Financial tips you can learn from your mother

Mother’s Day 2019: Financial Lessons You Can Learn From Your Mother!

by rishabh • May 12, 2019

Your mother is awesome and there are no two-ways about that. Among all the things that a mother teaches and bestows upon her children, financial lessons sometimes do not get the deserved limelight! Everyone acknowledges the ethical and moral values that a mother teaches her children. Are you living from one paycheck to another? Get […]

REAL ESTATE OR MUTUAL FUNDS – The better option?

Real Estate Or Mutual Funds – The Better Option

by Mridul Agrawal • May 10, 2019

When you think of investing your money, real estate or gold are the options your parents suggest. However, nowadays mutual funds have emerged as a very good alternative. In India, real estate has ceased to be a lucrative investment option. This has happened due to the below mentioned problems with real estate. Mutual funds, on […]

franklin templeton mutual fund abolishes exit load for direct mf

Franklin Mutual Fund Scraps Exit Load on Switching to Direct Mutual Funds: Will It Impact You?

by Subham Sharma • May 8, 2019

As investors, we have heard about the exit load that is deducted from our investment when we withdraw or redeem mutual funds. The asset management industry has seen several key reforms in the recent past, such as the recategorization of mutual funds, the introduction of TRI (Total Return Index) as a benchmark for most mutual […]

Holi 2019

5 Financial Lessons You Can Learn From Holi: 2019

by Mridul Agrawal • March 20, 2019

Holi – the festival of colours is knocking at your door. On this auspicious day, people gather around to apply colour and mark the beginning of spring. Sweets are exchanged and there is happiness galores! Each festival, including Holi, not only brings with it a lot of merriment but also important life lessons. Not to […]

low-risk-appetite-invest-in-bond funds

Low Risk Appetite? Have You Invested in Corporate Bond Funds Yet?

by Disha Jhawar • March 14, 2019

Any company has two ways to raise money for their day to day operations and future expansions – debt and equity investment. Equity investment means diluting the present holding of the company by expanding its shareholder’s base. Debt, on the other hand is considered to be a safer option as it doesn’t affect the shareholders […]

low-risk-appetite-invest-in-bond funds

How to Add Biller Through Kotak Bank

by Nyrika Roy • March 14, 2019

Adding the Biller for starting SIP in Mutual Funds Adding a biller is a compulsory step to successfully starting SIP online on Groww. Once you’ve made the initial payment, your first SIP installment has been paid successfully. To ensure that the next SIPs get auto-debited every month, you will need to set up a biller. Setting […]

Benefits, types and best debit cards

Debit Card: Benefits, Types, Best Debit Cards and More

by Mridul Agrawal • March 7, 2019

Debit card is a popular type of money that many of us carry with us. As digitization has increased rapidly over the past few years, plastic and electronic money have become very famous. Debit card is one of the most popular and widely used forms of plastic money. In this article, we will cover the […]

direct stocks vs mutual funds

5 reasons why investing in mutual funds can make you richer than investing in direct stocks

by Groww • September 18, 2018

How is investing in stocks different from investing in mutual funds? This is one question a lot of us ask. If you decide to invest in equity that would be with the aim of churning out higher returns over a long term. This could either be via direct investment in stocks or mutual funds (MF). […]

Why Are ESOPs Not Great Investment Options?

by Sugam Singla • July 23, 2018

Let’s start with a story. Abhishek has just joined Wipro as an IT professional. His CTC (Cost-To-Company) was 13 lakh,  with 8 lakh in-hand. He received 2 lakhs as ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), which was a joining bonus and 3 lakh as a one-year bonus, again in the form of ESOPs. Abhishek works hard […]

Real Estate vs Mutual Funds: Which is Better? The Answer May Surprise You

by Pijush Biswas • May 22, 2018

Many investors, especially the new ones are lost in this common question: mutual funds or real estate – which is better? Real estate had always in demand and historically, the prices had been going up sharply. Between 2000 and 2010, the prices hardly ever went down. This changed around 2011 when property rates stopped climbing […]

gold mutual funds

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Gold Coins Online | There Is A Better Way

by Sangam Sharma • October 16, 2017

We Indians love Gold. And this is the time of the year when we flock to the nearest gold jeweler to buy Gold. However, lately buying online Gold has also become very popular. While there is a lot of selection process involved in buying Gold Jewellery, buying Gold Coins is relatively easier. You can now […]

fixed deposits mutual funds

How to Remove Money from FD and Invest in Mutual Funds

by Groww Staff • October 4, 2017

If you are a basic investor seeking ways to secure a steady income from investment opportunities, you will have already met with your banker, possibly with a money manager too and read up daily business news. There are two safe alternatives for investment that don’t require you constantly looking up the daily price of a […]

investment options

What are Investment Options for the Beginners

by Sangam Sharma • September 15, 2017

A different form of stress comes with the completion of an educational degree. Most graduates in professionals streams look towards a good job as the ultimate reward for their efforts. Landing a plum job in a reputed multinational company is a dream of many graduates and postgraduates across the country. It is often the first […]


Why Should You Invest in Mutual Funds Instead of Fixed Deposits

by Tushar Sharma • August 18, 2017

In an earlier article, I talked about how investing in mutual funds is still a better choice than fixed deposits. Just to summarise, mutual funds in comparison to the fixed deposits provide better returns, they are more flexible with tax exemptions, provide easy withdrawal, purchasing options and much more. Whereas on the other hand, there’s […]

Mutual funds

Mutual Funds vs Stocks: Where Should I Invest?

by Adity Bera • August 16, 2017

One of the habitually asked questions by an investor while making an investment is the difference between investing in stock and mutual funds. Both mutual funds and stocks are beneficial in their own way and it entirely depends on the investor to what type of gains he is looking forward to and what amount of […]

ULIP V/S Mutual Funds – Where To Invest?

by Tushar Sharma • August 1, 2017

ULIPs or Unit Linked Insurance Plan is another investment instrument where a part of the investment goes to the insurance or life coverage and the remaining to equity or debt investments. An investor has an option to either invest in a debt fund or an equity fund, depending on their risk appetite. For example, an […]

PPF vs Mutual Fund

PPF vs Mutual Fund – Which one to choose? Comparison of PPF with various types of Funds

by Rohit Mishra • July 12, 2017

Provident Fund(PF), EPF(Employee Provident Fund), NSC( National Saving Scheme) and SCSS(Senior Citizens Savings Scheme) are the most popular saving instruments with guaranteed returns. However, there is a lot of confusions as to which option is better- PPF vs Mutual Funds A senior citizen having a huge corpus (retirement lump sum) to either invest in PPF or go […]