We started Groww with a mission to make investing accessible to everyone. We believe that investing is one of the fundamental needs for us. However, it is very complicated for people like us to invest. As a result, we just procrastinate or never do it.

We are happy to announce that in less than a year, we have crossed more than 50 thousand users. We started in May 2017 and it has been an awesome journey so far.

Groww lets new investors learn and invest in mutual funds and our growth is a good validation of our approach. There are a lot of improvements that we can do and there are hundreds of things we need to build. But we have taken first few steps in the right direction.

Here is a quick summary of things that we have enabled for our customers

Mutual Fund Analysis

Investors can analyze any mutual funds available in India without any hassles. We have built a clean interface with all the data points. Both type of users – beginners and advanced – can benefit from the information provided on the pages. Yes, there are no Ads, unlike other mutual fund information sites. We will continue improving it further.

Investing Experience

You can choose and invest in high performing portfolios created by experts. Or you can build your own.

We were among the first ones to introduce paperless SIP in any mutual fund. If you are not a user of Groww and have been investing before, please do check out Groww and you will feel the difference.

Groww Android App

We launched Android App last month and we have got a phenomenal good response on it. Investors can do seamless investing and track their portfolios on the app. We believe that we can make it 10x better and we continue to pursue the same.

Customer Obsessed Team

People say that our customer support is legendary. We take pride in the support we provide. Do check it out by saying hello to our team.

We have got some of the best developers in the country and they work around the clock (most of the time) to create a delightful experience for you.

Backing From The Best

Groww is backed by renowned investors. We take pride in having investors who have invested in companies like Airbnb and Dropbox. And investors who have build companies like Flipkart and Myntra. And investors who have established successful and large financial services company. Do check out our media coverage so far.

Future @ Groww

We have taken only a few steps in our long-term mission. 50 thousand users are probably .01 percent of users we want. We might have accomplished less than .0001 percent of what we want to. But there is always the pursuit of moving forward. And so we march. A lot of interesting stuff coming up. Stay tuned.