Our team has been hard at work to bring some interesting and useful features to you. Here are the key highlights:

Support for more banks for SIP

Adding a biller in your bank account was the only way of doing SIPs so far. There were two problems with that.

First, not all banks supported this facility and hence a lot of users had to change their bank accounts.

Second, it involved going to the bank website and figuring out the entire process there.

Over the last month, we added eMandate (Aadhaar based) and OTM (One-time mandate) support. Depending on your bank, you will be directed to the appropriate mandate flow.

Existing investors who have their SIPs running do not need to worry about anything. Things stay as they are.

Track your investments done outside Groww

Many of our investors in the last few years wanted to move their existing investments to Groww.

So, we introduced a tracking feature – where you can start tracking your outside investments by forwarding your consolidated statement. The process is simple and you can check it out here.

Switch to direct

Investors who have been investing in regular funds can now switch to direct funds with a tap of a button.

Filtering and sorting funds

This is another feature added on heavy demand from advanced users. Now, you can explore funds using various filters like AMC, categories, sub-categories and risk level. And you can sort them by ratings, returns, AUM size, and popularity.

Help and support

A new and fresher Help and Support section on the app to answer and solve the most common queries.

If our self-serve interface does not answer your question, we are always there on chat within the app.

Other features

Apart from the features listed above, we also released the following features

  • Screen lock on iOS app (was already supported on Android)
  • Capital gains statement – you would have received the statement on your email if you sold any funds in the last financial year
  • Latest business news in your app
  • Added 5Y returns on mutual fund pages

That’s all for now. We shall be back next month with new updates.

If you have any questions related to any update or have a suggestion for us, please send us an email on support@groww.in