Market is touching all-time highs every day. Today Sensex is at 32,230 and Nifty at 10,085 (as I writing this answer). At this value, everyone is thinking that the markets are going to crash sometime soon. Historically, whenever everyone expects something from the market, the market behaves exactly opposite. Therefore, no one can predict whether the market will go up or down from current levels.

So what should be the investment strategy?

Answer: SIP Systematic Investment Plan

SIP is basically, investing a fixed amount of money at a particular date in a mutual fund. It takes – emotions, laziness and most importantly – market fluctuations out of context. If you are investing for long term, market falls are also good because of the SIP investments. You continue to buy at all the prices and the average price becomes low.

Investment plan for Rs 8000/month for 15 years

15 years a very long period. You should be going for Multi Cap and Small-Mid cap funds for SIP. Over a long period, these categories give highest returns.

Multi cap fund: Rs 4000/month

Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund – Regular – Growth – Mutual Funds – Rs 2000

Kotak Select Focus Fund – Regular – Growth – Mutual Funds – Rs 2000

Small-Mid cap fund: Rs 4000/month

Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Growth – Mutual Funds – Rs 2000

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund – Regular – Growth – Mutual Funds – Rs 2000

What returns can you expect?

Over a long term, the markets are expected grow by 12–15% [inflation + gdp growth]. A good multi cap fund can give 8–12% higher returns than the markets (called alpha). And a good small-mid cap fund can give 12–18% alpha. Therefore the above portfolio (reviewed every year) should get you good returns in 15 years.

Hope it helps.