How To Set up an SWP on Groww?

by Devyani Mishra • July 16, 2018

What Is SWP? SWP or Systematic Withdrawal Plan is a process, wherein, the investor can withdraw a particular sum of money every week, month or every quarter (on a set date). If the market is down, then more number of units will have to be sold to acquire the desired amount. If the market is […]

How to Set up an STP on Groww?

by Devyani Mishra • July 16, 2018

What Is an STP? STP or Systematic Transfer Plan is a process of transferring money from one fund to another. Usually, the money is first invested in a debt fund, after which, it is transferred to equity funds. It is apt for investors who do not want to take up an additional burden of timing the […]

bse star mf award

Groww Wins BSE Award for Performance

by Groww • July 12, 2018

Groww was awarded the 2nd best performer in RFD category in Karnataka for the financial year 2017-18. Groww Wins BSE Award Nextbillion Technology Pvt Ltd won the award for 2nd best performer in the RFD category. The award was presented by Mr Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD and CEO of BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) on the 8th of July, 2018. […]

Please Do Not Invest In Mutual Funds

by Lalit Keshre • June 26, 2018

For the last few days, I have been talking to a lot of first-time investors. And was greatly alarmed by the kind of conversations I had. “Will my money double by the next year?” “I invested in SBI Small Cap Fund one week back and it is down by x% percent, should I sell it?” […]

How to Redeem Money from Mutual Funds on the Groww App in Hindi

by Groww • June 26, 2018

Mutual fund में invest किए हुए पैसे को कैसे निकला जाए? जानने के लिए नीचे पढ़ें. Step1: ‘Dashboard’ पर जाए ‘Dashboard’ पर tap करें. Step 2: Mutual Fund चुन लें जिस mutual fund से redeem करना चाहते हैं उसके बगल दिए गए 3 dot पर tap करें. फिर ‘Redeem’ पर tap करें. Step 3: Redeem करने का कारण […]

Groww App पर कैसे SIP शुरू किया जाए – in Hindi

by Groww • June 22, 2018

क्या आप SIP शुरू करना चाहते हैं? नीचे दिए गए समाधान को देख आसानी से करे SIP शुरू Groww Android App पर. Step1: म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड का नाम टाइप करें ऊपर, दाहिने मैग्नीफाइंग गिलास को क्लिक करें और म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड का नाम लिखें. Step 2: म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड चुनें म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड का नाम लिखने के बाद आपको उसके नीचे कुछ म्यूच्यूअल […]

How to Start SIP Online on the Groww App

by Groww • June 22, 2018

Want to start an SIP online? Follow the steps below to easily start a new SIP on the Groww Android App. Step1: Type the Name of Mutual Fund Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the corner right of the screen and start typing the name of the mutual fund you want to invest in. Step 2: Choose […]

How to Invest More Money in a Mutual Fund on the Groww App

by Groww • June 21, 2018

Want to make an additional investment in a mutual fund you have already invested in? Follow the steps below to invest an additional amount in a mutual fund on the Groww Android App. Step1: Go to ‘Dashboard’ Tap on ‘dashboard’ at the bottom of the screen to see all your mutual fund investments. Step 2: Choose […]

How to Redeem Money from Mutual Funds on the Groww App

by Groww • June 18, 2018

Step1: Go to ‘Dashboard’ Tap on ‘dashboard’ at the bottom of the screen to see all your mutual fund investments. Step 2: Choose The Mutual Fund You Want to Redeem To redeem money from a mutual fund, simply tap on the fund and then tap ‘Redeem’. Step 3: Choose the Reason for Redeeming Very quickly, […]


New Feature: Add Or Change Bank Account On Groww

by Groww Staff • June 18, 2018

We do change our bank account occasionally. To help our users who want to change bank account or add another bank account on Groww, we are introducing this new feature – now you can change your bank account associated with your investment account on Groww.  Check out the 2 gifs below       Here […]

Reliance Small Cap Fund Direct Growth Mutual Funds Groww

New Feature: Simple And Transparent Mutual Fund Pages With All The Details You Need

by Groww Staff • June 16, 2018

We started Groww to make investing simple and transparent for people in India. Our new mutual fund pages are just another step towards this goal. Do checkout the new and beautiful pages we have launched recently. Just head over to any mutual fund page and you shall see the new and difference pages. Try opening […]

Do you want to invest in Stocks?

by Sangam Sharma • May 18, 2018

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direct mutual funds

Groww Launches Zero Commission Mutual Funds | Direct Mutual Funds

by Sangam Sharma • April 16, 2018

We started Groww with a mission to make finance simple for people in India. We realize how complicated and opaque financial products are. We know this because we ourselves faced this problem. We started with Mutual Funds – one of the best products for retail investors. To keep it very simple – we launched with Regular funds. […]

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How to Automate Your SIP Payment on Groww: 2 Ways to Add a Mandate (OTM, Biller)

by Harsh Jain • February 4, 2018

For your investment to be automated, your bank needs to pay the mutual fund a fixed amount every month on a date chosen by you. For this to happen, you need to add a mandate. There are 2 ways this can happen: OTM: It stands for One-Time Mandate. It is supported by nearly all banks. […]

Investing for everyone

Groww Crosses 50 Thousand Users

by Groww Staff • January 31, 2018

We started Groww with a mission to make investing accessible to everyone. We believe that investing is one of the fundamental needs for us. However, it is very complicated for people like us to invest. As a result, we just procrastinate or never do it. We are happy to announce that in less than a […]

Groww - Mutual Fund Investment App

Groww – Mutual Fund Investment App Is Now Available For Android: Download From The Play Store

by Lalit Keshre • January 14, 2018

Groww – Mutual Fund Investment App is now available for Android. You can download it from the Play Store.                                                                          […]

investment quotes

70 Investment Quotes To Guide Your Investing Journey

by Lalit Keshre • February 18, 2017

Quotes inspire us. Quotes also help us learn. They ingest the wisdom and experience of people who have “been there, done that”. Here is selection of quotes that can guide you through your investment journey. Why Invest? The most fundamental question to ask before starting anything. Why do we need to invest? In the long run, […]

Indian Mutual Fund Industry — Changing for Good

by Ishan Bansal • December 17, 2016

Crosses Rs. 16.5 Trillion in Asset Under Management SIP accounts crosses 10 Mn with monthly collection of Rs. 3.7 Billion Genesis of Mutual Funds ‘Mutual fund’ is an investment vehicle that allows several investors to pool their resources in order to purchase stocks, bonds and other securities. Historians are unsure but they were first in […]

mutual fund portfolio

Why You Need To Build Mutual Fund Portfolio?

by Lalit Keshre • December 12, 2016

A mutual fund portfolio is nothing but a group of mutual funds that you invest in. For example if I have invested in three funds, my portfolio is combination of these funds with their relative weightage. You can have any kind of investment in your portfolio, including stocks, bonds, gold or real estate. Mutual funds allow […]

stock broker

Brokerage Business in India – Dead or Alive?

by Sanskriti Singh • December 12, 2016

Traditionally, the definition of markets has encompassed a buyer and a seller coming into contact with each other for exchange of goods and services. One of the major players that help in the facilitation of this trade often gets lost in the background-‘the broker’. For e.g. if you want to buy something, you would go […]