includes the opening of an account, linking a bank account, starting investments and managing the portfolio.

4.Fund profile and analysis


Groww profiles every fund in a crisp and concise manner, with an aim to provide investors with a comprehensive picture of the fund.

With its pros and cons feature, an investor can quickly understand the unique proposition of any fund.

In addition, Groww provides fund analysis with returns across a multi-trailing time period. It also specifies ranking of the fund within the category.

This enables an investor filter better performing funds.

Not just that, Groww also provides information such as top holdings, sectoral composition, fund manager details and other characteristics of the fund.

An investor doesn’t need to login in his/her account for exploring the funds.

Click here to explore funds.


Investica offers fund profile that can be accessed without logging in.

The profiling comprises of similar information such as fund manager, returns over multi-trailing time period, fund composition, top holdings, assets under management, risk profiling etc. (see snapshot below).

Having said that, Investica doesn’t provide an analysis such as pros and cons with respect to a fund.

5. Profiling



Note: This is just an exhibit and does not constitute any recommendation
Source: Groww

As seen above, Groww provides an unbiased, comprehensive analysis of the fund in addition to just numbers.

This helps an investor take investment decision appropriately.


Note: This is just an exhibit and does not constitute any recommendation

6.App rating


It is comparatively new in this fast-growing industry and has proven to become a show stealer.

The website ( is ranked 5,973 in India with 4 mins 25 secs engagement time on the website in a short span of time.

In Android, the application is rated 4.5 stars with over 1,00,000+ downloads.

In AppStore, the application is rated 5 stars.


Investica is a much newer entrant in the market.

The website ( is ranked 63,829 with an average engagement time of 2 min 15 secs on the website.

In Android, the application is rated 4.3 stars with more than 1,00,000+ downloads. In AppStore, the application is rated 3.4 stars.


While both platforms have similar service offerings, Groww continues to have an edge due to its no commission/fees based offering.

Groww offers direct funds that help an investor accumulate more wealth over time due to superior returns when compared to regular funds.

In addition, the application is much simpler and faster and also offers to create a customized portfolio.

Lastly, Groww offers analytical inputs with respect to each fund that provides a comprehensive view of an investor in addition to just numbers.

Should you wish to install the Groww app in Android click here. Alternatively, you can click here for the iOS application.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are that of the author and not those of Groww