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AMFI monthly reports

AMFI Mutual Fund Monthly Performance Report: October 2020

by Revati Krishna • November 10, 2020

The mutual fund industry recorded its higher ever total assets under management (AUM) in October 2020. The total AUM stood at Rs 28.22 lakh crores as compared to Rs 26.85 lakh crores at the end of September 30, 2020. This includes the AUMs of all schemes: open-ended, close-ended and interval schemes.  Read on to find […]

SEBI Introduces Flexi-cap Category in Mutual Funds: All You Need to Know

by Devyani Mishra • November 7, 2020

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has been trying to rationalize and categorize mutual fund schemes since 2017 to make it easier for investors to choose the right schemes (refer SEBI circular number SEBI/HO/IMD/DF3/CIR/P/2017/114 dated October 06, 2017). In a recent announcement, SEBI has introduced a new category under equity mutual fund schemes […]

How to Invest in SIP

How to Invest in SIP

by Devyani Mishra • November 2, 2020

Do you believe you can build a substantial corpus with as little as Rs.500? No. We are not concocting a fairy tale! With a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP, it is indeed possible to build a reliable corpus over time. Typically, SIP is a facility that allows investors to mobilise a fixed amount of savings […]

benefits of adding one time mandate

What are the Benefits of a One Time Mandate in SIP?

by Devyani Mishra • October 18, 2020

When you invest in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) online, you select the scheme and make the first investment into it through any digital payment mode. After making the first contribution, you need to make provisions for the subsequent contributions. This provision is a mandate wherein you instruct your bank account to deduct the SIP […]

What are ESG Funds

What is ESG investing. Here’s all you want to know

by Groww • October 9, 2020

Climate emergency was the word of 2019 and Coronavirus would probably be the word of 2020. Both are alarming crises and crises tend to propel trends. The global uncertainty and human vulnerability have undoubtedly accelerated the inclusion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing into the mainstream. ESG investing was just one among all themes […]

Mutual Fund Buying Rules Changed – Same Day NAV Applicable

by Revati Krishna • September 19, 2020

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) recently revised certain rules regarding the NAV applicability of your mutual fund investments. In a circular dated September 17, Sebi said that the same day net asset value (NAV) is applicable on your mutual fund investments only if your money reaches the fund house on the same […]

Top Stocks Bought and Sold By Mutual Funds in June 2020

by Revati Krishna • July 16, 2020

Small cap and large cap stocks were the most bought categories by mutual funds in June. Mid cap stocks were the most sold stocks in June and more than 80% of the number of stocks sold were of Vodafone Idea. For more information about what mutual funds bought and sold in the month of June. […]

Vodafone repays Franklin Templeton investors

Franklin Templeton’s 6 Funds Get Back Rs 1,252.44 Cr. What does this mean for you?

by Shikhar Singh • July 11, 2020

Franklin India has received Rs 1,252.44 Cr from Vodafone as repayment. Some of Franklin India’s wound down funds will get this refund. In this blog post, we’ll see what this means for the investors of these funds. Which Funds are Involved in This? The funds that are being referred to in this case are: Franklin […]

Top Funds Groww

Groww’s Fund Selection Criteria for Popular Funds Category

by Devyani Mishra • June 19, 2020

Greetings investors! While exploring the Groww app, you may have come across ‘popular funds’.The question is, why are certain funds shown in the list and others don’t make the cut? What are the selection criteria based on which the fund list is displayed? All this and more is covered in the blog ahead. Read on […]

Beginner's Guide to Asset Allocation

A Beginner’s Guide to Asset Allocation: Everything You Must Know

by Revati Krishna • May 4, 2020

Before you make any investment and start researching on which assets you can pick, there are three questions you need to address: how much risk can you take, how much returns are you expecting and how much time would you need the money back. These questions form the fulcrum of asset allocation. The textbook definition […]

Indexation debt mutual funds

How to Calculate Your Tax Liability in Debt Mutual Funds with Indexation?

by Revati Krishna • April 23, 2020

Debt mutual funds are becoming the popular choice among investors looking for alternative low-risk options other than bank fixed deposits. The main advantage of these funds is the ability to make profits with the increase in the value of the investment: this phenomenon is also known as capital appreciation. Another main benefit of debt funds […]

NAV cut off timings revised SEBI

SEBI Revises Mutual Fund Cut-off Timings

by Revati Krishna • April 17, 2020

Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has restored the NAV cut-off timings for all mutual fund categories. The revised cut-off timings that will be applicable from Monday on Groww ( effective Nov 9, 2020) are as follows: Purchase Transactions Groww-Specific  BSE Cut-Off Timings Scheme Type Liquid and overnight funds 12:55 PM Debt/Conservative Hybrid fund […]

NAV cut off timings

What is the NAV Applicable When You Buy Mutual Funds?

by Revati Krishna • April 17, 2020

When we talk about investing in mutual funds, the term NAV gets mentioned frequently The Net Asset Value or NAV of a Mutual Fund is the price of a single unit of the mutual fund scheme. When you buy or sell mutual fund units, you have to do so at the applicable NAV. This is […]


What Should You Keep in Mind While Building an Investment Portfolio?

by Revati Krishna • April 16, 2020

Deciding to start investing towards your goals is the first of many steps you need to take on your investment journey. What comes next, is building a robust investment portfolio that supports your financial objectives. Wondering where to start from? We’ve got you covered. Mentioned ahead are the important factors that you need to consider […]

can the value of mutual fund investments become zero

Can Mutual Fund Investment Drop to Zero?

by Devyani Mishra • April 10, 2020

A thought that can give any investor a nightmare – what if I wake up and my investment reduces to zero! What will I do? What if it becomes negative? As an investor, I understand this concern. While I know that the possibility of either of this happening is infinitesimally small, the thought itself is […]

redeeming funds when te market is down

Should I Redeem My Funds Since the Markets are Down?

by Devyani Mishra • April 10, 2020

The pandemic has thrown the world out of balance. Economies are struggling and markets are crashing around the globe. Many investors are at the edge of their seats contemplating their next move. Should they redeem? Or, stay invested? Maybe, this is a good time to invest more? These are times that have no precedents. Most […]

Diversification in times of market volatility

How to Diversify in the Time of Market Volatility

by Devyani Mishra • April 5, 2020

While most investors have faced the brunt of volatility, those with well-diversified portfolios have managed to minimize their losses. Today, we will talk about investors who didn’t pay enough attention to diversification and have a skewed portfolio of market investments. With their funds stuck in the markets, is it too late for them to diversify […]

is it the right time to invest in mutual funds?

Is This the Right Time to Invest in Mutual Funds?

by Shikhar Singh • March 30, 2020

In 2020, will go down in history books as a year when a pandemic rattled markets across the globe. For many investors who have been around for more than a decade, this is a reminder of the 2008 economic crisis that had impacted the global markets too. With the pandemic claiming victims in almost all […]

SIP in volatile markets

SIP is a Powerful Tool Against Volatile Markets: Here’s Why

by Devyani Mishra • March 28, 2020

Entire world is in a frenzy over the spread of Covid-19. I was following the global spread of the virus and its economic impact since early January 2020. While the markets initially showed a lot of restraint, as the virus spread across countries, fear and panic took control and markets started crashing. I was hopeful […]

buy or sell mutual funds

Markets are Down- Should I Sell Mutual Funds or Buy More?

by Ritika Relwani • March 20, 2020

These are difficult times. With Covid-19 spreading across the globe and markets crashing, people are scared about their health as well as investments. Knowing that investing in markets is subject to risks and experiencing a market crash are two separate things. During such times, thousands of questions can cloud your mind,” Should I sell my […]