What is an Investment Bank and How Does it Work?

by Bavadharini KS • October 12, 2021

A slew of companies coming out with IPOs. Each of these has over 500 paged-prospectus with details of the company’s valuation, industry analysis, competitor analysis among other calculations. Ever wondered who was behind it? Investment bankers. Before we delve into what is investment bank, let’s know what it entails. Investment banks entail a specialized segment […]

20 Tips to Save Money By Being Eco-Friendly: World Environment Day 2019

by Groww • June 5, 2019

World Environment Day, led by the United Nations Environment programme is globally celebrated today, the 5th of June every year. The United Nation tries and creates awareness about the importance of environmental protection and ecological sustainability. In 2019, China would be hosting the global World Environment Day celebrations based on the theme ‘Air Pollution’. Let […]

franklin templeton mutual fund abolishes exit load for direct mf

Franklin Mutual Fund Scraps Exit Load on Switching to Direct Mutual Funds: Will It Impact You?

by Subham Sharma • May 8, 2019

As investors, we have heard about the exit load that is deducted from our investment when we withdraw or redeem mutual funds. The asset management industry has seen several key reforms in the recent past, such as the recategorization of mutual funds, the introduction of TRI (Total Return Index) as a benchmark for most mutual […]

Benefits, types and best debit cards

Debit Card: Benefits, Types, Best Debit Cards and More

by Mridul Agrawal • March 7, 2019

Debit card is a popular type of money that many of us carry with us. As digitization has increased rapidly over the past few years, plastic and electronic money have become very famous. Debit card is one of the most popular and widely used forms of plastic money. In this article, we will cover the […]

direct stocks vs mutual funds

5 reasons why investing in mutual funds can make you richer than investing in direct stocks

by Groww • September 18, 2018

How is investing in stocks different from investing in mutual funds? This is one question a lot of us ask. If you decide to invest in equity that would be with the aim of churning out higher returns over a long term. This could either be via direct investment in stocks or mutual funds (MF). […]

SIP questions

I Want to Invest a Sum of 2000 in an Equity Oriented Fund Through SIP. Please Suggest in Which Scheme Should Invest?

by Shikhar Singh • August 31, 2017

Congrats on the excellent decision of starting SIP. Small savings can have a big advantage in the long run. There are two steps you should take to choose the right funds for your investment needs. 1. Choose the right category of Mutual Funds – Based on your investment horizon, risk appetite and returns expectations your answer […]