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Who can invest in the Indian stock markets (eligibility)?

by Richa Sharma • January 10, 2019

The eligibility to invest in Indian stock markets is very easy to meet. Indian stock markets have evolved substantially in the last 20 years in terms of risk management, operations, penetration etc. However, retail participation is still fairly low. But it is picking up through the equity mutual funds route and by educating the young […]

DHFL (Dewan Housing) share: how IL&FS took it down

by Rahul Chokhani • January 10, 2019

Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL) has recently been in the news. Its share price has been falling. The IL&FS fiasco is especially to blame for this. DHFL share price DHFL stock DHFL share price: ₹227 (9th January 2019) Why is DHFL share price falling? The Dewan Housing Finance stock fell up 44% in trade on […]

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RCom (Reliance Comm): major player to deep in debt

by Mridul Agrawal • January 9, 2019

RCom or Reliance Communications is one of the big brands under the Reliance umbrella. It was founded in 2002 and is being led by Anil Ambani at present. This company has gone through a roller coaster journey with its own share of ups and downs. Within a span of 15 years since its inception, the […]

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PC Jewellers: what is happening to this stock?

by Ritika Relwani • January 9, 2019

The company PC Jewellers has been very frequently mentioned in the news of late. It is believed that understanding fundamentals is very important, else you will definitely enjoy the roller coaster ride. Investors holding their investment in PC Jeweler will understand this thought very well. This stock has lured many investors since it is the […]

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10 motivational quotes (explained) to make you a wealthy stock market investor

by Richa Sharma • January 7, 2019

There are many motivational quotes in the age of the internet. Love quotes, life quotes, inspirational quotes, and so on. But they are all generic and don’t mean much. Even more so for stock market investors. Move over quotes like ‘there is no substitute for hard work’, and ‘buy low, sell high’. Here are 10 […]

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Top 5 Technical Analysis Tools For the Stock Market

by Ankit Jain • January 7, 2019

Nowadays more and more Indians have started investing in the stock markets. Investing in the stock market and selecting the right stock or derivatives to be invested needs technical analysis. There are many technical analysis tools available, but the ones listed below are the best and can be used by an individual in deciding the […]

11 Things To Know Before Investing In the Stock Market (2019)

by Pijush Biswas • January 6, 2019

The lure of a big return on capital investments has always thrown investors into the lap of share markets. However, making money in equities is not easy. It requires not only oodles of patience and discipline, but a great deal of research and a sound understanding of the market , among other things. Added to […]

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Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL): from JIO to OIL

by Subham Sharma • January 5, 2019

Reliance is a name few in India would not know. Reliance Industries has touched the lives of most Indians in some way or the other. More recently with the introduction of the Jio 4G network, Reliance has changed the way Indians consume content. A company this influential to Indians and India is, of course, going […]

What Is DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and Why Is It Important?

What Is DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and Why Is It Important?

by Niraj • January 5, 2019

Discount Cash Flow analysis or DCF analysis as it is called is a method that is used to assess the present value of a company or its assets. The valuation is based on the amount of cash flows (read money) it can generate in the future. Assumptions in DCF The underlying assumption in DCF is […]

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10 top losers 2018: time to invest in the stocks?

by Shikhar Singh • January 4, 2019

The 10 top losers of 2018 lost between 70% and a whopping 93% of their value. In a single year. That means, if you invested in the stock that made the least fall this year, you would have still lost 70% of your investment! The reason for this fall could be multiple. The year 2018 […]

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Yes Bank: meteoric rise, turbulent times & Yes Bank share

by Subham Sharma • January 1, 2019

Yes Bank has had one of the most unique and rapid growth stories. From being founded in 2004, to becoming the 4th largest private bank in India, Yes Bank has come a long way – very fast. The Yes Bank share too has done wonders for those who got on in early. But more recently, […]

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7 penny stocks that became multibagger stocks

by Shikhar Singh • December 31, 2018

Penny stocks are looked down upon by many investors. But there are penny stocks that turned out to multibagger stocks. Not just that, some of those penny stocks are now bluechip stocks! You might not even know – some of the big names you hear now were actually penny stocks at some point in time. […]

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Infosys Share: the co. that made employees millionaires

by Ritika Relwani • December 30, 2018

Infosys is probably the most famous IT company in India. In fact, Infosys is credited with having made Bengaluru India’s IT hub. And the Infosys share price is proof of how this company has fared through the years. Let us look deeper into what this company really is, the ups and downs it has been […]

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MRF Share: case study, share price, & future performance

by Subham Sharma • December 29, 2018

What if I tell you that had you invested INR 1 lakh in a particular stock in 2000, your current value would be roughly 1.4 crores. MRF share. Madras Rubber Factory. Everybody knows MRF share is the one that gave such crazy returns. Sounds unreal right? Yes, who would expect absolute returns of 13900 percent in […]

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How to invest in stocks? Step-by-step guide

by Shikhar Singh • December 28, 2018

This is becoming a very common question now – ‘how to invest in stocks?’ or ‘how to invest in the share market?’ This is mainly because of the increasing ease in investing. Needless to say, the much-improved internet penetration in India has also helped no doubt. Simply follow the below 4 steps and you can […]

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P E Ratio: Why you should always check the price to earnings ratio of a stock but never depend on it (Videos Included)

by Subham Sharma • December 25, 2018

P E ratio has come to become one of the most important metrics used when assessing the health of a stock. It is very important, no doubt. But depending on it alone can be a huge mistake. This is why you must understand what it exactly P/E ratio is, and how you should use it […]

Best banking stocks

Best Banking Sector Stocks of 2019

by Subham Sharma • December 17, 2018

The banking sector in India is reeling under serious stress of NPAs (Non-performing Assets) and more so because the NCLT resolution has seen the light of the day for only a handful of companies. There are growing challenges such as divergences of NPAs cropping up for some banks (Yes Bank) with regards to RBI’s regulations, […]


Should You Buy Stocks If You’re in Debt?

by Subham Sharma • December 10, 2018

Warren Buffett, the veteran value-investor in one of his recent interviews quoted that there are three ways (or rather three L’s) in which a person can go broke, which are Liquor, Ladies and Leverage. He also added the truth- the first two he just added because they start with L- its Leverage which is the […]

Disadvantages of direct stock purchase plans

Major Disadvantages of Direct Stock Purchase Plans

by Subham Sharma • December 10, 2018

How do you purchase stocks? Mostly through brokers, right? What if I say there is another way to purchase stocks that it does not involve brokers and thereby saves on the cost to invest in a particular organization. Yes, there exists an option and it is known as Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP). They are also […]

Best 10 stocks to invest in 2019

5 Best Stocks to Consider Investing in 2019

by Subham Sharma • December 1, 2018

Investing in stocks is not rocket science. However, people fear entering and putting their money into stock markets. Historical data and analysis have proved that investing in stock markets has yielded better results in the long term than other traditional instruments such as fixed deposits, monthly income schemes of post offices, Public Provident Funds (PPF), […]