why do stock prices change

Delta Corp and Upper Circuit – What Does it Mean?

by Bavadharini KS • October 12, 2021

Delta Corp, a gaming and hospitality company, today (October 12, 2021) surged over 12% during the intra-day trade. This is on the back of the company’s corporate earnings where Delta Corp is reported to have narrowed its loss in 2QFY22.  As per media reports, Delta Corp’s management is confident to surpass the pre-pandemic revenue in […]

How to Invest in US Stocks via Mutual Funds?

by Bavadharini KS • October 8, 2021

Indian investors are looking to invest in international markets for earning a higher return on their investments. In fact, the S&P 500 index increased by over 200% in the past 10 years, while the S&P BSE Sensex nearly doubled during this period.  The primary Wall Street indices – Dow Jones (DJI), Nasdaq (IXIC), and the […]

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What is Rights Entitlement? All you Need to Know

by Bavadharini KS • October 8, 2021

Rights Entitlement of shares is a relatively new entrant in the stock market. Last year, SEBI, the market regulator, made buying and selling of Rights Entitlements (REs) easy and simple through electronic credit. If not for this, shareholders had to submit physical application forms to apply for Rights Issues. The online credit of REs came […]

What is Driving Titan’s Share Price?

by Bavadharini KS • October 8, 2021

Recently Titan became the second tata-group company to reach the Rs 2 lakh crore market capitalisation, second only to the IT behemoth, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) which sits at Rs 13 lakh crore market cap. More than 90% of the company’s stores are now operations that bode very well for the upcoming festive season, lower […]

What is Behind the Sobha Share Price Rally?

by Bavadharini KS • October 7, 2021

Sobha share price has been inching up in the past week up to October 8, 2021, gaining nearly 10%. On Thursday alone, the share rose little over 15% on the back of good sales growth (volume and value) recorded by the company during the September quarter of FY22 (Q2FY22). And in the past month, Sobha‘s […]

why do stock prices change

How to Determine What Stocks to Buy?

by Bavadharini KS • October 6, 2021

Given the diverse range of stocks available in the market, it is challenging to select shares to buy that suit one’s investment needs. Moreover, it is often challenging to skim through financial statements to identify which companies have a solid revenue and profits growth and a favourable debt position. That said, there are a few […]

How are Stock Prices Determined?

by Bavadharini KS • October 5, 2021

Joe is a first-time investor. He earned his first-month salary and decided to invest in the stock of XY company which into logistics. He started small, and parked Rs 500 and bought 50 shares. He did look at the financials of the company before investing and the company seemed fine. This was in January 2020.  […]

What is Behind Divi’s Laboratories Stock Surge?

by Bavadharini KS • October 4, 2021

Divi’s Lab share price hit a record high of Rs 5,313 per share on the BSE on Monday (October 4, 2021), surging as much as 10% in the intra-day trade.  Here is what is behind the rally. API manufacturing prospects Divi’s Laboratories is among the top manufacturers of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) in the country. […]

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Why are Power Stocks on the Rise?

by Revati Krishna • September 29, 2021

Indian power and energy stocks are on the buzz in the recent weeks, inching upwards, and today (29 September 2021) BSE Energy Index hit an all-time high this year (52-week high), 8013.16 points for the first time. It continues to inch up despite the volatile market conditions. The rally was led by heavyweight Reliance Industries […]

How to make money in stocks

How to Make Money in Stock Market

by Sangam Sharma • August 10, 2021

If the question ever arose to you, which we are positive would have. “Does investing in stocks make money?” The answer to this is a big yes! The stock market’s returns are much more than what you can find in a bank account or bond. But starting off on how to make money through stocks, […]

What Happens If Stockbroker Shuts Down?

by Revati Krishna • July 13, 2021

Let’s start with an assurance to the question ‘What happens if a stockbroker goes bust in India?’ Your capital or funds are safe in a practical manner of speaking. It is not as if the stockbroker can take your money. For instance, when Harshad Mehta was found guilty, his Grow More Research and Asset Management […]

Factors Influencing Foreign Exchange Rates?

by Revati Krishna • June 24, 2021

Trading one currency for another is called foreign exchange (forex). For instance, you can trade Rs 5,000 for its equivalent in US dollars if you need the latter (for travel to the US, for example). What Is A Foreign Exchange Rate? The forex rate is the rate at which a currency is exchanged. For example, […]

How do Indian Companies List on Foreign Exchanges?

by Revati Krishna • June 24, 2021

To boost the Indian economy, the Central government has allowed direct listing of Indian companies in foreign exchanges. However, before the listing happens, a few things have to be taken care of, like the amendment of Section 23 of the Companies Act 2013. Moreover, the companies need to meet specific criteria to get directly enlisted […]

How to Manage Fear and Greed in Trading

by Revati Krishna • June 15, 2021

Fear and greed are often recognized as two key drivers of financial markets. While this is undoubtedly an oversimplification, fear and greed play a vital role in the psychology of trading. Learning when to embrace and control these emotions is the only thing that draws a line between a successful trading career and a short-lived […]

History of Stock Market Crashes In India – Known And Unknown

by Revati Krishna • June 4, 2021

The stock market is a volatile place. Hence, there have been times when markets have crashed and caused losses to investors within no time. A crash is usually defined as a rapid double-digit fall in indices. While the markets have always recovered, sometimes, the impact of a crash has lasted for years.  Today, we are […]

When is the Right Time to Invest in Stocks

by Revati Krishna • June 1, 2021

Most investors face a constant dilemma when they think about investing in stocks. One of the primary questions in their minds is – Is this the right time to invest in the stock market? A simple answer to this question is that there is no ideal time to start investing in stocks. As Warren Buffett […]

How to Use Moving Average in Trading

by Revati Krishna • May 27, 2021

Moving average (MA) is a calculation where multiple averages are created using data subsets of a whole data set to identify and analyze trends. In the stock market, it is used as a technical indicator to plot future stock price trends. The most common moving averages are the 15-, 20-, 30-, 50-, 100-, and the […]

How to Use Volume in Trading?

by Revati Krishna • May 25, 2021

Technical analysts use past trading activity to make predictions about a stock’s future price movements. Volume is one of the metrics used in the technical analysis of stocks. Seasoned traders understand how to use volume in intraday trading.  Read on to find out more on how to use volume in trading. What is Volume in […]

Interesting Movies & Web-Series on Stock Markets

by Revati Krishna • May 24, 2021

Stock markets are interesting in more ways than one. It has been incarnated in the motion picture world many times in the past few years. With the help of such movies, we have witnessed not just the technicalities, but also the grief, complexity, scams, loopholes, and a host of human feelings that come along while being […]

How to Find Undervalued Stocks in India?

by Revati Krishna • May 5, 2021

Undervalued stocks are shares with a market price significantly lower than what their actual value should be. The value of a company is based on certain fundamental financial indicators, such as its cash flow, profits, return on assets, liabilities, etc.  For various reasons, the market price of a share may not accurately indicate the current […]