market value vs intrinsic value of stocks

Difference Between Market Value and Intrinsic Value Of Stocks

by Devyani Mishra • January 18, 2020

Before choosing to invest in a company, basic parameters to check include the market price of a share and corresponding market capitalization of the company. Investors often go through other technical analysis variables, such as moving average lines, stock charts, etc. These figures gauge predictions regarding  stock market fluctuations, helping investors identify any external risks […]

dividend vs buyback

Dividend Vs Buyback – Which Is Better For Shareholders?

by Devyani Mishra • January 18, 2020

If you are new to the stock market and looking for best investment options to generate yields on total corpus amount, you should know about the multiple methods in which you can earn the same. Purchasing equity stocks can increase a shareholder’s wealth in two primary ways – dividends and stock buybacks.   Investors can choose […]

gainers and losers of stock market 2019

Top Gainers and Losers In The Stock Market : 2020

by Devyani Mishra • January 9, 2020

January is the best time to take stock of how the past year has been. People generally evaluate their personal, professional and financial lives on various parameters, which they have set for themselves. The year 2019 has closed at new highs, while moving from lows around budget and again in mid- year due to macro […]

economic moat

The Concept Of Economic Moat In Evaluating Stocks

by Devyani Mishra • January 1, 2020

The dictionary defines the word ‘moat’ as a “deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack “. In stock market investing, an economic moat is an important concept with none other than Warren Buffet as one of its strongest proponents. In fact, he […]

value vs growth investing

Growth vs Value Investing : Which is Better?

by Devyani Mishra • December 26, 2019

Picking up stocks in markets can be defined as more of an art than a science. The markets never move in a straight line and thus investors have to deploy different strategies for generating returns on their investments. Value investing and growth investing are the best-known approaches that fundamental investing entails. Each type has a […]


5 Things To Keep In Mind While Investing In IPOs In 2020

by Devyani Mishra • December 22, 2019

Ever so often companies require working capital to expand their business and diversify their product suite and IPO or initial public offering is a way to raise this capital from investors. By the sale of shares or equities, the capital raised is then utilized in business expansion, reducing or eliminating debts and facilitating easy trading […]

dividend stocks

5 Things to Watch Out for While Investing in Dividend Paying Stocks

by Devyani Mishra • December 21, 2019

Investors looking to create a steady source of income with a lower risk appetite prefer stocks that pay dividends- the sum a company pays to its shareholders, as a gesture of goodwill for holding an equity in the business. Certainly the prospects of getting a steady income from the stock market holds a high appeal  […]

5 Best High Dividend Paying Stocks in India – 2019

by Abhijeet Saha • December 17, 2019

When it comes to commonly used stock investing jargon; “ dividends” probably holds a top spot. If you are a novice investor who has just started understanding the markets, you might have heard about “ high dividend-paying companies” from your peers or in the news and are probably intrigued about it. Well, it’s time you […]

Intraday trading guide for beginners

Intraday Trading Guide For Beginners

by Niraj • December 3, 2019

Stock market trading requires you to make calculated moves, the ability to watch the market like a hawk and then take tough buy and sell decisions at the right time. If you are a stock market beginner looking to start intraday trading, we have compiled a mini guide for you that you can use to […]

Ujjivan SFB

The Ujjivan Small Finance Bank IPO ( Open Till 4th December)

by Devyani Mishra • December 3, 2019

Subsidiary of Ujjivan Financial Services, Ujjivan Small Finance Banks’s initial public offering is now open for subscription, with the issue closing on 4th December. In FY 2019-20 this is the 12th company launching mainboard IPO. In this blog, I will cover the important aspects of this IPO that will help you make a call, read […]

What is the right time to exit a stock

What is the Right Time to Exit a Stock

by Devyani Mishra • November 15, 2019

What is the best time to exit from a stock? How do I identify the right time to sell? How do I deal with the fear of missing out? What if the scrip goes up after I sell?  The questions hounding retail investors are endless and very legitimate. If you are in a similar boat, […]

Swot analysis

How To Do A SWOT Analysis For Stocks

by Devyani Mishra • November 13, 2019

Investing in the stock market can be an extremely rewarding activity provided you base your decisions on the fundamentals. This essentially means evaluating a company on the basis of its strengths, weaknesses and future caliber before buying its stock. While there are many tools to assess a company, a SWOT analysis is a well-known method […]

Where Does Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Invest His Money?

by Niraj • November 8, 2019

If you are a stock market enthusiast, the likelihood of you not knowing who Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is as slim as a Bollywood buff not knowing who Sharukh Khan is. And, if you don’t know who he is, I am sure after this blog you would go binge surfing about this market maverick.  Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a […]

How to identify multibagger

How to Identify Multibagger Stocks in India

by Devyani Mishra • November 8, 2019

“Make Rs 1.5 Crore with just Rs 10,000”. Crazy isn’t it? All of us have come across such clickbaity pieces on the internet and are probably guilty of clicking on them. More often than not these turn out to be “get rich quick” Ponzi schemes that all of us have been warned about by our […]

Interesting facts about the stock market

7 Interesting Facts About the Stock Market

by Niraj • November 1, 2019

The stock market is a fascinating place. Many men have tried to decode its workings, tried predicting its unpredictable moods, gained a lot and lost a lot too. This fickleness adds to the charm of the stock market, where millions of investors flock to daily, aspiring to make a fortune. Let’s see some lesser-known ” […]

Stock Trading mistakes to avoid

Top 10 Trading Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

by Devyani Mishra • October 14, 2019

The stock market seldom moves in a linear fashion. The Indian share market, lately, has seen periods of volatility which have left traders in jitters over the performance of their investments. With the share market witnessing negative trading activities, many traders have proceeded to make investment decisions in a hurry and ended up incurring substantial […]

cyclical stocks

All About Cyclical Stocks : Cyclical Sectors And Their Top Picks

by Richa Sharma • August 30, 2019

Have you ever tried a roller-coaster ride? You feel good while going up. But as it comes down at a faster pace, you experience panic and fear. In a similar fashion, the occurrence of ups and downs in an economy over a period of time is known as the economic/business cycle. These cycles of an economy […]

Delivery Vs Intraday Trading : Which One Is Right For You?

by Niraj • August 5, 2019

In the stock market, every individual dreams of cracking the mantra of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala but only a few actually manage to do so. There is no rocket science behind understanding the fundamentals of a company, what matters is persistence. Investors such as Jhunjhunwala or Warren Buffet are known for their stickiness. These investors have not […]

Understanding Fundamental and Technical Analysis

by Niraj • August 5, 2019

When approaching investments in the capital market, two methods are prevalent – fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Which is better – Fundamental Analysis or. Technical Analysis? Which one to go for? Do you read charts and believe in them for investing? Do you make an investment decision based on Financials, Growth, and EPS? Is the […]

income value and growth stocks

Top 3 Stocks in Each Category to Look Out for 2019

by Richa Sharma • July 31, 2019

Investors in the stock market invest typically for one of two reasons: They believe that the price will rise and allow them to sell the stock at a profit, or they intend to collect the dividends paid on the stock as investment income. But there are some stocks that can satisfy both objectives, at least to some […]