The mutual fund industry has grown exponentially since 2016.

The industry accounts for nearly 10% of the country’s GDP and is likely to account for one-third in a decade’s time.

Amidst this, multiple companies’ particularly tech-enabled start-ups have entered the segment-offering plethora of services to investors.

In this post, we seek to provide an unbiased opinion while comparing Groww with Angel BEE.

Criterion for Comparison

1. Direct vs regular mutual funds


Groww offers direct mutual funds.

Direct mutual funds always give higher returns when compared to regular plans of the same mutual funds.

This is because the regular plans have a distributor commission included in them. Direct mutual funds do not have any distributor commision. The benefits this received are passed on to the investor in the form of higher returns.

Angel BEE

Angel BEE offers regular mutual fund plans.

As of writing this, they do not offer direct mutual funds.

Which means, the mutual funds on the Angel BEE platform have a distributor commision in them.

2. Things you can do


Groww is the new age investment platform that provides its users with an end-to-end solution for investing in mutual funds.

The end-to-end solution of growing covers everything, right from complying with Know Your Customer (KYC norm), to selecting funds, investing, monitoring, rebalancing, and redemption.

In addition, an investor can track his/her portfolio on a regular basis and can also seek expert advice when in need.

Groww also offers you an option to create your own portfolio.

Angel BEE

Angel Bee is an online platform that provides an instant, paperless mode of investing in mutual funds.

The platform is backed by angel broking that is India’s leading stock broking house and has a presence in over 1200 cities in the country.

3. Investment Process


Groww provides a complete digitized process of investing, whereby the investor is not required to run around with a multitude of physical forms.

With a streamlined digital process, the company ensures that everything is done in just a fews taps.

You can get started with the investment process after opening a personalized account within few minutes.

Angel BEE

The investment process includes a compliance (including KYC), opening an account, linking a bank account, then starting an investment and managing the investment performance.

4. Platforms supported


It is a mobile app and is also available through their website.

In addition, Groww also offers the mobile application for Android and IOS platforms.

Angel BEE

Angel BEE offers its services only by way of mobile application that is available for Android and IOS platform.

They do not offer services through a website.

5. Access and analysis


An investor doesn’t need to login in his/her account for exploring the funds. Click here to explore funds.

Groww profiles every fund in a crisp and concise manner with an aim to provide investors with a clear picture of the fund.

With its simple, yet comprehensive fund analysis, an investor can quickly understand the unique proposition of any fund.

In addition, Groww provides fund analysis with returns across different time periods, the expense ratio, exit load and top holdings.

This enables an investor filter better performing funds.

Not just that, Groww also provides a bird’s eye view of sectoral composition, fund manager details and many more characteristics of a fund that an investor might be interested in.

Angel BEE

Angel BEE doesn’t offer any fund profile that can be accessed without logging in.

The information provided is for the benefit of its members.

Let us see the profiling of a fund as available on Groww:

Note: This is just an exhibit and does not constitute any recommendation

6. App rating


It is comparatively new in the fast-growing industry, but has been a show stealer.

The website is ranked 5,973 in India with 4 mins 25 secs engagement time on the website in a short span of time.

In Android, the application is rated 4.5 stars with over 1,00,000+ downloads. In AppStore, the application is rated 5 stars.

Angel BEE

Angel BEE is a much newer entrant in the market.

The website ( is ranked 20,725 with an average engagement time of 1 min 53 secs on the website.

In Android, the application is rated 3.8 stars with more than 5,00,000+ downloads.


While both  platforms offer somewhat similar services, Groww continues to have an edge due to its data-driven analytical framework. Groww also offers direct mutual funds (less expense ratio and hence better returns)

Groww offers a comprehensive fund analysis that helps an investor compare different funds.

In addition, Groww has an excellent customer success team and the application is much simpler and also offers customization of portfolio.

Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are that of the author and not those of Groww