You can save 3000-4000 out of 18000 which is around 20%. The figure is awesome given your salary. You can follow two strategies to get high returns for a long term.


1 of 2- Rule of 100

A very simple rule stating that 100-your age should be your allocation to equities. Rest should be in debt securities. This rule has some inherent limitations but if you are thinking of retiring at the age of 60. Then this is the best allocation of your capital.

Let’s assume that you are a 35-year-old person who has followed the above rule. Then his portfolio will look similar to this

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Whereas, if you are in the mid-50s, you will have an asset allocation like this

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2 of 2- Small and Mid-Cap Schemes

These schemes have given exceptional returns in the last one year and have generated significant alpha. One can invest in these schemes with an investment horizon of more than 7-8 years. The following are some of the popular schemes in this category.


Mid-Cap Schemes





Small-Cap Schemes





Alternatively, there are some portfolios which can give you high returns in the long term.


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Check this portfolio

Happy Investing