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ESG Funds: What Are They and Two ESG Funds to Consider

by Niraj • June 25, 2019

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. The evidence suggests that ESG factors, when integrated into investment analysis and portfolio construction, offer investors potential long-term performance advantages. ESG factors provide insights into the quality of a company’s management, culture, risk profile, and other characteristics. ESG and the Global Market Globally, ESG investing has gained ground […]


What are MNC Funds? 2 MNC Funds You Can Consider Investing In

by Sonali Padhiar • June 20, 2019

MNC funds, as the name suggests, invest in multinational companies, these businesses draw considerable revenue from their business operations which are conducted in the overseas and domestic market. Since companies tend to have economies of scale, they engage in exports to foreign countries, thereby generating good revenue. These funds have managed to outperform the majority […]


Axis Mutual Fund: Everything An Investor Should Know

by Ankit Jain • June 19, 2019

Axis Mutual Fund launched its first scheme in October 2009. Since then, Axis Mutual fund has grown strongly. The vision of Axis Mutual Fund is to responsibly manage money and risks to help people feel financially secure and confident of a brighter and prosperous future. The investment philosophy of Axis Mutual Fund comprises of enduring wealth […]

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How Can NRIs Invest in Mutual Funds? (India)

by Richa Sharma • June 17, 2019

A non-resident Indian (NRI) is a person of Indian origin or a citizen of India who goes out from the country for some official purpose like employment, carrying out their own business or maybe with an intention to stay outside the country. If you meet these criteria, then yes, you carry an NRI tag, but […]

10 Best Mutual Funds for Lumpsum Investments – 2019

by Subham Sharma • June 15, 2019

Now as the year has come to an end, most people must have received promotions or yearly bonus. At the same time, we might be very confused as to what to do with this money. Whether to opt for fixed deposits where returns are low, gold and real estate which have hardly given any return […]

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10 Best Performing Index Funds To Consider Investing In 2019 – Groww

by Niraj • June 15, 2019

A mutual fund that replicates the portfolio of an index is known as index funds. These funds are also known as passive funds or index-tied or index-tracked funds. How Much Should You Invest in an Index Fund? We believe an individual can begin with 20% exposure to such funds and gradually increase it to 50% […]

12 Best Mutual Funds for Short Term Investment in 2019

by Pijush Biswas • June 15, 2019

Many a times, we have excess cash at our disposal and we know that we require funds only after a few days, weeks or months. In such a situation, we usually tend to park our excess funds in a savings bank account. But short-term mutual funds are best alternative investment option that can be considered […]

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6 Best Sector Funds to Consider Investing in 2019

by Subham Sharma • June 15, 2019

As the year draws to a close, most people have made resolutions to stick by. We at Groww want our investors to help in resolution making pertaining to their investments. Sector funds are those funds that essentially invest money in stocks of companies that operate in a particular sector. Given the limit to just one or […]

5 Best Large Cap Funds to Consider Investing in 2019: The Least Risky Equity Mutual Funds You Can Invest In

by Pijush Biswas • June 15, 2019

Most mutual fund managers and advisers are betting on large-cap mutual fund schemes these days. According to them, large-cap stocks are better placed than mid cap and small cap stocks, and they would fare better in the prevailing market conditions. A large-cap fund invests in big, well-established companies of the equity market. These companies are […]

Best 5 ICICI Prudential MF

Best 5 ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds to Look out For in 2019

by Pijush Biswas • June 15, 2019

ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd. is a leading asset management company (AMC) which is focused on bridging the gap between savings & investments and creating long-term wealth for investors through a range of simple and relevant investment solutions. ICICI Prudential mutual funds offer a variety of corporate and retail investment solutions across different investment […]

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13 Best Funds for SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan): Monthly Income From Mutual Funds

by Pijush Biswas • June 15, 2019

Many investors want a regular income from their mutual fund investments, similar to receiving a salary or pension. Mutual funds are very flexible. They allow for such an arrangement too. Individuals looking for a regular income from their investments often go for dividend plans of mutual funds. But there is even a better way to […]

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10 Best Liquid Funds to Consider Investing in 2019

by Pijush Biswas • June 15, 2019

Do you keep money in a savings bank account? Everyone does. And you should. But a lot of it is not immediately needed. Your saving bank account gives you a return of around 3.5% p.a. Do you know how much liquid funds give?  Around 7-8% p.a. That much more for similar levels of risk. This […]

Top 14 AMCs (Asset Management Companies) in India – 2019

by Mridul Agrawal • June 15, 2019

Mutual Fund AMC or Asset Management Companies manage their clients’ pool of money by investing them in various asset classes, with a focus on mutual funds in this case. In this article we would touch upon the best mutual fund companies in India, their Assets under Management (AUM) and other relevant details that an investor (existing or prospective) […]


What Is the Difference Between SIP and Mutual Fund?

by Pijush Biswas • June 15, 2019

Many people ask what is the minimum amount to invest in mutual funds? There is no other way you can invest with reasonable diversification with an amount as low as ₹500 and even ₹100. And this can be done by investing in mutual funds via SIP ( Systematic Investment Plans). Let us understand the two terms […]


Best ELSS or Tax Saving Mutual Funds 2019

by Harsh Jain • June 14, 2019

Are you looking at a few tax saving options? As the financial year, 2019-20 is inching towards the end, it is that time of the year when  taxpayers are busy finalizing their tax-saving investments. As usual, Equity Linked Savings Schemes ( ELSS ) are on the shopping list of many discerning investors looking to save taxes. What […]


The Mid-Cap Sector Revives, but Why Should Investors Be Careful?

by Niraj • June 13, 2019

The mid-cap sector has undergone a roller coster ride since 2017. The segment that generated over 48.1 percent returns in 2017 concluded 2018 at -13.4 percent and is currently at -2.0 percent returns in 2019 as on May 28, 2019. If we have to dissect the performance of 2019 in two parts, let us look […]


Is the Market Experiencing a Debt Fund Debacle? (Includes information about DHFL)

by Lalit Keshre • June 7, 2019

Debt mutual fund investors are worried, given the recent happenings in the market. The situation began with the IL&FS fiasco and then taking shape with series of downgrades in companies namely Yes Bank, DHFL, Reliance Capital and Essel Group. The panic situation has been also because most debt mutual fund investors believe these products to […]


ULIP V/s Mutual Funds: The More Beneficial Investment Avenue

by Sonali Padhiar • June 3, 2019

Mutual funds and Unit Linked Insurance Policy are often confused with one another at most times. But they are completely different and have their own unique features. Mutual funds as we know is a pool of people’s investment which is then collectively invested into different financial securities. For those who are looking for a higher […]


Gilt Funds are Giving High Returns. Should You Invest in Them?

by Niraj • June 3, 2019

Gilt funds invest in fixed interest, generating government securities of both the central government and the state government. The money collected is typically used for building infrastructure and other government expenses. In this blog, we seek to cover, how gilt funds work, who should invest in Gilt funds, factors to look for investing in such […]

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Why Is Your Fund Manager So Important? 5 Fund Managers that Have Given Substantial Wealth

by Garima Mittal • May 31, 2019

Investing in mutual funds can sometimes be a tedious task. An investor has to consider various important parameters for generating maximum returns from mutual fund investments. One of them is the proper management of the stocks, bonds and other assets in the portfolio. This is where the role of a fund manager becomes important. A […]