Income tax deductions FY'18

Detailed Guide to Income Tax in India- Slabs Rates, Deduction and Exemptions for the year FY 2018-19

by Pijush Biswas • January 24, 2019

Income tax is that part of your income that you pay to the government of India to fund for the infrastructural development in the country and pay a salary of those who are employed by the state or central government. All taxes are levied based on the passing of a law in parliament, and the […]

First Job? High Salary? Here come the taxes!

First Job? High Salary? Here come the taxes!

by Ankit Jain • January 20, 2019

Every individual including the salaried people like us have to pay taxes on the salary that we earn. But of course, you know that. But what we don’t know is how to manage our finances once tax slab kicks in. Sources of Income It is important for us to note that first of all, we […]