Personal Finance

How to Invest for Minor Child?

by Revati Krishna • July 8, 2021

One of the most important goals for parents is the financial security of their children. They wish that their children do not have any scarcity of money for health, education, marriage, or other needs. For this purpose, parents may either earmark funds for their children in their investment accounts or invest in the minor’s name […]

What are the fees to get a PAN CARD?

by Mridul Agrawal • June 25, 2021

Permanent Account Number or PAN is an identification number for taxpayers in India. It is a 10-digit number unique for each taxpayer in the country, assigned through a computer-based system. This number is used to pull all the tax-related information associated with a person from multiple sources.  Once you apply for a PAN, the Income […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About Investment Declaration

by Revati Krishna • June 11, 2021

We all understand the importance of paying taxes, but most of us tend to get nervous during the tax season, and understandably so. From paying our taxes to claiming deductions, tax benefits, and filing for returns, the starting of the financial year often gets the better of us. However, every single penny counts. Hence one […]

Financial Tips For Payday

by Revati Krishna • May 12, 2021

How soon after your salary is credited do you find yourself ‘broke’? Salary day is one of the most awaited days. However, this is also when one might tend to overspend, putting their financial plan in disarray. With various online stores offering payday discounts, there is no dearth of lucrative options to splurge your hard-earned […]

RBI Monetary policy highlights

RBI Monetary Policy : Key Highlights

by Revati Krishna • February 5, 2021

The Reserve Bank of India left the repo rate unchanged at 4% in its monetary policy committee meeting. The MPC maintains an accommodative stance. This was the second MPC meeting of the financial year 2021-22. The repo rate has remained at 4% since the April 2019 MPC meeting. Other quick highlights: The RBI aims to […]

Budget 2021 Highlights: Top 10 Takeaways

by Revati Krishna • February 1, 2021

The Union Budget 2021, third for Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, was presented in the Parliament on February 1, 2021, between 11.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. This was the first digital-only budget for India. There were no changes announced in income tax slabs as was being expected by many before the budget. Healthcare sector has been […]

Budget 2021 Expectations

Union Budget 2021: Live Updates

by Revati Krishna • February 1, 2021

The Union Budget 2021 is presented by the finance minister of the ruling government on February 1. The budget is a document that lays out the expenditure and income plan of the government for the upcoming financial year. It lays out the policies. This year the budget will be presented by Ms Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s […]

Budget 2021: Difference Between Direct and Indirect Taxes

by Devyani Mishra • February 1, 2021

Revenue from tax collection is one of the largest and most critical sources of revenue for the government of India. The magnitude of government expenditure, allocation of expenditure to various sectors, the fiscal deficit and many other decisions depend on the government’s estimate of the revenue from tax (both direct as well as indirect) collection. […]

budget 2021 glossary-key terms explained

Budget 2021 Glossary : Key Terms To Know About The Budget

by Devyani Mishra • January 30, 2021

The much awaited Union Budget 2021 will be presented on Feb 1 , 2021. To help you understand the budget better, we have compiled a list of frequently used financial terms that you can expect to hear during the budget to help you understand the announcements better. Read on! Union Budget Here is the definition […]

Economic Survey of India

Budget 2021: Economic Survey and Its Highlights

by Devyani Mishra • January 29, 2021

The Economic Survey of India is a detailed report of the performance of India’s economy during the last year. It analyses the progress of the economy over the last year. The Survey offers a bird’s eye view of the major economic developments during the year and highlights the challenges that lie ahead. This is usually […]

Concept Of Fiscal Deficit

Budget 2021: Understanding the Concept of Fiscal Deficit

by Devyani Mishra • January 29, 2021

In India, February is the time of the year when the Government announces the annual budget for the country. A country’s budget includes a lot of things that may not be applicable to retail investors.  However, as a responsible investor, understanding the crucial aspects of the budget is important to know the direction in which […]

Budget 2021 Expectations

Budget 2021 Expectations

by Devyani Mishra • January 29, 2021

As we come close to the first month of the hopeful year that 2021 is, there is a lot of anticipation and speculation around the Indian budget of 2021. Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister, shall present the Union Budget on February 1, 2021. After COVID-19 put the economy to a sudden halt for a part of 2020, all […]

6 Financial Resolutions for the New Year: 2021

by Devyani Mishra • December 31, 2020

Today is the last day of 2020 ; a year that has been difficult for us on multiple fronts. While most of us are ready with our list of resolutions to improve our physical, mental and professional well being, more often than not we leave out making financial resolutions and take unplanned wealth decisions. This […]

Debt funds vs fd

Debt Mutual Funds vs Fixed Deposits

by Devyani Mishra • November 6, 2020

Traditionally speaking, India as a nation has been on the fence about mutual funds for most of its history. From its inception in 1965 up until 1987, Assets under Management in the mutual fund industry grew from Rs. 25 crores to Rs. 4564 crore only. The economic upheavals of the past have, to some extent, […]

how to invest in FD

How to Invest in Fixed Deposits

by Devyani Mishra • November 3, 2020

Are you among those individuals who think investing in a fixed deposit is a safer and guaranteed way to generate income? If yes, then you are not wrong! This traditional investment option is popular for generating steady but assured returns. In fact, financial experts deem fixed deposits suitable for risk-averse individuals. It also comes in handy […]

Fixed Deposits vs Mutual Funds: A Comparative Analysis

by Devyani Mishra • October 21, 2020

Your money needs to work hard to make you more money, and there are no two ways about it. And when it comes to that, mutual funds vs fixed deposits has been a quandary like none other among Indians.  Perennially, Indians have vested their trust in fixed deposits, which prevalently speaks to the conservative mindset […]

indians Fixed deposits

Why Do Indians Prefer Fixed Deposits?

by Devyani Mishra • October 20, 2020

If you ask Indians where they park their excess funds, a majority will attest to opting for fixed deposit schemes. Here, making an FD investment is synonymous with financial maturity. If you have such an account, it can probably help you tide over periods of financial uncertainty. Fixed deposits are investments where individuals can park […]

10 steps to achieve financial freedom

Independence Day Special : 10 Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom

by Revati Krishna • August 14, 2020

Shahrukh Khan once said, “Don’t be a philosopher or a teacher without being rich. Money is significant — earn it when you can.” There have been contrasting opinions on how important is money, finances and everything that comes with it. While one side of the world  says money can’t buy you happiness, the other side […]

how to get out of debt trap

Stuck In Debt Trap? Know How To Escape It Smartly

by Revati Krishna • August 14, 2020

A  loan can work wonders for you, a misjudged debt can lead you into a trap. Simply put, a debt trap is a situation where debt is almost impossible to repay because of high-interest payments, lower finances and multiple loans resulting in multiple EMI payments. However, debt can be tackled smartly if you educate yourself […]

economic relief package

Nirmala Sitharaman’s Economic Relief Package : All Key Announcements

by Revati Krishna • May 13, 2020

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on 13th May 2020, announced “reform-driven” steps under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Scheme. Rs 20 lakh crore has been allocated by the government for this scheme as a relief package for the economic losses that the country had to bear due to coronavirus. All the announcements were made over a period […]