6 ways a student can build a good credit score

6 Ways a Student Can Build Good Credit

by Niraj • November 14, 2018

Becoming financially independent sounds interesting. How about if you are required to achieve the same when you are still in high school or college? Complicated, right? Well, we have a straightforward solution for you. No, we are not going to teach you how to become financially independent when your age is to rejoice and have […]

Impact of elections on market

Impact of Elections on the Indian Economic Market: History So Far

by Niraj • November 8, 2018

Elections have always made investors jittery. There is always fear which starts creeping due to uncertainties associated with elections. As the general election 2019 is approaching, investors are worried about the performance of mutual funds due to market volatility and absence of positive news at the global level. As the political domain is one of […]

Why should you take risks when it comes to mutual funds?

Avoid the biggest lie of Mutual Funds – Stop taking risks!

by Niraj • September 25, 2018

“Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Read the offer documents carefully before investing” You must have heard the disclaimer multiple times by now. Before we delve deeper into the subject of the blog, let us first quickly take you through the risks that are involved while investing in a mutual fund. To start with, […]

Growth or dividend-reinvestment plan: Which is better?

Growth or dividend reinvestment option: Which is better for you?

by Niraj • September 4, 2018

There’s always a huge debate going around with respect to the plan an investor should choose while investing. Each mutual fund typically offers three plans viz. growth, dividend and dividend re-investment. As an investor what would you choose? The answer to this question differs from individual to individual and their profile. In this blog, we […]

How to buy dividend plans in a mutual fund?

How can you buy dividend plans for a mutual fund?

by Groww • August 30, 2018

Do mutual funds have dividend plans? The answer is yes! In order to understand how one can buy a dividend plan for a mutual fund, it is important to first understand the concept of a dividend plan and what a dividend option means in a mutual fund. Basically, dividend mutual funds are stock mutual funds […]

10 mutual fund books every investor should read

by Nyrika Roy • August 29, 2018

In our previous articles, we have spoken about mutual funds, why you should invest in them and what their benefits are. But we know that some of you avid readers would want to know the nitty-gritty of mutual funds and how you can become a successful investor through mutual funds. We have compiled 10 best […]

Everything you need to know before investing in a close ended fund

by Niraj • August 23, 2018

A lot of you might not know this, but based on the constitution, there are three main categories of funds, which are: Open ended Closed-ended Interval fund While an investor may choose to invest in any category of fund, it is always better to analyze that particular category of fund they are investing in. In […]

Everything you need to know when investing in a debt fund

by Niraj • August 17, 2018

Why is it important to save a part of your income? Mainly because it helps in meeting contingencies in addition to the acquisition of an asset. Retired individuals are dependent on interest income in addition to the monthly pension for their day-to-day expenses. In general, a layman is confused when it comes to making investments. […]

experts advice financial

Want to become financially independent? See what the experts have to say

by Groww • August 14, 2018

What is independence according to you? It could be a number of things, couldn’t it? Probably, traveling to a new place, living alone in a new city, or even having the autonomy to wear whatever clothes you want. But how many of you have given a thought about financial independence? To live a life without […]

Why is rupee cost averaging important?

by Niraj • August 13, 2018

As an investor, my goal is to maximize long-term profit. By adopting various means of investments, such as bank deposits, participation in the stock market, gold, mutual funds etcetera, the goal of long-term capital appreciation can be achieved. While an investor expects constant and stable growth in these instruments over time, some element of risk […]

6 Mutual Funds Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About (But Should Know)

by Shikhar Singh • August 11, 2018

Mutual funds are amazing. We all know that. But just how amazing? Turns out, more amazing than most of us think. Mutual funds offer so many options, chances are you don’t even know about many. Here are some tips and tricks about mutual funds that you didn’t know about. 6 Mutual Funds Tricks 1. Increase […]

Growth plan or dividend reinvestment plan – which is better?

by Niraj • August 10, 2018

The concept of investing has grown exponentially. These days, there are multiple investment opportunities for an investor in the financial market. One can invest through mutual funds, banks, shares, gold, real estate and many other instruments, in accordance with their risk appetite and investment duration. Each of these modes has their own advantages and disadvantages. But remember, […]

Are ELSS funds for retired citizens?

Should you invest in ELSS funds once you have retired?

by Niraj • August 8, 2018

Where should I invest money? This is the one question that haunts each and every investor. Investing your hard earned money in investment instruments calls for diligence and in-depth analysis. Various factors like volatility, liquidity, returns, withdrawal and tax benefits need to be analyzed before selecting the right type of investment instrument. On the taxation front, […]

What is a concentrated portfolio?

by Niraj • August 2, 2018

We’re almost sure that most people, including you, would not concentrate your entire portfolio in equity funds. Portfolio concentration in equity mutual funds is a risk that most investors tend to avoid. But why so? In most cases, it is seen that retail investors have limited knowledge with respect to risk-return, asset allocation and portfolio […]

What are mutual fund units? The only 7 points you need to know

by Shikhar Singh • July 30, 2018

Don’t worry. I’ll explain everything here. Think of mutual funds like petrol. Except, petrol, you burn off. Mutual funds, you cannot burn off (thankfully). Okay, let me explain this more elaborately. Mutual Fund Units: Like Buying Petrol You buy 10 liters of petrol. And it costs you Rs 75 per liter. So you spent a […]

PF Subscribers To Get Higher Return From Now Onwards?

by Subham Sharma • July 30, 2018

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of PF, let us first understand the concept. So, what exactly is EPF? Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit scheme that’s available to all salaried employees. This fund is maintained and overseen by the Employees Provident Fund Organization of India (EPFO) and any company having more than […]

Five Lessons An Investor Can Learn From Germany’s Exit at FIFA – 2018

by Niraj • July 28, 2018

Germany won the FIFA World Cup in 2014. But why did it crashed out in the first round of FIFA World Cup 2018? This event was quite shocking to German fans across the world. When you analyze closely, a trend has followed, whereby, the winner of the previous World Cup gets eliminated in the initial […]

growth dividend

Growth Mutual Fund vs. Dividend Mutual Fund

by Shikhar Singh • July 27, 2018

Mutual funds are categorized based on various characteristics. One of those characteristics hinges on returns. When talking about returns, there are two types: Growth Mutual Funds and Dividend Mutual Funds. When you invest in any mutual fund, the fund manager invests your money in equity, debt, and other money market instruments. Many mutual funds also […]

Why Is Liquid Money an Absolute Necessity?

by Niraj • July 19, 2018

It goes without saying that money is the most important and valuable resource. let’s face it, it’s always about the money. And well, we all know it is difficult to earn money and even more difficult to save money. We firmly believe that a wise person who manages his money efficiently can utilize it in […]

stocks mutual funds better returns

Stocks vs Mutual Funds: Which Will Make You a Crorepati Faster?

by Subham Sharma • July 8, 2018

Stocks (Equity) is part ownership of a company.  A mutual Funds, on the other hand, is an investment led by professional managers. These fund managers invest in various options like shares and bonds depending on the type of mutual fund. A mutual fund comprises of a pool of money collected from various investors for the […]