Now you can create a family account on Groww, by adding accounts of other people. This was done, keeping in mind that many people want to invest in mutual funds, however may not have the expertise or even the time to do so.

What Does it Do?

Through the family account, another person, who is well-versed with the concept of investing can take the investment decisions for you and maintain your portfolio. For example, you father might want to invest in mutual funds, but he has no idea about how they work.

Through this process, you can manage your father’s mutual fund decisions. Also, remember that you can only add an account for a person who does not have an account on Groww yet. The limit is upto 5 members.

You can now create a family account on Groww by following these 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Go to Groww App and tap on  ‘You’

Step 2

Tap on your profile picture

Step 3

You will see a pop-up which will contain the members you have already added to the family account.
Tap on ‘Add Member’

Step 4

You will then have to insert all the details of your chosen member
And done! Once you sign up your member, the on-boarding process is similar.
Here is how you can onboard on Groww

Happy Investing!

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