multibagger stocks

Multibaggers stocks held by ace investors & should you buy?

by Niraj • January 27, 2019

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Dolly Khanna are well-known market investors. The duo has created massive wealth from the stock market and is considered to be master in picking up multi-bagger stocks. Word of caution Blindly following stock picks by big investors is not a wise thing to do. Here are some stocks held by ace investors: […]

Sun Pharma share: the sector leading bluechip company

by Rahul Chokhani • January 24, 2019

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is the fifth largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company in the world providing high-quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in over 150 countries. It is also the largest Indian pharma company by revenues and market capitalization. In India, the Company enjoys leadership across 13 different classes of doctors with 32 […]

Is your portfolio suffering a loss?

Your Portfolio Is Suffering a Loss? Here’s What You Should Do

by Subham Sharma • January 22, 2019

Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin in case of any game. Similar is the case of gaining and losing while dealing in markets. This is because there is always an element of risk associated while investing in stock markets. While markets might turn enemy for us in the short term, it […]

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HUL Hindustan Unilever Ltd: you almost definitely use their products

by Subham Sharma • January 22, 2019

HUL is a brand which touches the lives of 2 out of every 3 Indians. HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) has forayed into every daily need possible for a consumer. It has excelled in not just providing the products for the consumers but in that quest delivered exceptional and consistent returns for its shareholders as well. […]

5 reasons why you must invest in the stock markets

by Richa Sharma • January 21, 2019

Despite the ups and downs of the Indian economy, the stock market has consistently proven to be a good place to invest your money. Your regular savings won’t do much if you leave them in the low-risk investment options. Without taking advantage of the stock market, saving for lofty goals becomes hard, if not impossible […]

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UPL Limited: secret sauce of its glory

by Ritika Relwani • January 21, 2019

UPL’s $4.2-billion buyout of Arysta LifeSciences — a company almost its own size — from Platform Specialty Products is transformational. It could potentially throw up $5 billion in combined revenues and $1.2-billion annual Ebitda. UPL is an Indian company only in name and headquarters. It’s actually one of the biggest homegrown MNCs. Today, UPL is […]

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What is trading? How much can you earn by trading ?

by Richa Sharma • January 19, 2019

Are you familiar with the term trading? Most of us have done trade in our everyday life, although we may not even know that we have done so. To put in a simple way, everything you buy in a departmental store is trading money for the goods and services you want. But do you know […]

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5 stocks for beginners: start with stable shares

by Niraj • January 18, 2019

Are you new to stocks and are looking to know which are the best stocks for beginners? Read on! In today’s evolving world every penny counts. Amidst this, the capital market has opened an avenue for the building of greater wealth. A new investor is likely to lose wealth if proper research and strategy are […]

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ITC Limited: the share that is respected by fund managers

by Mridul Agrawal • January 16, 2019

Indian Tobacco Company or ITC Limited is a household name in India. Products from ITC Limited touch our day to day lives in so many ways that it is difficult to have not come across this huge brand name. ITC is a 100+-year-old brand in India. This fact alone has got a lot to give […]

5 things to look out for when you're investing in dividend stocks

5 Things to Watch Out for While Investing in Dividend Paying Stocks

by Anirban Paul • January 14, 2019

Investors like Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban are usually the types who prefer stocks that pay dividends – the sum a company pays to its stockholders out of its profits, as a symbol of goodwill for holding stocks. There are many investors who usually focus on dividends as the sole metric for investing in a […]

TCS (Tata Consultancy): the $100 billion Indian IT behemoth

by Subham Sharma • January 13, 2019

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) has grown to proportions no other Indian IT company has reached. The entire investor community is aware of the fact that 2018 was a tumultuous year. However, this was not the case with the behemoth TCS. At a time when companies are struggling to get even positive revenues, TCS in the […]

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HDFC Bank: the only good banking stock?

by Ritika Relwani • January 12, 2019

HDFC Bank is one of those stocks that continued growing even after it attained a big size. Today the HDFC Bank share price still attracts investors due to the stability it offers. HDFC Bank share price HDFC Bank stock HDFC Bank share price: ₹2115 (11th Jan 2018) HDFC Bank: stock analysis The most distinguishing characteristic […]

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Who can invest in the Indian stock markets (eligibility)?

by Richa Sharma • January 10, 2019

The eligibility to invest in Indian stock markets is very easy to meet. Indian stock markets have evolved substantially in the last 20 years in terms of risk management, operations, penetration, etc. However, retail participation is still fairly low. But it is picking up through the equity mutual funds route and by educating the young […]

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RCom (Reliance Comm): major player to deep in debt

by Mridul Agrawal • January 9, 2019

RCom or Reliance Communications is one of the big brands under the Reliance umbrella. It was founded in 2002 and is being led by Anil Ambani at present. This company has gone through a roller coaster journey with its own share of ups and downs. Within a span of 15 years since its inception, the […]

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PC Jewellers: what is happening to this stock?

by Ritika Relwani • January 9, 2019

The company PC Jewellers has been very frequently mentioned in the news of late. It is believed that understanding fundamentals is very important, else you will definitely enjoy the roller coaster ride. Investors holding their investment in PC Jeweler will understand this thought very well. This stock has lured many investors since it is the […]

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10 motivational quotes (explained) to make you a wealthy stock market investor

by Richa Sharma • January 7, 2019

There are many motivational quotes in the age of the internet. Love quotes, life quotes, inspirational quotes, and so on. But they are all generic and don’t mean much. Even more so for stock market investors. Move over quotes like ‘there is no substitute for hard work’, and ‘buy low, sell high’. Here are 10 […]

technical analysis tools for the stock market

Top 5 Technical Analysis Tools For the Stock Market

by Ankit Jain • January 7, 2019

Nowadays more and more Indians have started investing in the stock markets. Investing in the stock market and selecting the right stock or derivatives to be invested needs technical analysis. There are many technical analysis tools available, but the ones listed below are the best and can be used by an individual in deciding the […]

11 Things To Know Before Investing In the Stock Market (2019)

by Pijush Biswas • January 6, 2019

The lure of a big return on capital investments has always thrown investors into the lap of share markets. However, making money in equities is not easy. It requires not only oodles of patience and discipline, but a great deal of research and a sound understanding of the market , among other things. Added to […]

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Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL): from JIO to OIL

by Subham Sharma • January 5, 2019

Reliance is a name few in India would not know. Reliance Industries has touched the lives of most Indians in some way or the other. More recently with the introduction of the Jio 4G network, Reliance has changed the way Indians consume content. A company this influential to Indians and India is, of course, going […]

What Is DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and Why Is It Important?

What Is DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and Why Is It Important?

by Niraj • January 5, 2019

Discount Cash Flow analysis or DCF analysis as it is called is a method that is used to assess the present value of a company or its assets. The valuation is based on the amount of cash flows (read money) it can generate in the future. Assumptions in DCF The underlying assumption in DCF is […]