10 Rules for Planning a Child’s Future

by Niraj • June 25, 2018

An individual should have a well-defined and well-thought plan for his/her child’s future. Right from education, marriage and risk coverage, everything must be well planned. While every parent starts worrying about their child from an early age, not many actually do something about it.  Here we present to you ten basic rules that will help […]

Systematic investment plan

9 Reasons Why SIP Investment Is the Best Way to Invest

by Shikhar Singh • February 3, 2018

Investing in mutual funds using a systematic investment plan or SIP has become very popular. To know why it is such an effective method to invest in mutual funds, read on! What is Systematic Investment Plan or SIP? Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a method of investing money in mutual funds. The other way […]

nfo good to buy

NFO: Is it Good to Buy? Investing in NFO vs Existing Mutual Funds

by Ankit Jain • January 11, 2018

In recent times, new mutual funds, or NFOs have flooded the markets. So, is it good to buy NFO or should you go with time-proven existing mutual funds? Should You Invest in NFO? Reasons for not Investing Following are the reasons: These NFOs have no proven track record. There are many older funds in the market […]

systematic transfer plan

Just Sold Your ESOPs? How To Invest Large Amount In Mutual Funds?

by Sangam Sharma • December 13, 2017

Employees making money through ESOPs is very rare in India. Unlike in the United States, startup employees rarely make money on ESOPs. However, there are two large exceptions – Infosys and Flipkart. Both the companies are a perfect role model of how hard-working early employees shall be rewarded. Liquidating (selling) your ESOPs would give one […]

has anybody lost money in mutual funds

Has Anybody Lost Money In Mutual Funds – Answer On Quora

by Sangam Sharma • December 13, 2017

Answer on Quora to “Has anybody lot money in Mutual Funds”: Invest wisely. Read Sangam Sharma's answer to Has anybody lost money in mutual funds? on Quora


How to Add a Nominee to an Existing Folio?

by Amritha Pallath • October 16, 2017

While investing in mutual funds, one can authorize a person to whom the mutual funds will be transferred to in the event of his death. This person is called a nominee. If you already have a folio but there is no nominee updated for it, we can get it updated. The steps are as mentioned […]

How to Update Bank Details in an Existing Folio?

by Amritha Pallath • October 16, 2017

One of our users on Groww recently asked about getting his bank details updated for an existing folio. You can get your account created on Groww in less than 2 minutes. You can get your bank details updated for 2 scenarios. First, if you want to change the current bank that you are using. Second, […]

How to Move Your Existing Investments to Groww?

by Amritha Pallath • October 16, 2017

Want to track all your investments on a single platform? Don’t worry! We can move all your existing investments to Groww. Moving your existing investments is very simple. Request a consolidated account statement of your investments from and forward it to along with the password you chose. Make sure you have selected the option – ‘Detailed‘. The […]

SIP questions

I Want to Invest a Sum of 2000 in an Equity Oriented Fund Through SIP. Please Suggest in Which Scheme Should Invest?

by Shikhar Singh • August 31, 2017

Congrats on the excellent decision of starting SIP. Small savings can have a big advantage in the long run. There are two steps you should take to choose the right funds for your investment needs. 1. Choose the right category of Mutual Funds – Based on your investment horizon, risk appetite and returns expectations your answer […]

SIP Returns

How are Returns Calculated in SIP?

by Adity Bera • August 30, 2017

Your high school mathematics needs to be good while calculating SIP returns on your own. If you are investing in your SIP mutual fund scheme on a regular basis, like every month, then you might also need some effective tool for calculating your long-term returns over your investment. An SIP investment occurs on some particular […]

what is mutual fund elss

What should be my portfolio of mutual funds for an SIP of Rs. 15000?

by Harsh Jain • August 23, 2017

It’s important to have the portfolio aligned with your investment goals. The goals need not be as specific as buying a house or going on a world tour. It can be to create wealth in long term or invest with high liquidity etc. For building a perfect portfolio consider the following – Investment goals – […]

What are the best mutual funds for investing Rs 1 lakh?

by Harsh Jain • August 23, 2017

The best mutual funds depend on how long are you willing to hold the investments and how much risk you are able to stomach. Best Mutual Funds First, you need to identify the category of Mutual Funds suitable for your investment needs. According to the table, identify the right category. Second, you need to pick […]

top 10

Best10 Mutual Fund Houses in India

by Shikhar Singh • August 17, 2017

Mutual funds in India off late have become very popular. In fact, the AUM has been consistently rising for the past 5 years. Increased awareness, desire to invest in equity markets safely, stagnated growth of gold prices, and a few other factors have resulted in more people exploring the mutual fund option. Here is a […]

sip taxable

Currently I Am Earning 55,000 per Month in a Central Government Job. How Should I Smartly Invest My Money for the Long Term?

by Ishan Bansal • August 16, 2017

Let’s take it from your salary. Salary: 55,000 per month (Assuming this is in hand) Monthly Savings: ~Rs. 25k (if it’s less try to save more) Let’s do some quick maths Monthly Investment: 25,000 (55k – 30k expenses) Time Period: 20 years Based on the below chart, you can get ~16% if you invest in equities. Assuming 16% monthly […]

If I Invest in a Debt Fund(Long Term-Growth Plan in India) and Do Not Redeem It at All, Is There Any Tax Obligation Then?

by Groww Staff • August 16, 2017

Unlike FDs, there is no tax liability on capital gains in debt mutual funds until you redeem it. However, the tax liability for debt mutual funds are little complicated as it includes indexation. How Does Indexation works? Indexation is nothing but adjustment of your purchase price with respect to inflation. It means that if you […]

SIP questions

13 Things You Need To Know About SIP (Systematic Investment Plans)

by Shikhar Singh • August 11, 2017

There are many misconceptions about SIP. Below are a few questions that aim at addressing your doubts about SIP:   1. What is SIP? SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. SIP is an organised way of investing regularly in a mutual fund. Many times we don’t have large amounts of money to invest. When you […]

I have 2 crore rupees and a family to take care of. What is the best way to invest the money where I could get a monthly return of at least 75k as I don't have a job and I need to take care of my family?

by Shikhar Singh • August 9, 2017

Investment Options: Debt (Giving Loan) Saving Account: Very Low Returns FD/RD: Fixed Maturity Bonds: Not very liquid Debt Mutual Funds: Lower Returns than Equities Equity (Buying Shares) Stocks: Very Risky Equity Mutual Funds: Risky is short-term Alternatives (Others) Gold: Low Returns Real Estate: No liquidity Things that are certain here are: Returns: 75k per month (1 […]

SIP vs lump sum

SIP vs Lump Sum: How Should You Invest?

by Shikhar Singh • August 8, 2017

SIP vs lump sum, which is better? Has this question been bothering you? Understanding how to invest via SIP and via lump sum will help you understand which option is better for you.   SIP vs Lump Sum   If you have a regular income and are able to save some money, opt for SIP. […]

systematic withdrawal plans swp

What is SWP or Systematic Withdrawal Plan?

by Shikhar Singh • August 8, 2017

SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) is the lesser known twin of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). SIPs have gained immense popularity in India in recent times. SWPs does the reverse of what SIP.   What is SWP?   Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWP), allows you to withdraw a fixed amount of money from a mutual fund at a […]

right time to invest in mutual funds

Why You Don't Need a Demat Account to Invest in Mutual Funds

by Shikhar Singh • August 8, 2017

No. You do not need a demat account to invest in mutual funds. There are several ways to invest in mutual funds. Ways to Invest in Mutual Funds Broker on the Stock Exchange: This is the demat way. For people who invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other such similar instruments, it is convenient to be […]