6 Mutual Funds Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About (But Should Know)

by Shikhar Singh • August 11, 2018

Mutual funds are amazing. We all know that. But just how amazing? Turns out, more amazing than most of us think. Mutual funds offer so many options, chances are you don’t even know about many. Here are some tips and tricks about mutual funds that you didn’t know about. 6 Mutual Funds Tricks 1. Increase […]

Growth plan or dividend reinvestment plan – which is better?

by Niraj • August 10, 2018

The concept of investing has grown exponentially. These days, there are multiple investment opportunities for an investor in the financial market. One can invest through mutual funds, banks, shares, gold, real estate and many other instruments, in accordance with their risk appetite and investment duration. Each of these modes has their own advantages and disadvantages. But remember, […]

What are mutual fund units? The only 7 points you need to know

by Shikhar Singh • July 30, 2018

Don’t worry. I’ll explain everything here. Think of mutual funds like petrol. Except, petrol, you burn off. Mutual funds, you cannot burn off (thankfully). Okay, let me explain this more elaborately. Mutual Fund Units: Like Buying Petrol You buy 10 liters of petrol. And it costs you Rs 75 per liter. So you spent a […]

growth dividend

Growth Mutual Fund vs. Dividend Mutual Fund

by Shikhar Singh • July 27, 2018

Mutual funds are categorized based on various characteristics. One of those characteristics hinges on returns. When talking about returns, there are two types: Growth Mutual Funds and Dividend Mutual Funds. When you invest in any mutual fund, the fund manager invests your money in equity, debt, and other money market instruments. Many mutual funds also […]

stocks mutual funds better returns

Stocks vs Mutual Funds: Which Will Make You a Crorepati Faster?

by Subham Sharma • July 8, 2018

Stocks (equity) is part ownership of a company.  A mutual Funds, on the other hand, is an investment led by professional managers. These fund managers invest in various options like shares and bonds depending on the type of mutual fund. A mutual fund comprises of a pool of money collected from various investors for the […]

Portfolio re-balancing

Portfolio Re-Balancing: Everything You Need to Know

by Mridul Agrawal • June 26, 2018

Portfolio re-balancing is one of the most important step in the process of investing. Investing in any type of security, be it stocks, bonds or mutual funds; re-balancing is essential, to say the least. Change- in the investing process or cycle- is what is referred to in this article as rebalancing, or specifically portfolio rebalancing. […]

6 Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a Mutual Fund

by Niraj • June 20, 2018

Investing in mutual funds is riddled with different perception, opinion and is also surrounded by myths. Often, reality gets buried while mutual fund distributors or advisors tend to provide you with their insight. Retail investors, particularly, are the ones who are likely to get lost in this maze. In this blog, we at Groww, seek […]

How to Invest in Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft Stocks from India?

by Pijush Biswas • June 13, 2018

Certain things look a little complicated until they are tried out Investing in stocks of companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook seems a tad bit complicated, doesn’t it? It seems very complicated but it is actually not. I am sure you have thought about investing in Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Facebook, despite […]

What Should Retail Investors Do with a Crash in Mid-Cap and Small-Cap?

by Sangam Sharma • June 11, 2018

Over the past one-week, we have received many queries from investors seeking advice on the approach that should be adopted given the significant volatility witnessed in the market particularly the mid-cap and small-cap segment. While the S&P BSE Sensex has remained fairly stable in 2018, the mid- and small-cap index has corrected significantly with a […]

9 Mutual Funds That You Should NOT Invest in at All (And Which Funds You SHOULD Invest In)

by Mridul Agrawal • June 10, 2018

Equity mutual funds are of many categories and correspondingly there good or bad performers in each such category. It is very important to select the right equity mutual fund. One wrong decision can lead to non-achievement of one’s investment goals. In this article we cover those funds which an investor would be better off, if […]

Are Retirement Mutual Funds the Best Pension Plans? New Lock-in Period

by Mridul Agrawal • May 28, 2018

Retirement mutual funds offer just the solution for investors with needs to plan their retirement. It enables investors to systematically plan their retirement, taking care of their needs and their lifestyle after they have stopped earning. At this point in time, there are a lot of options available to the common investors when it comes […]

Day of SIP

What does day of SIP mean?

by Sangam Sharma • May 21, 2018

The day of SIP is the date of every month on which your SIP installments will be paid. Every month on this date money gets auto-debited from your account if you have set the instructions for auto investment. Here is an example to understand the day of SIP – If you started a SIP on 13th […]

Want to Invest Only in the Highest Returns Investment? Here Is Why Diversification Is a Better Strategy

by Shikhar Singh • May 19, 2018

Have you ever wondered why your neighborhood grocery shop or departmental store keeps a wide range of products belonging to different categories of toiletries, bakery items, and food items? Well, you got it right because he doesn’t want to lose any customer. He plans to minimize his overall “risk” of losing business or profits. This […]

How to Apply for New Aadhar Card Online

by Prerna Singh • May 7, 2018

Aadhar card is a document needed for nearly any important documentation work. Applying for a new Adhar card online is very simple. Just follow the steps below. Steps to Apply for Aadhar Card Online Step #1. Find Adhaar enrollment center. You need to find an enrolment center near you. To find the enrolment center, click here: Aadhar […]

expense ratio explained

Why Is the Expense Ratio Different in Regular Mutual Funds and Direct Mutual Funds?

by Shikhar Singh • April 21, 2018

Direct mutual funds promise a low expense ratio. For an investor, lower cost means higher returns. Then, what happens to regular funds? More importantly, why is the expense ratio different in Direct MFs and Regular MFs? What Is Expense Ratio? To comprehend the question, you must first pursue the term- Expense Ratio. The cost for […]

Dividend vs SWP: 4 Reasons Why SWP Is Better Than a Dividend Plan

by Pijush Biswas • April 16, 2018

Mutual funds offer a variety of smart and convenient options to meet specific needs of investors. Many investors want regular income from their mutual fund investment – similar to receiving a salary. In this article, we explore why SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) is a better option when compared to a dividend plan. What is a […]

7 Things You Must Know About STP (Systematic Transfer Plan)

by Mridul Agrawal • April 5, 2018

STP stands or Systematic Transfer Plan is basically an automated way of moving (transferring) money from one mutual fund to another. Investors have a lot of options to invest their money. They can do so at lump-sum or via fixed periodical investments in the form of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). These are some of the tools an investor […]

types of debt funds

10 Types of Debt Funds (and How to Choose the Best for You)

by Pijush Biswas • March 29, 2018

Debt funds are low-risk mutual funds which invest most of the money gathered from investors into fixed income instruments like corporate bonds, government bonds (both state and central), bonds issued by banks, certificate of deposit, treasury bills etc. They are of many types. Certain types of debt funds (short-term fund and ultra-short term fund) are […]

calculate sip returns

How Are Returns Calculated in SIP

by Ankit Jain • March 6, 2018

Returns on an SIP depends on the risk that an investor is willing to take. More the risk, more is the return. In this case, since the risk involved is moderate, the return is also moderate. Investing in these funds can be done via lumpsum as well as via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). An investor […]

risk in mutual funds

How Risky Can a Mutual Fund Be?

by Ankit Jain • March 5, 2018

Whenever you plan to invest in mutual funds, a term ‘risk’ is often used. The higher the returns, the higher the risk. All investments are subject to some kind of risk, isn’t it? Mutual Fund investments are less risky as compared to direct investment in equity, but riskier than Bank Deposits. The degree of risk […]