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All You Need to Know About Deposit Insurance for Fixed Deposit

by Revati Krishna • October 13, 2021

Fixed deposits are often considered a savings instrument option for many. Investors deposit a lump sum amount into an FD account, and they get a fixed rate of interest for the duration of the investment. Bank FDs are considered to be among the safest forms of investment options when it comes to the safety of […]

Bank FD vs Savings account – Which is better?

by Bavadharini KS • October 13, 2021

For many, leaving the salary or income earned in a savings account seems to be the easy (for liquidity purposes) and risk-free option.  In most cases, the average return is close to 3.0-3.5% in a savings account. There are a few small finance banks that offer higher than average returns around 5%, but they require […]

Gold vs Silver: Which is Better as an Investment?

by Bavadharini KS • October 13, 2021

The investing world has a relatively soft corner for precious metals. And why not? Every time the world spun itself into a new crisis, these limited resources acted as a safety net, especially gold.  In 1991, when India arguably faced its biggest economic crisis, the yellow metal bailed the country out of it. In 2008, […]

FD vs Life Insurance Plans

by Revati Krishna • October 12, 2021

Traditional Indian wisdom dictates saving as the primary way for money management. Fixed deposits have been India’s go-to investment avenue for many years. Life insurance schemes on the other hand are ideal for providing financial security after the death of the policyholder.  Ideally, these two products should not be compared as the two serve very […]

What are the Investment options for pensioners and senior citizens?

by Bavadharini KS • October 11, 2021

Post-retirement, people often look to relax and take things slow; an aggressive investment strategy is the last of their approaches. Their focus is generally on maintaining the wealth they have accumulated and/or generating a regular income through investments. That is, investments that secure decent stable returns, liquidity, low-risk and safety often serves the purpose for them. Even […]

What Checks are Done for Car Finance?

by Bavadharini KS • October 11, 2021

Nowadays, auto markets offer attractive incentives to people for purchasing a vehicle. Be it a small car or a luxury one. There are, however, terms and conditions associated with these incentives. Let us first understand in detail what checks you need to pass for car finance in India.  Eligibility for vehicle finance Similar to home […]

What are the Ways to Buy Gold Coins in India?

by Bavadharini KS • October 7, 2021

Gold as an investment option is always favoured among Indians. Generally, it is believed that gold is the safest asset for investment as it is perceived that gold value appreciates. In markets like India Gold has high liquidity, which means that it can be converted to cash faster than most other assets. Is buying gold […]

How to Take Your Portfolio Global 

by Bavadharini KS • October 7, 2021

Investors must never underestimate the value of a well-diversified portfolio in any market scenario. When it comes to developing an investing plan that mitigates potential losses in a market, an old saying holds relevance even today – we should never put all of our eggs in one basket. As an investor, besides diversifying your portfolio […]

Plan to buy a house? Here are a few tips to save for down payment 

by Bavadharini KS • October 4, 2021

The first significant step toward purchasing a home is to save for a down payment. Putting money away clearly necessitates discipline and some serious thoughts should be put into the investment options to generate maximum returns. Whether you, as a home buyer, save those tens of thousands in a bank, a government bond, or the […]

Guide to Home Equity Loans: Pros and Cons and How to Get One

by Bavadharini KS • October 1, 2021

A home equity loan is a consumer debt taken for the purchase or renovation of a property. It may also be called an equity loan, a home equity instalment loan, or a second mortgage. Basically, it is a loan given by the financial institution against the appreciation in the market value of your property.  You […]

Pros and Cons of Bank Fixed Deposits 

by Bavadharini KS • September 29, 2021

Bank Fixed Deposits have been the best option for our parents and their ancestors when it comes to retirement or savings for the future. Over time, there have been various modifications in fixed deposit (FD) as an investment option, in terms of accessibility to the customers.  Here is a detailed analysis of the benefits and […]

REIT vs Physical Real Estate: Which is a Better Investment

by Revati Krishna • September 15, 2021

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are new asset classes that have hit the market in recent years, giving an opportunity for retail investors to gain exposure in real estate as an asset. As physical properties (commercial or residential) require a huge cash outflow, REITs can be relatively cheaper as an investment avenue. However, before investing […]

Liability Insurance: Everything you need to know

All You Need to Know About Liability Health Insurance Policy

by Niraj • September 7, 2021

No plan is ever safe. We all know that. You can come up with the best plan and a lot more backup plans – well, we all know plan B was always in the picture, and that is a given, isn’t it? This is when insurance comes into the picture. Since uncertainties always come along with […]

Personal Finance for Founders

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

by Lalit Keshre • September 5, 2021

Are you planning on starting a business? And if you are, you are most probably checking out every box. Or on the other hand, looking for every tiny bit of advice you can find. I believe it can also be a characteristic of stalling out of fear, and that is not a bad thing. Your […]

30 Things to Do to Build your Finances Before Turning 30

by Groww • September 4, 2021

What questions do you ask yourself when you are nearing 30? Or even better – thinking about turning 30. And these questions that we ask ourselves come either from the stalling or fearing the process of actually turning 30. I wonder, who even made it seem like thirty was a deadline?  Am I getting old? […]

Risk free investment options in india

Safe Investment Options in India

by Groww • August 26, 2021

When it comes to investing, most of them look for something that would be safe and reliable and keep them out of facing risks. Of course, this is natural. We all want to keep our hard-earned money safe and simultaneously have it grow. No one wants to let their money sit idle over time. Rather, […]

investment options

Best Investment Options in India

by Sangam Sharma • August 26, 2021

We all know that investment options for ourselves are quite an area of concern. But also, at the same time, a financially secure life must have money accumulation and returns that can make the future and your goals better. Also, it won’t always make sense to rely on savings alone, would it? There are plenty […]

Importance of diversification in investing

Importance of Diversification in Investing

by Groww • August 11, 2021

What is Diversification? Diversification is the technique of reducing risk by allocating investments among various financial instruments, industries, and other categories. Diversification aims at maximizing return through investments in different areas that react differently to changes in the market conditions. It does not always guarantee against the loss, but it does have the ability to […]

Financial planning for Beginners

Financial Planning for Beginners

by Sangam Sharma • August 10, 2021

Personal finance is not a mandatory subject in high schools and colleges, is it? And the lack of basic financial education leaves a lot of young adults clueless on how to manage the money, apply for credit, and stay out of debt. That is why you need a segment in your life that contributes to […]

How to Invest for Minor Child?

by Revati Krishna • July 8, 2021

One of the most important goals for parents is the financial security of their children. They wish that their children do not have any scarcity of money for health, education, marriage, or other needs. For this purpose, parents may either earmark funds for their children in their investment accounts or invest in the minor’s name […]