What Are The Key Measures of Market Volatility?

by Niraj • June 25, 2018

The equity market is driven by multiple factors such as technical, behavioral and fundamental. While fundamental investors are rewarded over the long-term, the traders, speculators, and other market participants impact the market over a short term. In addition, the market volatility is also caused because of macroeconomic development, geopolitical tension, and many other factors. How […]

3 Mutual Fund Investing Strategies You Can Use in the Current Market Conditions

by Shikhar Singh • March 29, 2018

The markets are down by nearly 10% since the peak that was touched in late January 2018. Many investors saw the value of their investments reduce over the last 2 months. In these uncertain conditions, many investors find it hard to start investments. Let us look at some strategies that you can adopt when faced […]

right time to invest lump sum

Should I Invest Lump-Sum Right Now?

by Mridul Agrawal • February 14, 2018

The Sensex has corrected more than a 1000 points since the Budget of 2018 re-introduced Long-term Capital Gains tax. To add to that, the global markets corrected sharply around the same time too.Should you invest lump-sum right now? Read more: Budget 2018-19: Why the Past Week Should not Cause Panic. The LTCG tax was imposed on […]

mutual fund apps online

Is It Safe to Invest Through Mutual Fund Apps?

by Shikhar Singh • September 20, 2017

Traditionally, people used to invest in mutual funds via distributors. Now, there are many online options. Traditional Approach The traditional approach has been of investing via distributors. Distributors are scattered all over the country. To invest, you will have to visit these distributors physically. Upon selection of a mutual fund type, you will be required […]

dividend mutual fund vs systematic withdrawal plan swp

Dividend Mutual Fund vs Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)

by Shikhar Singh • September 4, 2017

Do you have a lump sum amount of money? And do you use a small part of this money on a regular basis? If yes, then obviously you haven’t used that money to invest at all. There is a way to easily invest that money and still have a regular income every month. There are […]

invest india

Why Should NRIs Invest in India?

by Shikhar Singh • August 23, 2017

The world economy isn’t doing particularly well. The USA, after suffering from the dot com bubble of 2000 and the real estate disaster of 2008 is still reeling from the effects of those storms. The Eurozone, hit by the Greek crisis, Brexit, and the refugees from the middle-east is struggling too. Japan, with its aging […]

Achieve Financial Independence: Start Planning Now

by Shikhar Singh • August 14, 2017

On your commute to the office, have you wished for a time when you could just skip work? You might have even fantasized of a future where your imagination wasn’t limited by the daily grind of office. Well, you can skip office. But you’ll have to achieve financial independence first. What is Financial Independence? Financial independence […]

SIP vs lump sum

SIP vs Lump Sum: How Should You Invest?

by Shikhar Singh • August 8, 2017

SIP vs lump sum, which is better? Has this question been bothering you? Understanding how to invest via SIP and via lump sum will help you understand which option is better for you.   SIP vs Lump Sum   If you have a regular income and are able to save some money, opt for SIP. […]