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Mutual Funds Inflows Rise From Smaller Cities

by Groww • March 14, 2018

Smaller cities invested a total of Rs 4.36 lakh crores in February 2018 in mutual funds. This figure is up by 41% when compared to February 2017. Total investments from the same small cities and town was Rs 3.08 lakh crore in February 2017. These investments are from B15 cities. B15 stands for beyond the top 15 […]

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Adhar Bank Account Linking Postponed

by Groww • March 13, 2018

The March 31st deadline to link bank accounts with the Adhar card has been extended again. The extension is indefinite – which means there is no deadline by which the accounts need to be linked for now. The deadline to link mobile phone numbers with Adhar card has also been extended indefinitely. The court added […]

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India's Retail Inflation Eases

by Groww • March 12, 2018

India’s retail inflation eased last month. February 2018 inflation rate is 4.4% The estimate for the month was 4.7% but the inflation managed to beat the estimate and come to an even lower 4.4% Inflation for December 2017 was 5.20% and for January 2018 was 5.07%. Higher vegetable rates pushed inflation to the higher side. […]

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No Dip in Mutual Fund Investments in February 2018

by Groww • March 9, 2018

Even after the correction in the equity markets in February, inflows into mutual funds continued at around the same rate. SIP investments are largely responsible for this. There was no significant reduction in SIP payments being made by people. Inflows into funds were at 26.7%. At the same time, the outflow or redemption were even […]

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Yogesh Mehta of Motilal Oswal Speak About His Favourite Stocks

by Groww • March 8, 2018

Yogesh Mehta of Motilal Oswal in his interview mentioned the stocks he is bullish about and what he thinks of the current market situation. He believes the fundamentals of RBL is still intact and the drop in its share price is purely for sentimental reasons. Recommends these funds for investing: L&T, Britannia, KNR, Sadbhaav, Maruti, […]

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Ray Dalio – World's Biggest Hedge Fund's Manager on India

by Groww • March 7, 2018

Here are a few quick highlights of what Ray Dalio, the world’s biggest hedge fund – Bridgewater has to say on India: Interest rate in India is a much bigger concern that might affect the economy of the nation. Oil prices aren’t as big a concern. His computer projected study predicts the best growth in India […]

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Manish Sonthalia of Motilal Oswal Comments on the Market

by Groww • March 6, 2018

Manish Sonthalia, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Company commented on the market situation. He is not very concerned about further correction in small and mid-cap companies with good fundamentals. He is optimistic about two sectors others are not very happy with: IT and pharma. Upon being asked if equities will see negative returns, he said he […]

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4 Mutual Fund Companies Line up NFO

by Groww • March 5, 2018

Many mutual fund companies have filed for NFOs with SEBI. 4 mutual fund companies have filed so far: Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, Indiabulls Mutual Fund, Axis Mutual Fund, Shriram Mutual Fund. The filings have been across different types of funds: equity, debt, hybrid, and sector funds. Among the above, Mirae Asset is looking to launch […]

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Moody's Forecasts GDP of 7.6%

by Groww • March 1, 2018

Moody’s forecasts India’s growth at 7.6% for 2018. The forecast for 2017 is kept at 7.5%. Moody’s also said that the last Budget was good in that it to stabilize the rural economy which was disproportionately hit by the demonetization of November 2016. Read More Here. 

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SBI Hikes Interest Rate

by Groww • March 1, 2018

SBI hiked marginal cost-based lending rates (MCLR) across most maturities, effective immediately. The last time the rates were raised was back in April 2016. This follows SBI’s announcement yesterday to increase FD rates. The rate increase will be from 0.15% to 0.75% depending on the duration and amount of deposit. This also means that people’s EMI […]

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India's Q3 GDP Up: 7.2%

by Groww • February 28, 2018

India’s GDP in the December quarter (Q3) rose to 7.2%. This increase was due to increased public spending and pick-up in manufacturing. This serves as a big breather to the nation affected by the twin shocks of demonetization and GST. With this, India has regained the tag of ‘fastest-growing major economy’. It had lost this […]

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Warren Buffet's Message to Investors

by Groww • February 26, 2018

The general message to investors was to be patient. This comes after many investors are impatient wanting to know about the legendary investor’s next big acquisition. Buffet mentioned that the cost of buying new businesses was at an ‘all-time high’. The cash pile of Berkshire Hathaway is at $116 Billion – which is 34% higher […]

EPFO Rate Cut: From 8.65% to 8.55%

by Ankit Jain • February 23, 2018

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on 21st February declared lower interest rate for 2017-18 in comparison with the previous year. The provident fund deposits this year will give an interest rate of 8.55% which is less than 8.65% of 2016-17. This is the second time in a row that the EPFO has reduced the interest […]

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India's Growth Slow Due to Structural Reforms: US

by Groww • February 22, 2018

In the Economic Report of the President, it was mentioned that the slowing of the Indian economy is due to structural reforms in the economy of the nation. It painted a rosy picture of the US economy and its future. Also, in the report was mentioned the fact that developing countries like India and Brazil have […]

Complete History of PNB Since Inception

by Pijush Biswas • February 20, 2018

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company. It is a state-owned corporation based in New Delhi. The bank was founded in 1894. As of 31st March 2017 the bank has over 80 million customers, 6,937 branches, and 10681 ATMs across 764 cities. However, the bank’s rich history has been tarnished by the $ 1.77 billion (over […]

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SBI Card Warns Users Against Crypto

by Groww • February 20, 2018

Earlier last week, 3 major USA banks had banned the use of their credit and debit cards for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. SBI Card has warned its users against investing in cryptocurrencies. Though it must be noted, they did not ban any transactions to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. SBI Cards is the country’s 2nd largest […]

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Bull Market to Continue: Mark Mobius

by Groww • February 19, 2018

Mark Mobius, Fund Manager at Franklin Templeton says people should keep cash to buy in dips due to volatility though he firmly believes the bull run is here to stay. He emphasized that the emerging markets will continue to grow even though they might be affected by global dips. “There is a need to watch […]


Banks and Institutions Affected by PNB Fraud

by Ankit Jain • February 19, 2018

 In one of country’s biggest fraud in the corporate history, Delhi-based Punjab National Bank (PNB) said that it had been cheated of about Rs 114 billion by jeweler Nirav Modi, his maternal uncle Mehul Chinubhai Choksi, and other relatives through the group of companies they own. Punjab National Bank (PNB) said two of its employees […]

Rotomac Promoter ₹800 Crore Scam And Its Effect On The Markets

by Mridul Agrawal • February 19, 2018

The Indian banking sector already plagued with massive NPA problems among others; was just seeing the hope of light post the RBI’s bank recapitalisation plans. But all of a sudden 2 bank fraud cases have highlighted that situations may be far from good. After the ₹11,000 bank fraud case accused billionaire diamond merchant Nirav Modi […]

PNB Scam: Effect on Mutual Funds

by Pijush Biswas • February 17, 2018

Country’s second largest public sector lender, Punjab National Bank ( PNB ), is now in the middle of a ₹ 11,400 crore case of fraud transaction. On the morning of 14th February 2018 , PNB stunned the country’s financial sector when it informed the Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE ) that it has detected some […]